Circular Vibrating Screen

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Feeding size:≤400mm

Material: coal, limestone, gravel, metallic or nonmetallic ores.

Circular vibrating screen, also known as circular-motion vibrating screen and single-shaft vibrating screen, is a new type of vibrating screen machine, which can screen coarse-grained materials by circular-motion vibration. It is widely used in the mining industry, building materials industry, energy industry, chemical industry, and other industries.

In the cement industry, circular vibrating screen is an important cement making machine. It is the indispensable accessory equipment in cement production lines, stone crushing plants, and cement grinding units. Compared with the linear vibrating screen, circular vibrating screen features lower power consumption and cost, which is a good choice for cement plants.

YK circular vibrating screen provided by AGICO is a new product improved based on the YA circular vibrating screen. It can be divided into the light type and heavy type and has the advantage of reliable structure, strong vibration force, high screening efficiency, small vibration noise, easy maintenance, etc. If you need to purchase screening equipment or want to know more about it, please contact us directly!

Circular Vibrating Screen Structure

The circular vibrating screen is composed of a screen box, screen frame, screens, transmission device, vibration exciter, supporting device, vibration-isolating device, etc.

Screens: screen is fixed on the screen bracket by bolts and rubber strips. Because it is mainly used to screen large-sized materials, the screen surface needs to have a greater bearing capacity, wear resistance, and impact resistance.

Screen frame: screen frame is composed of side plates and beams. The side plate can be made of steel plate or other materials. The beam is usually made of steel pipe, channel steel, or I-beam.

Vibration exciter: circular vibrating screen adopts single shaft exciter.

Supporting device: it is an elastic element for supporting screen box, including a hanging type and seat type.

Vibration-isolating device: it prevents the vibration from being transmitted to the ground, commonly used are coil spring, plate spring, and rubber spring.

Transmission device: circular vibrating screen frequently adopts V-belt transmission device. It has a simple mechanism and steady running.

circular vibrating screen structure
Circular Vibrating Screen Structure

Working Principle Of Circular Vibrating Screen

After the circular vibrating screen is started, the vibration exciter on the screen box is driven to rotate by the motor through a V-belt. When the eccentric block in the exciter rotates at a high speed, it will produce a great centrifugal inertia force and make the screen box move in a circle with a certain amplitude. Materials enter the equipment from the feeding end and then fall on the screen surface to do a continuous sling movement due to the impulse force transmitted by the screen box. In this process, particles smaller than the screen mesh will pass through the screen surface and fall to the lower layer, and materials larger than the screen mesh will be discharged from the discharge port after a continuous movement. According to the structural characteristics and working principle of circular vibrating screen, the screen surface is generally inclined placed (the inclined angle is 15°-25°) in order to achieve a suitable transport speed.

vibrating screen details
Circular Vibrating Screen Details


ModelScreen LayerScreen Area(m2)Screen Mesh Size(mm)Largest Feeding Size (mm)Capacity(m³/h)Vibration Power (r/min)Double-amplitude (mm)Motor Power (kw)Leaning Angle of Screen (°)Screen Face Size (mm)Dimension(mm)
2YK123027.24-5020012-78800-97066P   7.5KW201200×30003430×1860×870
3YK1230310.84-5020013-80800-97066P   7.5KW201200×30003570×1860×1210
2YK123728.884-5020015-86800-97066P   7.5KW201200×37004050×1860×870
3YK1237313.324-5020016-90800-97066P   7.5KW201200×37004270×1860×1210
2YK1548214.45-5020022.5-162800-97066P   11KW201500×48005420×2210×1230
3YK1548321.65-5020022.5-162800-97066P   15KW201500×48005660×2210×1610
4YK1548428.85-5020022.5-162800-97066P   18.5KW201500×48006230×2210×2060
2YK1854219.445-8020032-312800-97066P   22KW201800×54005960×2550×1420
3YK1854329.165-8020032-312800-97066P   22KW201800×54006260×2550×1780
4YK1854438.885-8020032-336800-97066P  22KW201800×54006830×2550×2160
2YK2160225.25-10020050-47597066P   30KW202100×60006720×2840×1530
3YK2160337.85-10020050-47597066P  30KW202100×60007030×2840×1910
4YK2160450.45-10020050-49797066P   37KW202100×60007300×2840×2380
2YK2460228.85-10020065-55097066P   30KW202400×60007020×3140×1530
3YK2460343.25-10020070-62097066P   37KW202400×60007300×3140×1910
4YK2460457.65-10020080-68097066P   45KW202400×60007600×3140×2380
2YK28662315-10020070-65097066P   37KW202800×56006650×4320×1620
3YK28663475-10020080-70097066P   45KW202800×56006650×4320×2120
4YK28664625-10020090-75097066P   55KW202800×56006650×4320×2620
2YK2870239.25-10020070-68075068P   22×2KW202800×70007600×4320×1620
3YK2870358.85-10020080-72075068P   22×2KW202800×70007800×4320×2120

* We provide equipment customization services.

AGICO Vibrating Screen Machine For Sale

In the past few decades, AGICO is committed to providing customers with high-quality cement equipment and all-round after-sales service so that our customers can gain more economic and social profits in production. Circular vibrating screen is one of our best-selling equipment, which has reliable quality, stable operation, and good user experience. AGICO manufactures various models of circular vibrating screens, and different models have different prices. If you are interested in our equipment and would like to know the specific quotation, please feel free to contact us! We will help you customize the purchase plan for free.

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circular vibrating screen on site
Circular Vibrating Screen On Site

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