Belt Type Conveyor

  • Model:  TD75, DTII
  • Power:  1.1~160kw
  • Capacity:  30~1000 t/h
  • Maximum Conveying Particle Size:  150mm

What Is Belt Conveyor

What is the belt conveyor? Belt conveyor, also called belt type conveyor, is a kind of material handling equipment, widely used for materials long-distance transport in the grain industry, cement plant, power plant, etc. It can transfer both bulk materials and packaged materials from one point to another point with low noise and steady running. AGICO, as a cement plant equipment manufacturer, produces TD type and DTII type belt conveyor machines. They all run smoothly, have a long service life, and can transport various bulk materials with a bulk density of 0.5 ~ 2.5t/m³ within the ambient temperature range of -25 ~ 40℃. The upper belt does not exceed the idler edge and the lower belt does not wear the frame. Besides, its conveying route has strong adaptability and flexibility, which can be installed on the ground or erected in a higher position with an installation angle between 0-18 degrees. Its length can be designed as short as a few meters or more than 10 kilometers.

Belt Conveyor Design

The belt conveyor is mainly composed of machine frame, conveyer belt, belt pulleys, idlers, tension device, transmission device, etc.

belt type conveyor design

Flat Belt Conveyor & Troughed Belt Conveyor

AGICO provides two kinds of belt type conveyors: flat belt conveyor and the troughed belt conveyor.

flat belt conveyor troughed belt conveyor
The Structure Of Troughed Belt Conveyor & Flat Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor Specifications

ModelBelt Width(mm)Maximum Partical(mm)Speed(m/s)Capacity(t/h)Weight(t)
Before ScreeningAfter ScreeningFlatTroughed5m10m15m20m25m30m40m50m75m100m

Belt Conveyor Working Principle

The Belt conveyor is the continuous conveying equipment with the transport belt as the traction and bearing part. The conveyor belt is wound around the driving pulley and various return pulleys. Under the driven force given by the geared motor or motorized pulley, it runs smoothly through the friction force and tension force between the pulleys and the conveyor belt. During the production process, materials are continuously sent to the conveyor belt and moved with the conveyor belt to realize the conveying of materials. To meet the different production layouts, we can choose a single conveyor, or choose to use more than one belt conveyor to form a horizontal or inclined conveyor system.

Belt Conveyor Features

  • Benefits
    • The power consumption of the belt conveyor is low. Because there is no relative movement between the material and the conveyor belt, not only the running resistance is small (about 1/3 to 1/5 of the En Masse Conveyor) but also the wear on the material is small so that the productivity is high. All of these are beneficial to reduce production costs.
  • Technological Superiority
    • The belt conveyor produced by AGICO runs continuously and stably. In many industries that require continuous production, such as coal transportation in power plants, bulk materials in steel and cement plants and the loading and unloading of ships in port all adopt the belt type conveyor. If the machine is shut down on these occasions, the loss is huge.
    • According to the technological requirements, the belt conveyor produced by AGICO can receive materials from one or more points and discharge materials to multiple points. When the several points feed materials to the conveyor belt at the same time, the belt conveyor becomes the main conveyor line.
  • Timely Delivery
    • AGICO Cement has large manufacture workshops and professional processing equipment to ensure the fast and high-quality production of belt type conveyors. In addition, we have more than 20 years of production and sales experience, the products are exported to all over the world, therefore, we can ensure the timely and safe delivery, reducing the time cost of customers.

Belt Conveyor Customization

  • AGICO is an experienced cement equipment manufacturer. Customization is the most basic service our company provides for each customer. We will design the belt conveyor according to customers’ specific needs. Every customer will get their satisfied belt conveyor here
  • Working Conditions
    • We will design the machine according to customers’ requirements on capacity, operation time, service life, and the feeding and discharging methods. Besides, we will also take the ambient temperature, outdoor or indoor operation, and moving or fixed type into consideration.
  • Conveying Line
    • We will customize the size of the conveying line, which includes dip angle, length, lifting height, dimensions of straight and curved sections, etc.
  • Property Of Materials
    • Before customizing, we should consider the property of materials. The property includes density, particle size, humidity, abrasion, and material caking property.
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