ESP Electrostatic Precipitator

           Capacity: 160000 – 466200 m3/h

  • Weight: 175 – 228 t
  • Exit dust density: <30 mg/m³

What Is ESP Electrostatic Precipitator?

ESP electrostatic precipitator, also called electrostatic dust collector, is an important device in applications where a large amount of flue gas needs to be cleaned up. It uses high-voltage electrostatic fields to charge dust particles either positively or negatively in the flue stream. The charged particles are then attracted to collecting plates (collecting pipes or other forms) carrying the opposite charge to realize dust removal.

Compared with other dust collectors, electrostatic precipitator has the advantages of high dust removal efficiency, low power consumption, low operating cost, low noise, and easy dust recovery. Its removal efficiency of the dust between 20 microns and 0.005 microns can reach more than 99%. The cement industry is an industry with serious dust pollution, the dust below 10 microns that it produces accounts for about 90%. As cement equipment, the ESP electric precipitator is often set behind the cement kiln and other production processes, which is the essential equipment for cement plants.

Types Of ESP Electrostatic Precipitator

ESP electrostatic precipitators can be divided into the dry electrostatic precipitator (the most commonly used) and wet electrostatic precipitator.

Dry electrostatic precipitator: this type of precipitator is designed to work above the dew point of the gas stream. Different from wet ESPs, the collecting plates of dry electrostatic precipitators are cleaned by mechanical impulses or vibration.

Wet electrostatic precipitator: this type of precipitator is usually applied in saturated gas streams that have 100 percent humidity. It can remove liquid droplets and sticky particles, such as oil, sulfuric acid mist, etc. Its collecting plates or pipes will be cleaned by water.

ESP Electrostatic Precipitator Design
ESP Electrostatic Precipitator Design

How Does An ESP Electrostatic Precipitator Work?

An ESP electrostatic precipitator is composed of several parallel vertical metal plates (collecting electrodes). These plates will form long channels for flue gas passing through. Between these collecting electrodes are discharge electrodes which can be divided into several fields. After connected with transformer-rectifier (T-R) sets, the high-voltage electric fields are formed in the discharge electrodes. When the gas flue passing through, these electric fields charge dust particles either positively or negatively. Then the charged particles are attracted to and deposited on collecting electrodes carrying the opposite charge. After that, the cleaned flue gas will be discharged from the precipitator. When enough particles have accumulated on the collecting electrodes, they are shaken off by mechanical rappers and fall into a hopper at the bottom of the equipment. 

Applications Of ESP Electrostatic Precipitator

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the dust collectors have been used in different kinds of industries. AGICO has rich manufacturing experience in wet and dry electrostatic precipitators, and our equipment has been installed in a variety of applications, including the power industry, chemical industry, oil and gas industry, pulp industry, steel industry, cement industry, mixing station, etc.

electrostatic precipitator applications
Applications Of ESP Electrostatic Precipitator

ESP Electrostatic Precipitator Specifications

Process capacity(Nm³/h)160000210000302400441000466200
Air speed(M/s)0.650.650.70.70.7
Entrance dust density(g/m³)≤80
Exit dust density(g/m³)≤100≤100≤100≤100≤50
Chamber number/ electric field number 3/33/33/33/134/8
Homopolar spacing(mm)400
Channel number2124242836
Entrance smoke temperature(℃)<300<300<300<300<300
Vibration typeMechanical
Rectifier transformer type(A/KV)GGAJO2-0.6A/65KVGGAJO2-0.7A/65KVGGAJO2-1.0A/72KVGGAJO2-1.0A/72KVGGAJO2-1.0A/72KV
Wearing PartsMaterial
Barbed wireSPCC
Anode plateSPCC
Vibrating strike hammersAssembly
Ceramic tubeCeramics
High-strength electrical porcelain shaftCeramics

Why You Choose AGICO ESP Electrostatic Precipitator?

AGICO has been professional in manufacturing cement equipment for almost twenty years. Our advanced electrostatic precipitator technologies deliver maximum particulate removal efficiency with reduced operating and maintenance costs. Besides, we have extensive experience with both dry and wet ESP electrostatic precipitators and have installations in a wide range of applications.

  • High dust removal efficiency
    The dust removal efficiency of electrostatic precipitators is more than 99%. Even though for fine dust with particle size less than 0.1 microns, the electrostatic precipitator is still available with excellent performance. In addition, we can improve its dust removal efficiency by lengthening the electric field length, increasing the electric field cross-sectional area and improving the power supply quality.
  • Low energy consumption
    The total energy consumption of the ESP electrostatic precipitator mainly comes from the equipment pressure loss (150-300 Pa, about 1/5 of the bag filter), power unit, heating unit, vibration and dust discharge motor, which are relatively low.
  • Large capacity
    Because the ESP dust collector has a modular structure, it can realize large-scale devices. At present, the maximum electric field cross-section area of a single ESP exceeds 400 m2 and the flue gas treatment capacity can reach 2 million m3/h.
  • High-temperature resistance, can capture corrosive aerosol particles
    In general, the ESP dust collector is used to deal with flue gas at 350 degrees Celsius and below, if specially designed, it can deal with flue gas above 500 degrees Celsius. For the aerosol particles with large corrosiveness and strong adhesion, such as sulfuric acid fog and asphalt fog, the wet electrostatic precipitator is a good choice.
  • High requirements for manufacturing, installation, and operation
    Due to its complex structure and large volume, the electrostatic precipitator has strict requirements on manufacturing quality, installation accuracy and operation level. Otherwise, it cannot achieve the expected dust removal effect.
  • High-quality and low price
    AGICO has our own regular factory and large machining equipment. The ESP electrostatic precipitators manufactured by our company adopt reasonable design and supreme quality raw materials. Besides, our price is more competitive. Please feel free to contact us!
agico large machining equipment
AGICO Large Machining Equipment