Grinding Mill

Ball Mill

The ball mill is widely used in cement, silicate products, new construction materials, and other production industries. It is one of the key equipment in the cement production line and is usually used for further grinding after the material is broken by the crusher. This type of machine requires a certain amount of steel balls to be loaded into its cylinder body as the grinding medium. Compared with vertical mills and other grinding equipment, it has the advantages of simple operation and low invest. According to different methods of treating raw materials, it can be divided into the dry grinding ball mill and the wet grinding ball mill. But in our daily production, we usually divide them into the cement ball millrod mill, etc

Vertical Mill agico

Cement Vertical Mill

A cement vertical mill is a grinding equipment that involves grinding, drying, powder separating, and conveying into a single. It is widely used in the cement plant and electric power industry because of its high efficiency, energy-saving, and stable output. The grinding process of the cement vertical mill is completed by a set of grinding devices (namely the grinding roller and the grinding disc), and the materials will be ground into powder between them. AGICO mainly supports the coal vertical millraw material vertical mill, and cement vertical mill.

ultra fine grinding system

Ultra Fine Grinding Mill​

The ultrafine grinding system manufactured by AGICO is mainly used for grinding pulverized coal and cement. To meet the need for further grinding and 3D printing, in 2015, our company built an ultrafine powder grinding production line of 12t/d — 20t/d. The ultra-fine grinding mill is the important equipment in this production line. It has the advantages of vertical mills, such as high grinding efficiency, small floor area, good sealing, easy maintenance, and repair, thus reducing the investment cost and improving the production efficiency.

air swept coal mill cement mill agico

Air Swept Coal Mill​

The air-swept coal mill is the main equipment of a cement plant, usually used for drying and pulverizing coal. It is mainly composed of the feeding device, main bearing, transmission device, discharging device, and rotating part. The air-swept coal mill produced by AGICO is the important equipment for the dry cement production line, active lime production line, and other coal powder combustion systems.