What Is The New Dry Process Of Cement Manufacturing

Environmental protection and low consumption have become the standard requirement for cement manufacturing. With the development of the construction industry, the cement production process is also constantly improving. The new dry-process cement production line technology was developed in the 1950s, so far, the new dry process cement equipment rate of Japan, Germany, and other developed countries have accounted for 95%. This cement production process regards the suspension preheating and pre decomposition as the core, and has the advantages of small pollution and a high degree of automation. At present, its application scope in cement production is becoming wider and wider. The success of the new dry process of cement manufacturing cannot be separated from a series of cement production equipment with a high degree of automation. They determine the quality and output of cement, which is very important in the cement plant.

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The Characteristics Of New Dry Process Cement Manufacturing.

Small Pollution

The new dry-process of cement manufacturing technology makes good use of the limestone resources discarded in the traditional mining method and applies the pre decomposition technology, suspension preheating technology, and multi-channel burner to reuse the recycled and low-quality fuels. Besides, it effectively reduces the emission of NO2 and other exhaust gases of the system.

Low Consumption

The application of new type conveying equipment and multi-functional grinding system in this cement manufacturing process effectively save energy consumption. Meanwhile, the pre decomposition and suspension preheating technology help to improve the calcination efficiency of traditional cement kiln, and continuously reduce the energy consumption required for clinker calcination. At present, the heat consumption of clinker calcination can be reduced to 3000kJ/kg.

Long Construction Period

Because the new dry-process of cement manufacturing technology has higher requirements for production equipment, transportation, geology, and raw materials, as well as higher consumption of refractory materials, its construction cycle and early investment will be higher than traditional production technology.

High Quality

Due to the use of high automation equipment in the new dry-process cement production process, the operation of the whole cement production line is consistent and stable, and each link is closely coordinated to ensure the high quality and high output of cement production.

How To Make Cement By The New Dry Process Technology?

  1. Raw Material Preparation

When limestone, clay, and other materials are mined, they will be first broken up in a crushing mill and then transported by a belt type conveyor to the pre-homogenized yard. After batching, these raw materials will be sent to the grinding mill for drying and grinding until they reach the qualified fineness, and finally put into the raw material silo for storage. In this process, we mainly need the hammer crusher, cement ball mill, belt type conveyor, vibrating feeder, etc.

  1. Clinker Calcination

After preheating and pre-decomposing in the cyclone preheater, the raw meal will enter the cement kiln to complete the clinker calcination. In the preheater, we use the suspension preheating technology and pre decomposition technology to replace partial roles of cement kiln, which transfers the accumulation state heating into suspension heating. It increases the heat transfer rate and reduces thermal consumption. After that, the raw meal will be completely calcinated into cement clinker in the cement kiln by high-temperature heating.

cement kiln agico china specification
Cement Kilns Manufactured By AGICO


Cement kiln: the dry method cement kiln manufactured by AGICO has the characteristic of stable performance, low energy consumption, high yield, and easy operation. We equip our cement kiln with a high metering accuracy plunger pump, flow control valve, and high-quality sealing device to ensure a continuous and steady running.

  1. Cement Grinding

Cement grinding is the final step in cement manufacturing and it is also a process that consumes a lot of power. Its main purpose is to grind the cement clinker into suitable particle size, form a certain particle size distribution, increase its hydration area, accelerate the hydration speed, and meet the requirements of cement paste setting and hardening. During grinding, we usually add gelatin, gypsum, and other auxiliary materials to enhance or adjust the performance of cement.

cement ball mill specifications china agico
Cement Ball Mills Manufactured By AGICO


Cement ball mill: the cement ball mill grinding system produced by AGICO merges drying, grinding, classifying into a single. It can both grind the raw material and finished cement product in the cement plant, has the advantages of strong adaptability to materials, continuous production, large crushing ratio, easy to adjust the speed, etc.

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