cement dryer in agico

Rotary Kiln Dryer

Capacity: 10-200 t/h

Power:  22-400 kw

Certification: ISO9001

Final material moisture: 0.5-15%

Highlights: fully automatic, high efficiency, etc.


What Is A Rotary Kiln Dryer?

The rotary kiln dryer (rotary dryer) is a type of cement dryer employed to reduce the moisture content of cement raw materials. It works by drying materials through high-temperature gas in a rotating and slope drum.

In the cement industry, no matter using dry or wet methods to produce cement, all kinds of water containing raw materials, coal, and mixed materials need to be dried to ensure the normal operation of the raw mill. If there is much moisture in the material, it will adhere to the grinding media and lining plate of the grinding mill, which will reduce the grinding efficiency and bring difficulties to the operation and quality control. Besides, the quality of cement products is also affected. Therefore, the drying process is an essential link in cement production, and the cement dryer is also important cement equipment.

Rotary Kiln Dryer Types

Direct Heating Type: this type of dryer is permissible for hot gas to direct contact with raw materials, with high efficiency and good drying effect.

Indirect Heating Type: the indirect heating dryer is applied when the hot gas has a harmful effect on raw materials, the drying gas will not have direct contact with materials. It is less efficient compared with the direct heating rotary dryer but can realize precise temperature control, a small amount of waste gas treatment, and no required dust treatment.

AGICO Cement is a professional and experienced cement plant equipment supplier in China. The rotary dryers produced by us can meet all your unique processing cement materials. Besides, we offer customization service, whether you require short or long residence times, low or high gas temperatures, wide or narrow cylinder diameter, counter flow, or parallel flow, we can meet it.

counter flow dryer and parallel flow dryer
Counter Flow Dryer & Parallel Flow Dryer

How Does Rotary Kiln Dryer Work?

The rotary dryer mainly consists of the drive assembly, seal ring, supporting device, and a rotating drum that tilts slightly at the horizontal line.

1. The wet material enters the dryer from the feeding pipe at the higher end. Meanwhile, the hot gas enters from another end and contacts the material in counter flow. In addition to this mode, hot gas and wet materials can also enter the cylinder on the same side, forming a parallel contact with each other.

2. With the rotation of the cylinder, materials move forward continuously under the action of gravity. In this process, they directly or indirectly contact hot gas, conduct heat transfer, achieve the purpose of drying, and then discharge from the outlet.

3. There are some lifting flights equipped on the inner wall of the rotary dryer. They pick up the wet materials and throw them down in the hot gas flow to increase the contact surface so as to improve the drying rate and promote the material forward.

4. The hot gas can be generally divided into hot air, hot flue gas, fluidized bed furnace, etc. After drying, they should be sent to a cyclone dust collector for dust removal. If it is necessary to further reduce the dust content, the bag filter is a good choice.

rotary kiln dryer design agico
Rotary Kiln Dryer Design

Applicable Materials

AGICO Cement dryers have many applications but are most commonly used in the mineral industry and cement industry for drying sands, limestone, slags, ores, clay, coal, etc.

rotary kiln dryer applicable materials
Rotary Dryer Applicable Materials

Rotary Kiln Dryer Specifications

Specification(m)Weight(t)Capacity(t/h)SlopeRotate Speed(r/min)Feeding Temperature(℃)Feeding MoistureDischarging MoistureDrive Part
ModelPower(kw)Model Speed Ratio
φ2.2×1646.613-180.054.35 T≥700 15-20% 2-3%Y225M-630ZL750-14-Ⅰ31.5
φ2.8×2892.61600.044.18 T≤700 11-12%7-8%Y2-355M-6160ZSY500-28-Ⅵ28
φ3×208934-450.054T≥750  15-20% 2-3%Y315S-675ZSY500-28-Ⅰ28
φ3.2×24143160-2000.044.17T≤850 10-11%6-7%JR137-6280ZSY560-28-Ⅵ28
φ3.4×20143≥1500.053.56T≥80010-11% 6-7%JR137-6280ZSY560-28-Ⅴ28
φ3.4×25159180-2000.053.9T≥800 10-12% 6.5-7%Y2-400-6315ZSY630-28-Ⅵ28
φ3.6×201651800.053.5 T≥850 10-11%7-8%YKK450-6400ZSY630-28-Ⅵ28
Wear PartsMaterial
Lifting plateQ235A
Sealing plateOCr18Ni9

Why You Choose AGICO Rotary Kiln Dryer

Free Consultation

Optimal Design

Product Production

On-time Delivery

Product Assembly

The rotary dryer produced by AGICO is an ideal drying machine with high mechanization, large capacity, precise manufacture, and simple operation.

Good sealing performance and convenient maintenance.

It has strong adaptability to materials and can be widely used in cement industry, chemical industry, fertilizer industry, etc.

Strong overload resistance, low fuel consumption.

It can utilize high-temperature flue gas to obtain high evaporation strength, low outlet temperature and high thermal efficiency.

Our rotary dryer can change the operating parameters according to different material properties so that the heat exchange is more sufficient.

The adopting of new type feeding and discharging device eliminates the feeding blocking, discontinuity, and unevenness phenomenon, and reduce the load of the dedusting system.

Our dryers adopt the self-aligning type riding wheel device, which makes the matching between the riding wheel and the rolling ring in linear contact, thus greatly reducing the wear and power loss.

We offer customization services. We can adjust the structure and parameters of the dryer according to different drying materials and material moisture content.

Rotary Kiln Dryer Maintenance

A cement dryer is a kind of drying equipment for handling large quantities of bulk materials. A steady running of the equipment can not only ensure normal production but also appropriately extend the service life and reduce the production cost. Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance of the dryer are necessary and helpful to find problems in time, solve potential faults, reduce downtime, and ensure stable production.

If the power is cut off suddenly, we should turn off the heat source first, cool down the equipment naturally, and clean it.

The bearing bears all the loads of the machine, so good lubrication can extend its service life and also directly affect the service life and operation rate of the machine. Therefore, we need to inject lubricating oil regularly, and the oil must be clean.

We need to check every part of the machine regularly to see if it is working properly.

We also need to check the wear degree of the wearing parts and replace them in time.

If the bearing oil temperature rises, stop immediately to check the cause.

If there is an impact sound when the gear is running, stop the machine immediately for an inspection.