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Disc Feeder

Model: DK, DB, FB, GM

Certification: ISO9001

Capacity: 0.2-225t/h

Specification: φ600mm -φ3000mm

Highlights: fully automatic, high efficiency, etc.


What Is a Disc Feeder

The disc feeder, also called disk feeder, is a continuous volumetric feeding device, widely used in cement plants, chemical plants, power plants, and other industries. It uses the fluidity of materials to scrape materials from the container to the receiving equipment through the rotating disc and adjustable scraper, suitable for processing different kinds of materials that are below 20 mm, is not sticky, and has low liquidity, such as ore, coal powder, cement, cement clinker, limestone, clay and other powder, granular or small block materials. This industrial feeder can be divided into four types: open hanging type (DK), closed hanging type (DB), open-seat type, and closed-seat type, with a simple structure, convenient adjustment, and low noise.

The disc feeder produced by AGICO has a compact structure. It adopts the hardened face gear and is equipped with a regulating gate to adjust the material layer so that the material can be fed to the next equipment uniformly and continuously. As the cement equipment, disk feeder is widely sold abroad and praised by our customers. It is the first choice of conveying equipment.

Disc Feeder Diagram

disk feeder design agico
Disc Feeder Running Process
disc feeder diagram agico
Disc Feeder Structure
Disc Feeder
Disc Feeder Product

Disc Feeder Working Principle

The disc feeder is mainly composed of the driving device, machine frame, disk device, motor, etc. The driving device drives the disc to rotate evenly through the gear. When materials are fed on the disc, they will rotate together with the disc, and then the striker plate will scrape the material out so as to achieve the purpose of uniform feeding.

Disc Feeder Specifications

Maximum Particle Size(mm)253040253040506070805050505050505050253040506040602550
Maximum Rotation Speed(r/min)0.511887.56.56557.

Disc Feeder Features

The disc feeder adopts the short tube which is not easy to block the material preventing the material from being discharged unevenly due to solidification after long storage.

This equipment adopts the regulating gate to adjust the material layer. It has a wide range of adjustments and is convenient to set the feeding quantity.

The disc feeder produced by AGICO uses a large diameter supporting structure with a large bearing capacity. It can withstand the pressure of ore through more than 15 meters for a long time. Its service life is more than 10 years.

The transmission structure of the disk feeder has high reliability and long service life. Due to the use of the hardened face gear, the transmission efficiency is especially high, up to 95%.

The reducer, slewing bearing, pinion, and other main transmission mechanisms use medium load gear oil with high quality and high viscosity to ensure fault-free running.

The transmission device adopts a unique sealing structure to ensure that no foreign matter enters.

Disc Feeder Maintenance

During long-term operation, we should check the scraper, movable sleeve, disk, worm gear, triangular belt, and sealing device regularly so as to adjust or replace them in time.

The reducer worm drive should be lubricated by compound gear oil, and the oil had better be changed once every half a year.

When installing the worm gear reducer, the seal trough on the reducer cover should be filled with yellow dry calcium ester oil

The time limit for repair and replacement of worn parts shall be determined according to the usage.