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Jaw Crusher

  • Model: PE, PEX
  • Motor Power:  15~200kw
  • Capacity:  12~600 t/h
  • Material:  river pebbles, granite, limestone, etc.

What Is Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is suitable for crushing all kinds of ores and rocks whose compressive strength limit is less than 250 mpa. It is mainly used as the primary crusher or secondary crusher in cement plant and concrete industries. The jaw crusher is divided into three types according to the width of the feeding port: large type, medium type, and small type. The models with inlet width greater than 600 mm are large types, between 300 and 600 mm are medium-sized types, less than 300 mm are small types. AGICO is one of the jaw crusher manufacturers in China. The PE and PEX jaw crushers produced by our company have the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation, long service life, and convenient maintenance

Jaw Crusher Structure

The jaw crusher is composed of bearing, eccentric shaft, moving jaw plate, fixed jaw plate, spring, toggle plate, side liner, etc.

Jaw Crusher Diagram

jaw crusher diagram

Jaw Crusher Working Principle

The crushing part of the jaw crusher is composed of two jaw plates, one is a fixed plate, which is vertically fixed on the inner front wall of the machine body, the other one is a movable plate, which is inclined and fixed to form a wide upper and narrow lower crushing cavity with the fixed plate. The movable jaw plate makes periodic reciprocating movements against the fixed jaw plate. When separating, materials enter the crushing chamber and when closed, materials between the two plates will be crushed and split. In addition, the narrow bottom of the crushing chamber is used to size the discharge material. After crushing, materials will be discharged from the bottom of the machine.

Jaw Crusher Specifications

Model Specification Weight
Inlet Size
Outlet Size
PE 250×400 3.1 5-20 <210 20-80 18.5 2060x1261x1413
320×500 4.73 10-38 <270 30-90 30 1500x1500x1438
400×600 6.9 14-65 <350 40-160 30 1700x1732x1596
400×600 6.5 17-60 ≤350 40-100 30 1680x1710x1601
450×1200 16 50-100 <380 50-120 75 2200x2360x1980
500×750 12.07 40-95 <425 50-100 55 2200x1916x1970
600×900 17.67 60-200 <500 75-200 75 2350x2280x2390
750×1050 23.42 80-200 <630 80-180 90 3000x2466x2590
750×1060 24 90-260 <630 80-200 90 3000x2466x2592
900×1200 52 140-280 <750 95-220 110 3380x2870x3330
1200×1500 101 400-800 <1020 150-300 200 4200x3300x3500
PEX 150×750 4 8-35 <120 10-40 15 1480x1630x1040
175×750 4.5 10-35 <140 15-50 18.5 1460x1630x1170
250×750 5.824 15-35 <210 15-50 30 1600x1744x1380
250×1000 7.032 16-51 <210 15-50 37 1600x1992x1380
250×1200 9.1 20-60 <210 15-50 45 1680x2200x1405

Jaw Crusher Features

  • High Reliability
    The movable jaw assembly is composed of high-quality steel castings, and the heavy eccentric shaft is processed by forging stock so that the equipment has extraordinary reliability and durability.
  • High Strength
    We adopt the finite element analysis technology, and the integral cast steel bearing block guarantees the complete cooperation with the frame, greatly enhances the radial strength of the bearing block so that the equipment has a higher strength.
  • Strong Bearing Capacity
    Larger and more durable eccentric shaft bearings and toothed guard plates make the equipment has a stronger bearing capacity, higher output and longer service life.
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