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A vibrating screen machine is also called a vibrating screen. It is a kind of material screening equipment, as well as important cement equipment, applied in cement production linesstone crushing plantscement grinding units, etc.


Types Of Vibrating Screen Machines

Vibrating screens can be divided into circular vibrating screens and linear vibrating screens according to the movement track of materials. The two vibrating screen machines are both widely used in daily production and have no essential difference in style and structure composition. Materials are screened through the vibration of the screen surface.

linear vibrating screen machine

Linear Vibrating Screen >>

Feeding Size: ≤200-≤300 mm

Material: refractory material, iron powder, activated carbon, limestone, copper powder, etc.

circular vibrating screen machine

Circular Vibrating Screen >>

Feeding Size: ≤400mm

Material: coal, limestone, gravel, metallic or nonmetallic ores, etc.

Linear Vibrating Screen Vs Circular Vibrating Screen


A circular vibrating screen is mainly used to screen materials with much weight, large particle size, and high hardness. It is widely used in mines, coal mines, quarries, and other mining industries. A linear vibrating screen is used to screen fine particles and materials with light-specific gravity and low hardness, including dry powder, fine particle, or micro powder materials, which are widely used in food, chemical, building materials, and pharmaceutical industries.

Inclination angle

According to the materials’ particle size, the circular vibrating screen can change the inclination angle of the screen surface to adjust the movement speed of the material and improve the processing capacity of the screening equipment. Generally speaking, the inclined angle of the screen surface of a linear vibrating screen is small in production.


The plate used in the circular vibrating screen is thick, and the machine body is made of manganese steel to resist the impact of materials in the screening process. The linear vibrating screen is mainly made of light plates or stainless steel plates.

Vibration exciter

The exciter of the circular vibrating screen has one shaft, which uses an inertia motor to work, so it is also called a single-shaft vibrating screen. The exciter of the linear vibrating screen is composed of two shafts, so it is also called a double-shaft vibrating screen.

Motion track

Materials on the circular vibrating screen move in a circular manner, and materials on the linear vibrating screen move forward in a straight line.


Because of the small inclination angle of the screen surface and the decrease of the screen height, the linear vibrating screen is easy to arrange.

Environmental protection

The linear vibrating screen adopts a fully enclosed structure without dust spillage, which is more conducive to environmental protection.

AGICO Vibrating Screen For Sale

Our screening machine features high efficiency, small space occupation, lightweight, large capacity, long service cycle, and long service life.

The vibrating screen manufactured by AGICO has a simple structure. It is conducive to improving the assembly accuracy of the equipment.

Our equipment adopts the universal joint pin, rubber coupling, and other flexible connections to ensure steady running.

The equipment maintenance is simple and convenient, and the operation benefit of the whole machine is obvious.

The sealing place is closed by a soft connection, which reduces the pollution to the atmospheric environment.

Low cost, more practical in the production process.

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Vibrating Screen Applied In Cement Plant

In cement plants, a vibrating screen machine has three main uses: raw material screening, clinker screening, and finished cement screening.

Raw material screening

In the process of raw material preparation, the vibrating screen machine can be used to screen cement raw meals. Raw materials that do not meet the particle size standards will be sent to crushers and raw mills for grinding until they reach a certain fineness. The vibrating screen greatly improves the efficiency of cement raw material preparation.

Clinker screening

In the process of clinker grinding, we can first crush the clinker to less than 5mm and then grind it with a cement mill. This method increases the output of cement mills by about 30% and saves electricity by about 18%, so it is adopted by many cement production enterprises. To ensure the particle size of the clinker is less than 5mm, we usually equip a vibrating screen between the fine crusher and the cement mill to screen and re-crush the clinker particles above 5mm.

Finished cement screening

A vibrating screen is usually used as the pre-stage supporting equipment of various cement packing machines to screen out the caking and foreign matters in cement powder. As the cement industry has high requirements on the particle size of finished cement powder, the final particle size screening should be carried out before the cement powder is bagged.

Why Choose AGICO Cement

AGICO is a professional cement equipment manufacturer and vibrating screen manufacturer. In the past 20 years, our cement equipment sold all over the world has been favored by customers for its high quality and convenient operation. In addition, our all-round service is also highly praised by customers.

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