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Cement Ball Mill

Weight: 14-370 t

Certification: ISO9001

Output: 1.5-110 t/h

Power: 55-3550kW

Highlights: fully automatic, high efficiency, etc.


What Is A Cement Ball Mill

The cement ball mill is a kind of cement grinding mill. It is mainly used for grinding the clinker and raw materials of the cement plant, and also for grinding various ores in metallurgical, chemical, and electric power enterprises. It has the characteristics of strong adaptability to materials, continuous production, a large crushing ratio, and easy-to-adjust the fineness of grinding products. The cement ball mill can be used not only in dry method cement production lines but also in wet method cement production lines. In addition, it can realize simultaneous grinding and drying, which is the important equipment for cement grinding. AGICO is one of the leading cement ball mill manufacturers in China. We supply high-quality equipment. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

Cement Ball Mill Diagram

cement ball mill structure
Cement Ball Mill Structure

Cement Ball Mill Structure

The cement ball mill is mainly composed of the feeding part, discharging part, rotary part, transmission part (reducer, pinion, motor, electric control), etc.

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cement ball mills
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ball mill in cement plants

Cement Ball Mill Working Principle

The materials are uniformly fed into the first chamber of the mill by the feeding device through the feeding hollow shaft. There is a stepped or corrugated liner plate and some steel balls of different specifications in the chamber. The cylinder rotates approximately once every couple of seconds, and the centrifugal force produced when the cylinder rotates brings the steel ball to a certain height and then falls down. This kind of impact force will have a grinding effect on the material. After the kibbling in the first chamber, the materials will enter the second chamber through the monolayer partition board, which is inlaid with a flat liner plate and contains steel balls to further grind the materials. After that, the powder will be discharged through the discharge device.

Cement Ball Mill Specifications

Model(m)ProcessCapacity (t/h)Feed size(mm)Rotated speed(r/min)Largest ball charge(t)Rotor power(kW)Weight (t)

Cement Ball Mill Maintenance

Replace the lubricant within the specified period. The lubricating oil at the main bearing of the newly installed mill shall be completely renewed after the mill runs for 1 month.

Regularly check the quality and quantity of lubricating oil, remove impurities in the oil, and replenish in time.

Pay attention to the temperature change of the main bearing and hollow shaft at any time.

Pay attention to whether there are abnormal vibrations and noise in the operation of the equipment.

Check the wear of lining plates in different parts frequently and replace them in time.

Check the sealing condition of the machine and whether the bolt is loose.