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Hammer Crusher

  • Model:  PC, PFC,TPCD
  • Motor Power:  18.5~800kw
  • Capacity:  12~600 t/h
  • Material: coal, limestone, gypsum, alum, etc.

What Is Hammer Crusher

A Hammer crusher (hammer mill machine) is a kind of equipment for crushing materials into smaller pieces by the repeated blows of little hammers. It is suitable for crushing the material with medium hardness and brittleness,  the compressive strength is no more than 150 mpa and humidity is no more than 15%, widely used in cement plant, chemical industry, electric power industry, etc. The PFC impact hammer crusher, TPCD single-stage hammer crusher, and the PC hammer crusher are the main models produced by our company. They all have a large crushing ratio, simple structure, and high production efficiency.

Hammer Crusher Structure

The industrial hammer crusher consists of machine body, rotor part, hammer head, impact plate, motor, sieve plate, feeding mouth, side plate, discharging mouth, etc.

Hammer Crusher Design

hammer crusher design

Hammer Crusher Working Principle

In the working process of the hammer crusher, the motor drives rotor to rotate at a high speed. When materials are evenly fed into the machine cavity, the high-speed rotating hammer head will continuously impact the material until they are broken into small pieces. After that, the gravity of materials themselves makes them hit against the impact plate and fall on the sieve plate at the bottom of the machine. Materials larger than the size of the sieve hole will remain in the cavity and continue to be broken until reach the crushing size and then be discharged from the bottom.

Hammer Crusher Specifications

Type Model Specification
Feed Size
Discharge Size
Motor Power
Hammer Crusher PC-64 Φ600X400 <100 <15 12-15 18.5 1.3 1935x1100x1122
PC-86 Φ800X600 <200 <10 18-24 55 2.5 2523x1525x1020
PC-0808 Φ800X800 ≤50 <5 15-20 55 5.18 1590x1935x1390
PC-108 Φ1000X800 <200 <13 20-50 110 6.5 3514x2230x1515
PC-1010 Φ1000X1000 <200 <13 40-60 115 7.6 2230x2220x1515
Impact Hammer Crusher PFC-1210 Φ1250X1000 <200 <10 60-80 130 14.4 2408x2247x2392
PFC-1412 Φ1400X1200 <250 <20 70-100 150 17.5 2500x2625x2760
PFC-1616 Φ1600X1600 <800 <20 150-220 315 34 2840x3380x3120
PFC-2018 Φ2000X1800 <800 <25 350-450 630 75.1 7400x3700x4511
 Single-stage Hammer Crusher TPCD-1412 Φ1420X1200 <600 <25 70-120 185 25.39 3285x3104x3039
TPCD-1616 Φ1650X1640 ≤800 <25 160-220 315+5.5 41 3420x3300x3230
TPCD-2022 Φ2000X2200 <1500 <25 400-600 800+45 145 6000x5000x4800

Hammer Crusher Features

  • The hammer crusher we produced has a large crushing ratio (generally 10-25 or high up to 50), high production capacity, low energy consumption, simple structure, light quality, easy operation and maintenance, etc.
  • The hammer crusher has the characteristic of large feeding size, high yield and good particle shape.
  • The hammer crusher produced by AGICO merges the coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing into a single.
  • The hammer head and sieve plate are made of chromium-manganese alloy, which has a strong impact resistance and wear resistance.

Hammer Crusher Maintenance

  • Sufficient lubrication will prolong the service life of the hammer crusher. Operators should add lubricating oil to the bearing and other wearing parts and change the oil every three months.
  • A mobile inspection and routine maintenance are necessary. The operator should often check the bearing to make sure that the temperature does not exceed 70℃ and check whether the bolt is loose and the lubrication system is working properly.
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