What Cement Making Machines Are Needed In The Cement Plant

As a superpower of cement production in the world, China has a strong cement throughput. With continuous technological upgrading and innovation in recent years, there are more and more new-type cement equipment manufacturers that can build large-scale cement production lines in China. As one of them, AGICO has rich experience in manufacturing and exporting cement production lines and their auxiliary equipment. Next, we will take a 10000t/d cement production line as an example to introduce its device configuration and process flow.

Crushing Mill & Conveying Equipment

The processing of raw materials is the first step in cement production. We usually adopt the specialized crushing mill to complete raw materials’ crushing. According to calculation, the limestone consumption in this production line is about 500-600t/h. Taking into account the crusher running rate, cement kiln running rate and other factors, the single-stage hammer crusher produced by AGICO is fully applicable.

hammer mill specifications

The single-stage hammer crusher is a new type of stone crushing equipment based on the traditional hammer crusher.

  • It simplifies the original secondary or tertiary crushing process to a single-stage process, which improves the production capacity.
  • Its crushing ratio is larger than that of the equipment with the same specification. The particle size of the material produced by it is fine and the shape is complete. The equipment discharge granularity can be adjusted within the range of 3-150 mm at will.
  • The crushing chamber of this equipment is deep and there is no dead zone, which greatly improves its feeding capacity.

After the limestone is broken, the stone with the particle size less than 80mm will be sent to the pre-homogenized yard directly through the supporting belt type conveyor. In this cement production line, we use the B1200 type belt conveyor. Its conveying capacity is 1556t/h, and the maximum capacity is 2202t/h, which fully meets the production requirements.

Raw Material Pre-homogenized Yard

According to the specific situation of this cement production line, we determine that the pre-homogenized yard of each raw material is:

  1. Limestone pre-homogenized yard. Its size is 412x37m, the capacity is 2x60000t, and the storage period is about 5 days. We adopt the stacker with the capacity of 1400-1600t/h and the reclaimer with the capacity of 800t/h.
  2. Siltstone and iron powder are respectively equipped with a newly developed trackless and circular pre-homogenized yard with a diameter of 80m. The capacity of the stacker is 1000t/h and the reclaimer is 400t/h.
  3. Coal pre-homogenized yard. This pre-homogenized yard also uses a trackless circular yard. Its capacity is 50000t, the stacker has the capacity of 1000t/h and the reclaimer has the capacity of 250t/h.

Raw Material Grinding Mill

After crushing and pre-homogenization, raw materials need to go through further grinding. According to statistics, the raw material consumption of this 10000t/d cement production line is about 650t/h. Taking the running rate of different cement equipment into consideration, the capacity of the raw material grinding system needs to reach 750t/h. If we adopt the mode of one kiln one grinding mill, the output cannot reach the preset standard. Therefore, the mode of one kiln multiple grinding mills is obviously more suitable. It improves the reliability of the raw material grinding system and lays a foundation for ensuring the high running rate of the cement kiln. The LM and HRM vertical mill produced by AGICO merges grinding, drying and powder classification into a single. It has a stable operation and a long service life, is a very good raw material grinding system. Our equipment customization service enables it to be used in cement production lines with different capacity requirements. 

agico cement kiln specification

Cement Calcination     

Cement calcination is the most important stage in the whole cement production line. The main equipment used in this stage is preheater, and cement kiln. The cyclone preheater produced by AGICO is usually equipped with different types of precalciner. The raw meal will pre-finish the preheating and 90% of calcium carbonate decomposition task in these two devices. Then they will fully complete the calcination and be transferred into clinker in the cement kiln.

Cement Grinding Mill

Cement grinding is the final step of cement production. We will grind the clinker to a specific fineness to reach the cement product requirements. In this cement production line, we adopt the Φ4.2×13 cement ball mill grinding system. It can be used not only in the dry method cement production line but also in the wet method production line. Besides, it realizes the drying and grinding at the same time.

cement ball mill specification

Why Choose AGICO Cement

  1. As for the quotation, our sales price is the factory price. The quotation is decided according to the policy of fair, reasonable, and economical.
  2. Rich production experience makes our equipment has advanced process technology, their quality are guaranteed and the materials consumption and energy consumption is reduced.
  3. Our equipment is exported all over the world. We have a rich export experience, Therefore, we can ensure the timely and safe delivery, reducing the time cost of customers.
  4. AGICO offers the customization service. We can customize the equipment according to customers’ requirements, such as capacity, color, dimension, etc.