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Vertical Lime Kiln

Capacity: 80-400 t/d

Emission Index: <10 mg/Nm3

energy saving vertical lime kiln

Model: TTHN

Kiln body thickness: 1000mm

Customizable configuration: support

Single kiln footprint: about 0.33 acres (40x40m)

Raw material & fuel: limestone & coke (anthracite)

Application: small and medium scale lime production lines


What is a vertical lime kiln? Vertical lime kiln, also called shaft lime kiln, is a type of shaft kiln specially designed for lime calcining. Compared with rotary lime kiln, it has low construction cost, but there are many shortcomings, such as low utilization coefficient (<50%), high energy consumption ( >160kg of coal is consumed per ton of lime to produce), serious environmental pollution, high labor intensity, unstable calcination quality, etc.

AGICO Cement, as an experienced cement equipment supplier, is professional in manufacturing rotary kilns and vertical shaft kilns. TTHN vertical lime kiln is a new type of calcining kiln developed by AGICO that merges high efficiency, high yield, and high automation into a single. It overcomes the disadvantages of traditional shaft kilns, deeply favored by customers for significant energy saving, environmental protection, high automation, high finished product quality, low construction costs, and short construction periods.

Effective Volume (m3)100-500
Capacity (t/d)80-400
Heat Consumption (KJ/Kg·lime)910X4.1868
Coal Consumption (Kg/t·lime)<130
Utilization Coefficient (t/d·m3)≥0.85
Activity Degree (ml)≥300
CaO Content Of Quicklime (%)≥90
Over-burning Rate Of Quicklime (%)<5-7
Limestone Consumption (t/t·dust)1.8
CO2 Concentration In Flue Gas (%) 42
Soot Emission Index (mg/Nm3)<10

Vertical Lime Kiln Specification

vertical lime kiln project agico
AGICO Vertical Lime Kiln Projects

AGICO TTHN Vertical Lime Kiln Technics Characteristic

Unique Design & Energy-saving

The kiln body adopts a fully sealed design, which greatly reduces heat loss. The fuel calorific value and utilization rate are over 80%.

The equipped double-trough distributor (TTS type) distributes limestone and coal evenly to ensure even combustion and avoid fuel waste. The production of each ton of lime can save more than 15kg of coal.

Five-layer kiln body structure: high alumina brick + light heat-insulation brick + heat-insulation filler + insulation fiber + steel shell. The outer steel shell is light in weight, and the service life of the refractory insulation layer is more than 5 years.

Up To Standard Flue Gas Emissions

We chose a new type of pulse-jet bag filter and FRP desulfurization tower to filter out the dust, SO2, and NOx in the flue gas (soot concentration is less than 10mg/Nm).

Compact & Reasonable Process Flow Layout

The vertical lime kiln system is mainly composed of a feeding part, a mixing part, a distribution part, a kiln body, an ore discharge part, a finished product storage bin, a dust removal system, etc. The single kiln system covers an area of about 0.33 acres (40x40m).

Scientific Guiding Ideology Based On Raw Materials

Raw materials and fuels are very important to the calcination of lime. With qualified fuel and raw materials as the basis, coupled with advanced technology, high-quality lime is guaranteed. If the limestone particle size is not uniform or there are too many impurities, the calcination zone will be unstable, resulting in serious furnace accretion. If the coal particle size is too small or too large, there will be insufficient heat during the decomposition of CaCO3, or it will still be burned when reaches the cooling zone, resulting in high ore discharge temperature, which not only wastes fuel but also makes it difficult to discharge ore.

The required parameters for raw materials and fuels are as follows:

Limestone Chemical CompositionCoke (Anthracite) Chemical Composition
CaO content≥53.5%Ash content≤14%
R2O3≤2%Fixed carbon≥85%
Particle size40~80mmCalorific value≥6500×4.186KJ/Kg
Upper limit≤90mmParticle size20-40mm
Lower limit≥30mmUpper limit≤50mm

Novel Designed & Adjustable Weighing & Mixing System

The weighing and mixing system adopts a full-automatic weighing device, with an accuracy of less than 3%, limestone error within 3kg, coke (coal) error within 0.21kg, and the last weighing error can be automatically compensated next time. The whole process is automatically controlled by PLC and equipped with monitoring devices.

Uniform & Continuous Discharging

Our vertical lime kiln adopts a discharging structure composed of a tower-type dispenser and a two-stage sealing valve, which can not only ensure a stable moving of materials but also realize continuous discharging without stopping air blowing, greatly reducing the furnace accretion.

TTHN Shaft Lime Kiln Equipped Devices

To ensure the quality of lime calcining and realize fully automatic production, the necessary special equipment and main equipment applied in the vertical lime kiln system are as follows (lime calcination plant >>):

9-19 series high pressure blower kiln combustion air and secondary airSpecifications and technical parameters are determined according to the size of the kiln.
gas recirculating fanflue gas circulation air, adjust the kiln condition
air compressorworking cylinder of the electronic scale, distributing device, two-stage sealing valve
bag filterflue gas dust removal
centrifugal wind fanauxiliary equipment of dust collector
continuous bucket elevatorfinished lime product loading
suspended vibrating screenraw material screening, impurities, and dust removing
suspended vibrating feederraw material and fuel feeding
desulfurizing towerflue gas desulfurization and denitrification
electronic weighing system

Electronic Weighing System

TTSC-1.5(limestone) and TTMC-0.5(fuel) are two electronic weighing systems that can accurately weigh the quality of raw materials and fuels and mix them evenly. The pressure sensing elements and PLC modules adopt high-quality imported devices.

double trough distributor

Double-trough Distributor (TTSC-600)

The double-trough distributor adopts a frequency converter and PLC control system to make the material distribution accurate and uniform. The key parts in the distributor, such as the material barrel and baffle are made of high-temperature resistant materials.

two stage sealing valve

Two-stage Sealing Valve

It is composed of upper and lower baffles in series. The two baffles are alternately opened and closed to continuously discharge the falling lime onto the conveyor belt. It is well sealed, does not leak the combustion air, and operates stably without damaging the lime block.

air hood

Air Hood (TTFM)

The air hood is an air supply device designed by computer simulation. It supplies uniform and sufficient air for lime calcination and reduces the phenomenon of deviant combustion, overburning, and underfiring, greatly improving the quality of active lime.

tower type dispenser

Tower-type Dispenser (TTCH-200)

The tower-type dispenser can discharge the calcined lime quantitatively and evenly to the two-stage sealing valve. The operator can set the discharge amount of a certain area arbitrarily on the computer according to the kiln conditions.

disc dispenser

Disc Dispenser (TTYP)

It is mainly composed of a motor, reducer, transmission shaft, turntable scraper, etc. In the working process, it does not damage the massive lime and greatly reduces the production of powdered ash. Since the motor is controlled by frequency conversion, the discharge amount is adjustable.

rotary burden distributor

Rotary Burden Distributor (TTBL-450)

The baffle, guide groove, and other key parts of the distributor are made of high-temperature resistant and corrosion-resistant manganese steel so that the equipment can operate without fault for a long time in a harsh environment.

Why Choose AGICO Vertical Lime Kiln

agico shaft lime kiln onsite

AGICO adopts a microcomputer control system to realize the automatic operation of the whole process of lime production, which not only improves the output and the working environment but also reduces the labor intensity of workers.

AGICO is professional and experienced in vertical kiln manufacturing and exporting. We can provide customers with engineering design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, personnel training, and other related services.

AGICO has a professional technical team and a complete active lime production technology management system, which makes the energy-saving vertical lime kilns have the characteristics of low investment, high automation level, low energy consumption, long service life, and environmental protection.