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Rod Mill

Model: MBS

Certification: ISO9001

Output: ≤50 t/h

Power: 0.833-0.147 kW

Highlights: fully automatic, high efficiency, etc.


What Is Rod Mill

Rod mills and ball mills are two grinding mills with similar working principles. The biggest difference is that the grinding media of the rod mill is steel rod while that of the ball mill is steel ball. In addition, the processing capacity of the rod mill is larger than that of the ball mill of the same specification. The overflow, end peripheral discharge and center peripheral discharge are the three main types of rod mill, while only the wet overflow type rod mill is usually used as the pre-grinding equipment in the cement plant. To make the discharging particle size reach the set standard, the grinding time should be 3-4 minutes, the grinding concentration should be 80%, and the material should not exceed the maximum feeding particle size.

Rod Mill Structure

rod mill structure
Rod Mill Structure

Rod Mill Working Principle

The working principle of the rod mill is that the main motor is connected with the pinion through a reducer to drive the large gear ring, thus rotating the cylinder. There are some steel rods in the machine chamber. When the cylinder rotates, the centrifugal force produced by the rotating brings the steel rod to a certain height and then falls. This kind of impact force will have a grinding effect on the material in the chamber. The material is continuously entered into the cylinder by the feeding device, crushed by the moving grinding media, and discharged out of the machine by the force of overflow, to carry out the next process.

rod mill structure 2
Rod Mill Working Principle

Rod Mill Structure

The rod mill consists of the cylinder, liner, motor, reducer, pinion, main bearing, feeding device, bearing seat, etc.

Rod Mill Specifications

ModelSpeed (r/min)Input Size (mm)Output Size (mm)Capacity (t/h)Power (kW)Weight (kg)

Rod Mill Features

The liner of the rod mill has the characteristics of high wear resistance and strong impact resistance. It can bear the huge impact strength and maintain the surface shape of the lining board for a long time, reducing the deformation and wear of the lining board.

The rod mill has low energy consumption and long service life.

The operation of the machine is stable and reliable.

The use of thin oil lubrication greatly reduces the wear rate of components.