Bucket Elevator Gray Agico

Bucket Elevator

Model: TH, NE, TD

Certification: ISO9001

Capacity: ≤1000m³/h

Maximum Particle Size: 20-275mm

Highlights: fully automatic, high efficiency, etc.


What Is Bucket Elevator

What is the bucket elevator? A bucket elevator, also called a material handling elevator, is a kind of conveying equipment to automatically lifts raw materials from a low place to a high place. It is widely used in grain factories, the food industry, the chemical industry, etc. Besides, it is also the indispensable cement plant equipment that is applicable to vertically lift limestone, coal, gypsum, clinker, dry clay, and other solid block materials and small granular materials, as well as cement, pulverized coal, and other powder materials. AGICO is a cement equipment manufacturer in China, the bucket elevator we produced has a simple structure and steady running. We offer different models of bucket elevators for you to choose from.

Types Of Bucket Elevator

The bucket elevator produced by our company can be divided into ring chain bucket elevator (TH), plate chain bucket elevator (NE), and belt bucket elevator (TD) according to different traction modes.

TH Ring Chain Bucket Elevator

Ring chain bucket elevator is a commonly used lifting machine. The TH series elevators using ring chain as the transmission part has a strong mechanical strength, mainly used for conveying low-abrasive powder, granule, and small block materials, such as coal, cement, gravel, sand, fertilizer and grain, whose bulk density is less than 1.5t/m³. Its lifting height can reach about 50m, and the material temperature is required to be below 250℃.

NE Plate Chain Bucket Elevator

The plate chain bucket elevator is a new type of lifting equipment. It adopts a plate chain as the transmission part, suitable for the vertical conveying of powder, granular, and block materials, and also suitable to lift materials with high abrasive properties, such as fly ash, slag, limestone, cement raw materials, cement clinker, cement, coal, dry clay and so on. The material temperature generally does not exceed 250℃, and the lifting height is up to 40m.

TD Belt Bucket Conveyor

The traction component of the belt bucket elevator is a conveyor belt. This elevator has a simple structure and is commonly used in the lifting of conventional materials, suitable for vertical lifting powder, granular, small blocks, and other bulk materials, such as grain, coal, cement, and crushed ore, unsuitable for conveying materials with high abrasive properties. The maximum lifting height is 40m, and the material temperature does not exceed 60℃.

bucket elevator white
bucket elevator vertical

Bucket Elevator Drawing

The vertical bucket elevator is mainly composed of buckets, a traction belt (or chain), a driven device, a machine casing, a feed port, a discharge port, etc.

bucket elevator diagrsm
Bucket Elevator Diagram

Bucket Elevator Working Principle

When the equipment is working, materials will be fed evenly through the feeding port. Meanwhile, driven by the driving pulley, the buckets fixed on the conveyor belt (chain) will scoop materials and rise with the belt (chain) until they get to the top of the driving pulley, and the buckets start to turn over. Then under the action of centrifugal force or gravity, materials will be unloaded from the discharging port and sent to the next process.

The belt bucket elevator usually adopts the rubber belt. It is mounted on the outside of the driving pulley and return pulley. However, the chain bucket elevator is usually equipped with two parallel conveyor chains, one pair of drive sprockets,s and one pair of return sprockets. Besides, these two types of bucket elevators are both equipped with a shell to prevent dust from flying in the process of lifting.

Bucket Elevator Specifications

TH Ring Chain Bucket Elevator
ChainDiameter Pitch14×50(mm)18×64(mm)22×86(mm)
SprocketRotation Speed(r/min)69.7163.2244.1144.244.24952.3
Maximum Particle Size(mm)20253035405060
TD Belt Bucket Elevator
Speed Of Buckets(m/s)
Maximum Particle Size(mm)20253545556070
NE Plate Chain Bucket Elevator
Speed Of Buckets(m/s)0.3-0.5
Maximum Particle Size(mm)6590130170170200240275

Bucket Elevator Features

Wide Application. The bucket elevator has few requirements for the type, characteristics, and block size of materials. It can lift high-temperature materials with no more than 250 ℃.

High Capacity. Its capacity can reach 4-600m³/h.

Low Power Consumption. The bucket elevator produced by AGICO adopts the gravity discharge method and large-capacity buckets. Its chain speed is low and the lifting capacity is large, so the driving power is small.

Long Service Life. Its traction parts adopt the wear-resistant chain and wire core belt, which prolongs the service life. Under normal circumstances, the service life of the conveyor chain is more than 5 years, the steel belt is more than 3 years.

High Lifting Height. The bucket elevator running stable, and the lifting height is up to 40m or even higher.

Reliable Running. The advanced design principle ensures the reliability of the whole machine.

Low Cost. Less maintenance and less wearing parts bring you a low production cost.

Good sealing, less environmental pollution.

This bucket elevator has a small size, a small floor area, and a simple process layout.