Four-roll Crusher

  • Model:  4PG
  • Motor Power:  22~242kw
  • Capacity:  6~980 t/h
  • Material:  coal, limestone, clay, etc.

What Is Four-roll Crusher

Roll crusher, also called roller crusher machine, is a kind of traditional crushing mill, mainly used for the middle and fine processing of raw material applied in cement plant, chemical industry, building materials industry, etc. It is usually classified into three types: single-roll crusher, double-roll crusher and four-roll crusher. The double-roll crusher is the most commonly used one in the factory, but there are still many cases where it is not suitable. While the more efficient and reasonably designed four-roll crusher can bring a better crushing effect. AGICO provides a high-quality four-roll crusher with different capacities. They all have the characteristic of high yield, low noise, and long service life.

Four-roll Crusher Structure

The four-roll crusher is composed of frame part, movable roller part, fixed roller part, transmission part, electronic control part, etc.

Four-roll Crusher Working Principle

Four-roll crusher can be divided into two crushing stages from top to bottom. When working, motors will drive the belt pulleys on both sides of the crusher to rotate the two pairs of rollers. Rollers of the same stage run in the opposite direction and mesh with each other. When materials enter the crusher, the material with smaller particle size will directly pass through the middle clearance of the first pair of rollers into the second stage crushing. The clearance is equivalent to the sieve plate so that materials meeting the requirements of clearance (particle size) can fall automatically. Otherwise, they will be crushed by the rollers in the first crushing stage firstly, and then fall into the second crushing stage. The four rollers all move at a certain differential speed so that each pair of rollers can rub against each other, thus ensuring that materials with different moisture content do not stick or block when crushing. And because of the deceleration movement of the roller, materials are constantly turned over on the roller and crushed at the weakest point, so as to achieve the purpose of quickly crushing with the smallest force.

Four-roll Crusher Diagram

four-roll crusher diagram

Four-roll Crusher Specifications

ModelFeed Size (mm)Discharge Size (mm)Capacity (t/h)Power (kw)

Four-roll Crusher Features

  • No requirement for moisture of materials, no sticking and no blocking.
  • The four-roll crusher has a large crushing ratio and uniform and adjustable particle size. The materials can be broken from 75mm to 0-10mm by this machine.
  • Low noise, low vibration, low dust and low power consumption.
  • This machine has the characteristic of high efficiency, safe operation, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • When super-hard materials get into the machine, the electrical and mechanical double self-protection system will be activated automatically.
  • The automatic oil change for lubrication protects bearing and prolongs service life.