screw conveyor agico

Industrial Screw Conveyor

Model: LS, WLS, GX

Certification: ISO9001

Material: powder, granular, small block

Highlights: fully automatic, high efficiency, etc.


What Is Screw Conveyor

What is a screw conveyor? The screw conveyor is a kind of conveying equipment that is widely applied in the chemical industry, construction industry, and grain industry for transporting powder, granular, and small block materials. Its optimal operating environment temperature is 20~50℃, and the conveying length is generally less than 40m, the longest is not more than 70m, suitable for short-distance materials conveying. Compared with other conveying equipment, it has the advantages of a simple structure, small cross-section size, good sealing performance, safe operation, and low cost. Besides, the screw conveyor can receive materials from one or more points and discharge materials to multiple points, while its conveying capacity is relatively low and the machine parts are easy to wear. In the cement industry, the screw conveyor is indispensable for cement plant equipment. The conveyor produced by AGICO has good rigidity and runs steady, the coaxiality of the helical blade and the helical shaft is high.

Screw Conveyor Design

The screw conveyor is mainly composed of head bearing, end bearing, hanger bearing, feeding port, discharge port, screw, trough, trough cover, drive device, etc.

screw conveyor drawing
Screw Conveyor Design

Types Of Screw Conveyor

The screw conveyor can be divided into the ordinary screw conveyor, tubular screw conveyor, and shaftless screw conveyor.

The ordinary screw conveyor is a conveyor that has a screw shaft. It can be further divided into vertical screw conveyor, inclined screw conveyor, and horizontal screw conveyor.

The shaftless screw conveyor has no shaft and equips a liner inside the trough. It has a simple and sealed structure. For many difficult conveying materials, the shaftless screw conveyor is a better solution.

The outside casing of the tubular screw conveyor is made of a seamless steel tube, which has better tightness and rigidity. Although its body is small, the bearing capacity is large, its adaptability is strong, can ensure the uniform delivery of materials.

ordinary screw conveyor shaftless scew conveyor
Shaftless Screw Conveyor VS Ordinary Screw Conveyor VS Tubular Screw Conveyor
industrial screw conveyor agico
two screw conveyors

Screw Conveyor Specification

 Tubular Screw Conveyor
Rotation Speed(r/min)Model
  GX150 GX200 GX250 GX300 GX400 GX500 GX600 
753.37.615 426.663.2123.3213.2
Shaftless Screw Conveyor
Screw Diameter(mm)φ148φ180φ233φ278φ365φ470
Casing Diameter(mm)180219273351402500
Tilt Angle0-30
Maximum Conveying Length(m)121316182225
Maximum Capacity(t/h)2.479131828
LS Screw Conveyor
Screw Diameter(mm)100160200250315355400450
Rotation Speed(r/min)90/7171/5063/5056/4552/4345/3540/3232/25
Conveying Capacity(t/h)1.4/1.16/410/716/1330.5/2541/3764/5294/80

Screw Conveyor Working Principle

When the screw shaft rotates, the material moves forward along the trough bottom of the conveyor under the push of the screw blade. The reason why the material does not rotate with the blade is that it is subject to its weight and the friction resistance generated by the trough wall. Therefore, the transport of materials in the conveyor is completely a slip movement. In order to make the screw shaft in a more favorable tension state, we usually place the drive device and the discharge port at the same end of the conveyor, and the feed port at another end. Besides, the spiral shaft is equipped with a thrust bearing at the end of the material movement direction, and when the machine body is long, we will add a hanger bearing on the equipment.

Screw Conveyor Features

Large capacity, high speed, and long service life. High speed means high productivity, which reduces production costs.

Low energy consumption. Most energy of the screw conveyor is consumed in friction loss.

Environmental protection design. Our screw conveyor adopts a sealed body to eliminate dust pollution.