6 Tips For Selecting Rotary Kiln In Cement Plant

People who know a little about the cement industry know that rotary kiln is the important cement equipment for processing cement clinker from raw materials. It can be divided into dry process cement rotary kiln and wet process cement rotary kiln, mainly composed of kiln cylinder, kiln head, drive device, support device, sealing device, fueling system, etc. Compared with other cement kilns, it has the advantages of simple structure, reliable quality, stable performance, long service life, and good energy-saving performance, widely applied in different sizes of cement manufacturing plants.

Rotary kiln is a significant investment in a cement plant. It requires precision engineering and quality fabrication. If you want to manufacture high-quality cement and realize profit maximization, you should select a cement rotary kiln that meets your unique need. However, at present, the market is full of various rotary kilns with different sizes and outputs. How to select has become a big problem. What follows are some tips covering key factors to consider when selecting a rotary kiln in a cement plant.

1. Choose A Strong And Reliable Manufacturer

Before we purchase a rotary kiln, we should first choose a regular manufacturer with certain brand awareness and reliable production ability. This kind of manufacturers has more professional design and technical teams, large workshops, and large-scale equipment production machinery which has been certified and tested by the state authorities. Compared with other small or no-brand manufacturers, their equipment design, quality, performance, even the delivery date is more secured. Besides, a strong manufacturer will also offer more services for the purchased equipment in a variety of areas like equipment installation and commissioning, operating training and maintenance, spare parts provide, etc. In a word, selecting a strong and reliable manufacturer is the most crucial step before you purchase a rotary kiln.

2. Visit Workshop Before Purchasing A Rotary Kiln

After determining the cement rotary kiln manufacturer, we should carry out a field inspection, including the equipment production workshop, equipment commissioning situation, working environment, etc. Only a deeper understanding of the equipment and the manufacturer can effectively guarantee the equipment quality and the real strength of the manufacturer.

3. Choose A High-quality Rotary Kiln

Quality material, high technology content, and strict fabrication standards are crucial for a long-lasting cement rotary kiln. As we know, the rotary kiln system applied in the cement plant is a kind of powerful, large-scale, and precise system. It needs quality material, high technology content, meticulous engineering, and strict standard fabrication to support its efficiency running. Any shortcuts taken at this stage will affect its working life and the quality of cement clinker, causing unnecessary downtime, process inefficiencies, and likely costly repairs. Therefore, we should carefully judge the quality of the rotary kiln based on the above criteria before purchasing. Only when the equipment quality is guaranteed, its performance will be better so as to create greater economic profits for the enterprise.

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Cement Rotary Kiln

High Technology Content

The technical content of cement rotary kiln is an important factor affecting its quality. The rotary kiln with high technical content may adopt high-end design and some advanced functional parts, which will help improve its operation efficiency, therefore the quality of the rotary kiln will not be poor to some extent. Some professional manufacturers have their research and development personnel and will continue to introduce advanced technology, optimize and improve the equipment so the technical content of the equipment is very high.

Quality Material

The selection of raw materials has a fundamental relationship with the quality of rotary kilns. Choosing raw materials with good thermal insulation performance and wear-resistant will reduce the thermal radiation of rotary kiln, enhance its wear resistance, and prolong the working life. On the contrary, if the unqualified raw materials are adopted, it will greatly reduce the quality level and calcination effect of the kiln.

4. Choose A Rotary Kiln With Proper Specification

When purchasing cement rotary kiln, it is necessary to determine whether its specification is appropriate, rather than blindly select the model. In general, users can get the cylinder size, daily output, rotation speed, motor power, equipment dimension, weight and so on of different types of rotary kiln through the technical parameter information provided by the supplier. We need to select the equipment model based on comprehensive factors such as the property of raw materials, plant size, expected daily output, equipment configuration, and price. Only by choosing the right equipment can we make the most of it and achieve high-cost performance. If the model is too large, the equipment will be overqualified, waste resources, and increase the investment cost. However, if it is too small, the expected production target will not be achieved and the economic benefits of the enterprise will be affected.

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Cement Rotary Kiln Specification

5. Choose A Rotary Kiln With Proper Price

The price of cement rotary kiln is a topic that every buyer is concerned about. How to buy a rotary kiln at a reasonable price? In fact, it is very simple. You can consult a few more manufacturers to provide accurate quotations, and then choose from them according to your actual situation. We must be careful in choosing manufacturers with too high or too low prices, since in order to attract customers, some manufacturers will deliberately set a very low price for equipment, wait until the contract is ready to be signed before giving a real price, which really wastes our time. This is something that needs our attention.

6. Choose A Rotary Kiln With Considerate After-sales Service

Before selecting a rotary kiln, we must consult the manufacturers what services they provide, and give priority to the manufacturers who offer considerate after-sales service then sign a formal purchase contract with them to better protect our interests. Some of the essential services include equipment installation, commissioning, operating training, maintenance, replacement of spare parts, and so on. Trust me, it will save you a lot of unnecessary trouble.