linear vibrating screen equipment

Linear Vibrating Screen

Capacity: 10-600 t/h

Certification: ISO9001

Feeding size: ≤200-≤300 mm

Material: refractory material, iron powder, activated carbon, limestone, copper powder, etc.


Linear vibrating screen is a type of vibrating screen machine. It is mainly used for screening granular or powdery material with low hardness and fine size. In our daily production, it is widely applied in the coal industry, mining industry, building materials industry, sugar industry, chemical industry, and other industries.

In the cement industry, a linear vibrating screen is an important cement making machine. It has high bearing capacity, low noise, high screening efficiency, and convenient maintenance, which is indispensable auxiliary equipment in cement plants.

AGICO, as a vibrating screen manufacturer, offers two types of vibrating screens: linear vibrating screens and circular vibrating screens. Both of them are an ideal choice for material screening, but their motion track, vibration exciter, and installation methods are different. If you want to know what kind of screening equipment you need, you can learn from two types of vibrating screen machines, besides, you can also contact us directly. We will recommend the most suitable and economical vibrating screen machine for you according to your requirements.

Linear Vibrating Screen Parts

The linear vibrating screen is mainly composed of a screen box, screen frame, screens, vibration motor, motor pedestal, vibration damping spring, etc.

Screen box: it is the main part of the linear vibrating screen, which is welded by steel plates of different materials. It has a certain strength and stiffness.

screen box
Screen Box With Different Materials

Screen frame: it is mainly used to support and limit the screen and keep the screen smooth.

screen frame
Screen Frame With Different Materials

Screens: the screen is applied to classify materials with different particle sizes. It can be made of different materials.


Vibration motor: it offers a vibration source for the whole screening equipment and it can be installed in different positions of the equipment.

vibration motor
Motors Installed In Different Positions

Damping spring: it prevents vibration from passing to the ground and supports the full weight of the screen box.

damping spring
Damping Springs

Working Principle Of Linear Vibrating Screen

The linear vibrating screen uses two vibrating motors to do a synchronized reverse rotation to produce reverse excitation force. This force makes the box drive the screen to move vertically and straight. Materials enter the screening machine evenly through the feeder, fall on the screen surface, and then repeat the ejecting and falling motion under the vibration of the screen surface, meanwhile, moving forward continuously. The ejecting and falling of the material have an impact on the screen surface so that the particles smaller than the mesh are separated. After passing through multi-screens, materials are classified into a variety of specifications and then discharged from their respective outlet. The screen surface inclination angle of the linear vibrating screen is usually below 8 degrees, and the vibration angle of the screen surface is generally 45 degrees.


ModelScreen Face Size(length×width mm)Screen LayerScreen Size(mm)Feeding Size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Motor Power(kW)Total Weight(kg)Vibration Frequency(Hz)Double-amplitude(mm)Leaning Angle of Screen(°)Body size(mm)

* We provide equipment customization services.

AGICO Vibrating Screen For Sale

AGICO is an experienced and professional cement equipment manufacturer in China. Our vibrating screen machine and other cement equipment are efficient in operation and reasonable in price positioning, which can effectively reduce the investment of customers in production to win greater profits. Due to different equipment specifications or based on the customer’s equipment customization requirements, the market quotation of the whole machine is different. If you want to get the specific price of the linear vibrating screen directly, please feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with detailed information and a quotation!

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Highlights Of AGICO Linear Vibrating Screen

Fully enclosed structure. It has no dust leakage, which is conducive to environmental protection.

Low energy consumption & automatic discharge. It is suitable for 24-hour assembly line operation.

Simple structure & convenient maintenance. The screen replacement is simple and fast, only takes 3 to 5 minutes, and the screen material has a variety of options.

Unique screen structure. This screening equipment will not appear material mixing phenomenon.

High working efficiency. The screening efficiency of the linear vibrating screen can reach more than 96%.

Double motor. It has the advantage of a large exciting force and large output. The energy consumption can be reduced by 30%.

Equipment customization. This linear vibrating screen can be customized on demand.


Q: How to choose linear vibrating screen manufacturers?

A: We should investigate the manufacturer from the following aspects: production scale, production process, qualification, material selection, etc. Besides, we should also pay attention to the after-sales service.

Q: Can I place the linear vibrating screen horizontally?

A: In general, the linear vibrating screen should be placed horizontally. But we can also place it at a certain angle according to special needs, generally 5 ° or 10 °.

Q: What factors will affect the output of the linear vibrating screen?

A: 1. Shape and dimension of mesh 2. Length and width of screen surface: the length of the screen surface affects the screening efficiency and the width of the screen surface affects the yield.