Industrial Dust Collector

The industrial dust collector is a kind of widely used dust extraction equipment. It can be generally classified into bag type, pulse type, electrostatic type, cyclone type, and so on, specially designed for the waste gas dedusting of cement kilns, cement mills, rotary kiln dryers, and cement crushers adopted in cement plants. Besides, they can also be used in food, metallurgy, and other industries. 

AGICO is a cement equipment supplier in China, we mainly offer the LCM pulse jet bag filter, ESP electrostatic precipitator, PPCS pulse jet fabric filter, and industrial cyclone dust collector. All of these industrial dust collectors we provide have the characteristics of large gas treatment capacity and high dust removal efficiency, which are the best choices for your cement manufacturing plant. 

AGICO Hot-sale Industrial Dust Collector

Long Bag Pulse Jet Filter Agico

LCM Pulse Jet Bag Filter

The LCM pulse jet bag filter is a kind of cement dust collector developed by our company, which combines the advantages of an air box pulse jet filter and a long bag pulse jet filter. It is a dust collecting machine with large air volume, high dust removal efficiency, stable operation, and convenient maintenance. The emission concentration of this pulse jet bag filter is in line with international standards.

Electrostatic Precipitator​ AGICO

ESP Electrostatic Precipitator

Electrostatic dust removal is a kind of gas dust removal method. Compared with other industrial dust collectors, the ESP electrostatic precipitator consumes less energy and has higher dedusting efficiency. It is suitable to remove 0.005-20 um fine dust in flue gas, and it can also be used to treat gas with high temperature and pressure. Practice shows that the larger the amount of gas treated, the more economical the investment and operation cost of the ESP electrostatic precipitator is.

Air Box Pulse Jet Bag Filter​s AGICO

PPCS Pulse Jet Fabric Filter

The PPCS pulse jet fabric filter combines the advantages of the sectional reverse-blow bag filter and the pulse jet filter. To enhance the performance of this pulse jet bag filter, AGICO applies scientific design, quality filtering materials, and advanced technology. Now we provide different series of PPCS pulse jet fabric filters with more than 33 specifications to meet customers’ requirements.

cyclone filters agico

Industrial Cyclone Dust Collector

The industrial cyclone dust collector is usually applied as the first stage dust collector or pre-filter for large-size dust collecting in many industries, such as the cement industry, food industry, agriculture industry, chemical industry, etc. It has the characteristics of low investment, small space occupation, high efficiency, and easy maintenance.