buried scraper conveyor

En Masse Conveyor

Model: MS

Certification: ISO9001

Capacity: 15-230 m3/h

Highlights: fully automatic, high efficiency, etc.


The MS en masse conveyor is a kind of continuous conveying equipment for transporting powder, small granules, and small block materials in a closed rectangular shell with the aid of a moving scraper chain. Because the scraper chain is completely buried in the material, it is also known as a buried scraper conveyor. This type of conveyor is widely applied in the metallurgy industry, machinery industry, light industry, grain industry, cement industry, and other fields, including general type, thermal material type, special type for grain, special type for cement, etc.

The MS en masse conveyor produced by AGICO features a simple structure, small size, good sealing performance, easy installation, and maintenance. It can not only realize single conveyor transporting but also combination arrangement and series conveyor transporting. As the equipment case is closed, the en masse conveyor can significantly improve the working conditions and prevent environmental pollution when transporting materials. AGICO, as a professional cement equipment manufacturer, offers various sizes of en masse conveyors and conveyor customization services according to customers’ requirements.

Materials suitable for conveying: gypsum powder, limestone powder, clay, rice, barley, wheat, soybean, corn, grain powder, grain shell, wood chips, sawdust, pulverized coal, coal powder, slag, cement, etc.

Material density: ρ=0.2~8 t/m3.

Material temperature: the general type en masse conveyor is suitable for materials with temperatures less than 100 degrees. The temperature of materials transported by the thermal material type conveyor can reach 650-800 degrees.

Moisture content: the moisture content is related to the particle size and material viscosity. The moisture content of the material is appropriate if materials remain loose after being extruded and scattered.

rotary kiln dryer applicable materials
Materials Suitable For Conveying

Materials unsuitable for conveying:

Materials with excessive compressibility

Materials easy to be worn out

Materials with strong fluidity

Highly corrosive materials

Materials with too large particle size

Materials with high viscosity

Materials with high rigidity

Friable materials

En Masse Conveyor Layout Types

Horizontal type ( MS En Masse Conveyor): it can be arranged horizontally or with a small inclination, dip angle: 0°≤α≤25°, the conveying length of a single conveyor shall not be greater than 80m.

Vertical type ( MC En Masse Conveyor): it can be arranged horizontally or with a small inclination, dip angle:30°≤α≤90°the conveying length of a single conveyor shall not be greater than 30m.

When the required conveyor exceeds the above conditions, the same or different types of buried scraper conveyors can be connected in series to form the layout you need.

buried scraper conveyor structure
Scraper Conveyor Design

En Masse Conveyor Structure

The en masse conveyor is mainly composed of the closed case, feeding port, scraper chain, driving device, tension device, discharge port, etc.

Closed Case

The head of the closed case is designed with a drive sprocket, the tail is equipped with a tensioner sprocket, and the middle is connected by several parts to meet the requirements of different conveying distances and steering. The en masse conveyor has a great advantage. It can realize multi-point feeding and multi-point unloading. Therefore, we can set feeding ports, inspection ports, guide rails, and guide wheels in the middle section according to the demand.

Scraper Chain

The scraper chain is not only a traction component but also a bearing component. It is a very important part of the en masse conveyor, which is welded by different types of scraper and chains.

Driving Device

The driving device is an independent general component. It is composed of a motor, reducer, protective shield, frame, driving chain, and sprocket wheels.

En Masse Conveyor Specification

Material Bulk Density(t/m³)0.2-1.8
Maximum Conveying Length(m)4060
Dip Angle0-15°
Scraper ChainScraper Space(mm)200
Chain Pitch(mm)100125160200200250
Roller Diameter(mm)28
Chain ModelTG100

Working Principle Of En Masse Conveyor

The transmission device on the en masse conveyor first drives the drive sprocket to rotate. Then the conveyor chain engaged with the drive sprocket moves accordingly. After the material is added from the feed inlet, the scraper and chain are all buried in the material. The internal friction and pressure between materials are increased because of the coaxial tension force caused by the movement of the conveying chain. When the friction force between materials is greater than that between the material and the machine wall, the material will move forward under the drive of the conveying chain. The increased internal pressure ensures a stable state between material layers, making it form a continuous flow. When the ratio of the material height to the conveyor width satisfies certain conditions, the material flow is stable and the velocity is approximately equal to the chain velocity. At this time, materials can be continuously and stably transported and finally discharged from the discharging port.

en masse conveyor application
En Masse Conveyor In Factory

Why Choose AGICO En Masse Conveyor

The running resistance of the en masse conveyor is small and the energy consumption is low. Compared with the screw conveyor, it can save about 50% of energy.

The conveying chain is made of high-strength wear-resistant alloy and is treated by special technology, which has high strength, low friction coefficient, and long service life.

Wide conveying range. This conveyor can transport various kinds of powdery, granular, and block materials with temperatures below 150℃ in large quantities and long distances.

The whole conveying process is carried out in a confined space, without sprinkling and leakage. It is dustproof, waterproof, poison-resistant, and explosion-proof.

Flexible layout. The whole conveyor can be horizontal or inclined arranged and can be loaded or unloaded from multiple points to facilitate the connection with other equipment, forming a conveying system.

Compact structure and small space occupation. The en masse conveyor can be used in a narrow workspace.

Available for large-scale and automated production. The buried scraper conveyor has few parts and is easy to realize serialization and standardization production.

Low wastage of materials. In the conveying process, materials move in the same direction as the scraper chain, basically with no relative motion, so the material will not have a large loss.

Simple structure and easy installation. Each section of the case has sufficient rigidity and is connected with flange bolts, so the complex support and special trestle are not needed, and the installation cost is low.

Easy to operate and maintain. This scraper conveyor does not need complex control technology. Workers need only a short period of training to operate.

Adjustable throughput. We can conveniently adjust the conveying volume by changing the running speed of the scraper chain and controlling the feeding quantity.