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Stacker And Reclaimer

Stacking Capacity: 50-2000t/h

Circular Field Diameter: 50-150m

Certification: ISO9001

Application: limestone, coal, and other cement raw materials.

Highlights: fully automatic, high efficiency, etc.


The stacker and reclaimer is a kind of pre-homogenization equipment, mainly used for stacking and reclaiming bulk materials, such as limestone, coal, chemicals, etc. It is not only suitable for the raw material pre-homogenization of large cement plants but also suitable for the storage or homogenization of bulk materials in coal mines, power plants, ports, metallurgy, and other industries.

The circular stacker reclaimer is designed for continuous chevron stacking in a ring-shaped material pile, at the same time it can also realize reclaiming through a reclaimer at the other end of the pile. The two systems are relatively independent and can complete stacking and reclaiming at the same time or separately. Compared with other stackers and reclaimers, the circular type takes up a small area and is fully automatic and programmed. It occupies a circular space which we usually call a circular pre-homogenizing yard. The yard can be designed enclosed to reduce dust pollution to the environment, meanwhile, solve the problem of material loss due to the weather influence.

As a kind of cement equipment, the circular stacker reclaimer plays a vital role in the cement material pre-homogenization process. It is characterized by low cost and advanced technology and is a good choice for cement plant builders.

raw materials in stacker reclaimer
Raw Materials For Cement Manufacturing

Stacker And Reclaimer Structure

The circular stacker reclaimer is mainly composed of the central column, cantilever stacker, bridge-type scraper reclaimer, rake system, hopper, swing mechanism, lubrication system, control room, etc.

Central Column

The central column, located in the center of the circular pre-homogenizing yard, is an important steel structure part of the circular stacker and reclaimer, which not only bears the load of each main component but also is the installation center of each component. Its main function is to support the stacker and reclaimer so that they can adjust the stacking and reclaiming position through rotation.

Cantilever Stacker

The cantilever stacker can rotate and luff around the central column within 360 degrees to complete material stacking at different positions. The cantilever adopts the welded steel plate and section steel structure. It is connected to the support mechanism through the bearing. On the cantilever, there is a belt conveyor used for materials transporting from the bridge to the stacking point.

Bridge-type Scraper Reclaimer

The bridge-type scraper reclaimer is located at the lower part of the central column, on the ground of the material yard. It can rotate 360 degrees with the column as the center. It mainly consists of a rake system, scraper conveying system, hopper, etc. The reciprocating movement of the rake makes the material fall to the bottom and is immediately carried away by the continuous running scraper. Then the material passes through the hopper and is transported out by a belt conveyor.

Working Principle Of Stacker And Reclaimer

The circular stacker and reclaimer respectively adopt the chevron stacking and full section reclaiming technology to simultaneously or separately complete the operation under the control of the PLC program.

During the stacking process, the circular stacker transfers material from the bridge belt conveyor to the cantilever belt conveyor through a hopper and then carries out a fixed-point material piling in the material yard to form a conical material pile. When the material pile reaches a certain height and touches the probe at the end of the stacker, the cantilever rotates at a certain angle to continue stacking a new material pile.

In the material yard, a bridge frame is arranged between the central column and the circular track. On the bridge, there is a rake system and a scraper conveyor. The rake reciprocates along the length of the bridge to rake material from the pile. Driven by the chain, the scraper on the conveyor continuously moves toward the hopper under the central column, meanwhile, taking away the material. After that, the material drops on the belt conveyor by passing through the hopper and is carried out of the yard.

stacker and reclaimer structure
Stacker & Reclaimer Structure

Stacker And Reclaimer Specification

MaterialsLimestone, coal, and other materials.
Capacity1.45t/m3,  0.85t/m3,  1.2t/m3
Stacking Capacity50t/h,100t/h,150t/h,200t/h,250t/h,300t/h,400t/h,500t/h,750t/h,1000t/h, 1200t/h,1500t/h,1800t/h,2000t/h
Diameter of Circular Stockyard50m,60m,80m,90m,100m,110m,120m,150m
Rotating Speed of Stacker0.01r/min
Radius Changing Speed0.3m/min~0.6m/min
Reclaiming Speed0.004~0.04m/min
Shunting Speed10.5m/min
Reclaiming Speed of Scraper0.5m/s
Speed of Material Rake10m/min

Why Choose The Stacker And Reclaimer Produced By AGICO

Free Consultation

Optimal Design

Product Production

On-time Delivery

Product Assembly

The whole equipment is controlled by a microcomputer system. You can choose nearby control or remote control.

The material yard is equipped with many cameras. A monitor is set in the program control room for operators to monitor and operate the material yard.

The occupation space of the circular stacker and reclaimer is small and its space utilization is high.

The hydraulic station and its corresponding pipeline system have good sealing performance and stable operation.

The conveyor belt is equipped with an automatic adjustment device, belt tension device, belt cleaning device, etc., to strictly prevent slipping, deviation, and other abnormal conditions during the operation.

The scraper is made of high-strength and wear-resistant material with long service life.

The structure of our stacker and reclaimer is simple and reasonable. The overall performance of the body is good and has enough strength and stiffness to ensure that it does not twist and deform after long-term use.

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