cement rotary kiln construction

Cement Rotary Kiln

Capacity: 300-5000 t/d

Weight: 177-854 t

Certificate: ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS

Application: cement production lines

Specification: customizable length and diameter, according to clients’ requirements.


What Is Cement Rotary Kiln

Cement rotary kiln, also called cement kiln, is a pyroprocessing device used for calcining cement clinker in cement production lines. It is the main engine in the cement manufacturing process, commonly known as the “heart” of the cement plant. In the production process, an equipped kiln burner produces heat by burning fuel, and the heat is transferred to materials through flame radiation, hot gas convection, kiln brick conduction, etc., which promotes the chemical reaction between cement raw materials and finally forms clinker.

AGICO is a cement equipment supplier with more than 30 years of production and sales experience. We provide customers with all kinds of cement equipment as well as the entire cement production line. Cement rotary kiln is our hot-sale product, the output can reach 300-5000 t/d and the size is between φ1.9*39m to φ4.8*74m. If customers have special production needs, we can customize or adjust the parameters of the equipment.

We provide equipment design, manufacturing, transportation, installation, commissioning, operation training, and a series of services, with high equipment quality and guaranteed services. If you want to purchase, please feel free to contact us!

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Calcining Raw Material

clay powder
Clay Powder
iron powder
Iron Powder

Cement Rotary Kiln Parts

Cement rotary kiln is mainly composed of the kiln shell, girth gear, kiln support roller, kiln tyre, kiln thrust roller, kiln seal, kiln lining brick, driving device, etc.

AGICO can customize all parts of the cement kiln, as long as you provide us with detailed CAD/PDF drawings or specific dimensions.

Highlights Of AGICO Cement Rotary Kiln

Our cement rotary kilns are suitable for a variety of production environments.

AGICO rotary kilns can realize fully automatic operation and instrument control.

The overall structure of the kiln head and kiln tail sections has been optimized to solve the problems of material return and dust leakage.

AGICO cement rotary kiln has a strong structure and stable operation. During the high-temperature calcining, materials are heated evenly and the clinker quality is stable.

Compared with equipment of the same specification, AGICO rotary kiln has an operating rate increased by 10%, output increased by 5%-10%, and heat consumption reduced by 15%.

The transmission system adopts new AC frequency conversion speed regulation technology, which has a large speed regulation range, high efficiency, high-speed regulation accuracy, energy saving, and environmental protection.

Cement Rotary Kiln Specifications

Specification (m)Φ2.8/2.5×44Φ3×48Φ3.2×50Φ3.3×50Φ3.5×54Φ4×60Φ4.3×64Φ4.8×74
Capacity (t/d)300600-700100012001500-1800250035005000
  Kiln body inclination (%)
Number of supporting device 33333333
Thrust roller typemechanicalmechanical or hydraulic  hydraulic  hydraulic  hydraulic  hydraulic  hydraulic  hydraulic 
Kiln rotation speedMain transmission (r/min)0.445-2.220.676-3.380.36-3.570.36-3.570.39-3.90.41-4.070.4-4.00.35-4
Auxiliary transmission (r/h)4.759.366.55.617.668.27.938.52
Main transmissionMotorModelZSN4-225-21Z2-101ZSN4-280-091BZSN4-280-091BZSN4-315-092ZSN4-355-092ZSN4-355-12ZSN4-400-092
Rated power (Kw)55100160160220315400630
Speed regulation range (r/min)~1000~15001500150010001000100~10001500
Rated voltage (volts)440220440440440440440660
Overall speed ratio49-635040402822.431.542.226
Auxiliary transmissionMotorModelY122M-4Y160M-6Y160M-4BY160M-4Y200L1-6Y180L-4Y200L-4Y250M-4
Rated power (Kw)47.5151118.5223055
Speed regulation range (r/min)144097014601460970147014701480
Rated voltage (volts)380380380380380380380380
ReducerModelZL35-16ZL35-7-IZSY160-31.5-IIZSY355-31.5ZSY355YNS440-45 II RYNS497-45ZCJH220C-SW302-28
Overall speed ratio40.441431.531.545454528
Total weight (firebricks not included)(t)177207256.5281341434550.5854
Kiln hood weight (t)2022252728353645

How Does Cement Rotary Kiln Work?

On the cylinder, there is a large girth gear ring fixed with a spring plate near the kiln tail, some pinions below are engaged with it, jointly forming the drive gear. In normal operation, the main drive motor transfers power to this gear device through a reducer to run the rotary kiln. The raw material usually enters the rotary kiln from the kiln tail and moves slowly to the kiln head along with the chamber as it rotates. In this process, raw materials are heated by high temperatures and decomposed, producing chemical reactions. The heat source of rotary kilns is supplied from the kiln burner inside the kiln. Besides, the rotation speed and temperature of the cylinder are tightly controlled and changed according to different processes and applications. After the calcination is completed, the clinker will be pre-cooled in the chamber and then sent into the cooler for further cooling.

Cement Rotary Kiln Diagram

rotary kiln diagram
Rotary Kiln Diagram

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