ultra fine grinding system

Ultra Fine Grinding Mill​

Model: LM

Certification: ISO9001

Capacity: 0.03-100 t/h

Power: 7.5-1350 kW

Material: gypsum, coal, iron ore, limestone, and other nonmetallic ores.


What Is Ultra Fine Grinding Mill

The ultrafine powder grinding system is a new product independently developed by our company, mainly used to grind and classify various non-metallic ores in cement plants, such as the grinding of limestone powder, deep processing of pulverized coal, etc. This system is composed of an elevator, airlock device, superfine vertical mill (ultra-fine grinding mill ), bag filter, screw conveyor, blower, control system, cyclone dust collector, etc. It adopts a closed-air loop system, which is more environmentally friendly and efficient, and the air pressure control is more accurate, making the discharging granularity more stable.

Raw Materials

superfine vertical mill materials agico

Ultra Fine Grinding Mill​ Structure

The ultra-fine grinding mill is also called a superfine vertical mill. It consists of the motor, reducer, roller, pressure device, machine body, hydraulic device, gas separator, etc.

Ultra Fine Grinding Mill​ Working Principle

Raw materials are sent into the ultra-fine powder grinder by elevator or other equipment (the bucket elevator, belt conveyor or chain elevator can be used according to the needs of the site), and there is an airlock device equipped at the feeding place. Then, after the material enters the ultra-fine grinding mill, it will be brought to the upper powder separation part by hot air, the large particle powder will be returned to the grinding disc for further grinding, and the qualified fine powder will be brought to the cyclone dust collector by the air pipe. After that, the fine powder enters the bag filter through the discharge pipe of the cyclone dust collector and then is spirally output by the bag filter outlet pipe. Here, the material particles are between 800-2000 mesh.

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Ultra Fine Grinding Mill​ Specifications

ModelGrinding Disc Diameter (mm)Grinding Roller Diameter (mm)Feed Size (MM)Capacity (t/h)Power (kW)Rotation speed (r/min)

Ultra Fine Grinding Mill​ Working Principle

The controllability of the machine is improved. The main motor and the separator motor of the ultra-fine grinding mill adopt variable-frequency and variable-speed motors.

The reliability of the machine is improved. A lubrication station with a double pump loop is adopted for the roller, and the grinding curve of the roller sleeve and liner is specially designed.

This system has the advantages of a vertical mill system, high grinding efficiency, small floor area, good sealing, energy-saving, and environmental protection, easy maintenance, and repair, thus reducing the investment cost and improving production efficiency.