preheater in agico cement plant

Cyclone Preheater

Model: AG5

Capacity: 2000-4000 t/d

Certification: ISO9001

Application: dry method cement production line

Highlights: fully automatic, high efficiency, etc.


What Is Cyclone Preheater?

Cyclone preheater, also known as suspension preheater, is the main cement equipment commonly used in the new dry process cement production line. It is the main gas-solid reaction unit of the cement raw meal pre-decomposition system, which makes full use of the high-temperature exhaust gas discharged from the kiln tail and the high-temperature flue gas generated by the combustion at the bottom of the decomposition furnace to heat raw materials in a suspended way. It replaces the material preheating process and partial calcium carbonate decomposition process in the kiln, making the raw material powder fully in contact with the hot air. The fast heat transfer speed and high efficiency of the cyclone preheater are beneficial to improve the thermal efficiency and clinker output of the calcining system. Meanwhile, it has fewer moving parts, less auxiliary equipment, simple maintenance, and small space occupation, and its existence shortens the length of a cement rotary kiln, the investment cost is generally low.

How Does Cyclone Preheater Work?

Our cyclone preheating system mainly consists of a feeding system, preheater, pushing device, hydraulic system, precalciner, and frame. According to the number of cyclones, the preheater can be divided into different stages, generally 2-6 stages. The higher the stage, the more efficient the preheater is. While each stage increases the pressure drop across which the kiln fan must work.

preheater tower design in cement plant
Preheater Tower In Cement Plant

Each stage of the cyclone preheater is composed of one riser duct and one cyclone. Generally, the topmost cyclone is designed into a double cylinder to reduce the tower height.

1. During operation, raw meal powder will first enter the riser duct through the side feeding port, disperse and suspend in the hot air blowing from the bottom of the riser duct, and conduct heat exchange with it immediately at a very fast heat exchange rate.

2. After that, the airflow will carry the material in a tangential direction into the cyclone for rotational motion. Then the cooled gas will pass to the next stage and the raw meal will enter the next stage through the lower valve. Because of the extremely fast heat exchange rate, 80% of the heat exchange is done in the riser duct, and only 20% is in the cyclone.

3. After multiple repeated heat exchanges, the raw meal will finally finish the partial decomposition of calcium carbonate and enter the precalciner and cement kiln for calcination.

single stage cyclone preheater
One Cyclone & One Riser Duct
top cyclone single cyclone
Topmost Cyclone Design & Middle Cyclone Design

AGICO Cyclone Preheater Specifications

EquipmentModelFigure NumberCapacity(t/d)Weight(t)Notes
Cyclone preheater with calcinerAG5/20005 stageLX102A2000212Suitable for Ø 3.6 x 54 m rotary kiln
AG5/32005 stageLS970-07S-P013200432Suitable for Ø 4.3x 64 m rotary kiln
AG5/40005 stageSY44000355Suitable for Ø 3.6 x 64 m rotary kiln

Why You Choose AGICO Cyclone Preheater?

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Optimal Design

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As a Chinese cement equipment manufacturer, AGICO supplies a 5-stage cyclone preheater with different capacities. The preheater we produced is combined with precalciner and widely applied to dry process cement production line in the form of a preheater tower. It is the main equipment in the cement calcination process together with a clinker cooler and cement rotary kiln.

AGICO cyclone preheater makes full use of the heat in the kiln to reduce the heat consumption of clinker calcination. It adopts the multi-stage circulation suspension preheating method to improve the production efficiency, which realizes a low investment and high profit.

The cyclone preheater enables the material to conduct heat exchange in a suspended state so that the raw material can be fully mixed with the hot gas, the heat transfer speed is fast, the heat exchange efficiency is high.

The cyclone preheater produced by AGICO is equipped with different types of precalciner. The decomposition rate of raw materials before entering the cement kiln can reach more than 90%.

Our preheating system is equipped with an automatic control system that can transmit relevant data to the PLC control platform. Besides, it can also realize a single point control to make the production process more convenient.

Our preheater is economical and durable.We have rich experience to design the cyclone preheater with a reasonable structure. Meanwhile, we adopt top-grade raw material and professional processing equipment to reduce the equipment failure rate.

Our company provides customized services for customers in different regions and production scales to achieve better production results.

Our sales price is reasonable. We have a professional production workshop, so the factory price is the quotation.