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Grate Cooler

Capacity: 1000-6500 t/d

Certification: ISO9001

Thermal efficiency: ≥72%

Output temperature: environment temperature + 65℃

Highlights: fully automatic, high efficiency, etc.


What Is Grate Cooler?

A grate cooler, as a quench-type clinker cooler, is the important cement equipment in the clinker calcination system. Its main function is to cool and transport cement clinker. Meanwhile, provide hot air for the cement rotary kiln and precalciner.

There are various types of clinker coolers developed before the grate cooler: shaft cooler, rotary cooler, etc. Compared with them, the grate cooler is the most suitable one for cement production lines with high outputs and is usually designed for large cement kiln capacities that up to 10000 t/d.

Distinct advantages of grate cooler:

The hot clinker is treated by the cold air as soon as it enters the cooler to realize a rapid quenching. It will help to preserve reactive high-temperature silicate polymorphs that improve the cement quality.

It is easy to collect the hot air in desired temperature ranges and for use in other purposes (tertiary air drying or raw materials drying), which greatly reduces energy consumption.

High cooling efficiency. The clinker can be quenched from 1300-1400℃ to below 100℃ in a few minutes.

AG reciprocating grate cooler is one of the hot-sale grate coolers produced by AGICO. It is a kind of large hydraulic controlled grate cooler that transferred from simple speed control to speed and stroke control (i.e. PLC control). It has high efficiency of heat recovery and cooling, long service life, low energy consumption, high operation rate, and stable system operation, widely used in cement plants.

grate cooler layout
Grate Cooler Design

How Does Grate Cooler Work?

The grate cooler consists of an upper case, lower case, lower frame, grate bed, hydraulic transmission device, grate bed support device, clinker crusher, automatic lubrication device, and cooling fan. Of these devices, the grate bed is the most important part, mainly composed of overlapping rows of static and movable perforated grate plates. The static plate is fixed on the casing of the cooler. The movable grate plate is driven by the hydraulic transmission device to make a horizontal reciprocating motion, pushing the clinker forward. Generally, the grate bed of a small cooler is made into one segment, the larger the cooler, the more segments and the height of each segment are different, the latter segment will be lower than the former so that the clinker can be turned over during the pushing process.

After the high-temperature clinker enters the cooler from the inlet, it will fall onto the perforated grate plate. The under-grate chamber is generally divided into several compartments, each with its cooling fan, which can be separately pressurized. The clinker on the grate plate will be rapidly cooled by the high-pressure cooling air blowing from the fan below, and with the grate plate pushing forward, constantly exchange heat with the cold air until reaching the qualified discharge temperature.

After cooling, the small particle clinker will fall through the grate seam and grate hole, so the under-grate chamber should contain a conveyor for transporting the clinker to the outlet end of the cooler. The large clinker will flow with the plate and be crushed by a crusher at the end of the cooler, then sent back to the cooler for further cooling.

After heat exchange, the air temperature rises. A part of high-temperature air enters the kiln as combustion air (secondary air), and a part of medium-temperature hot air is introduced into the coal mill for drying raw coal. The excess hot air is then dusted and piped into the atmosphere.

As the cold air directly passes through the material layer in a vertical direction, it can conduct sufficient heat exchange with the clinker, which can be cooled to 100℃ after 25-35min.

Grate Cooler Specifications

ModelCapacity(t/d)Grate Bed Effective Area(㎡)Unit Area Capacity(t/d)Driving ModeSegment
AG-25002500-260064.840.1Hydraulic & Mechanical

Why You Choose AGICO Grate Cooler?

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Heat recovery rate ≥72%, feed temperature: 1370℃, discharge temperature: 65℃+ambient temperature, discharged clinker size ≤25 mm, equipment running rate ≥98% and grate’s service life >2 years.

The feeding end adopts a unique KIDS system and a pulsating air supply system.

1. These systems cool down the high-temperature clinker at a rapid speed, which improves the strength and grindability of the clinker.

2. They protect the grate bed and improve the equipment operation rate.

3. They reduce the segregation effect of clinker and make the clinker evenly distributed.

4. The two systems raise the temperature of secondary and tertiary air and improve thermal efficiency.

The precise control of air volume for each divided cooling compartments makes the cooling efficiency high, the heat recovery efficiency high and the energy-saving effect remarkable.

The new type of grate plate structure adopts high-strength, high-temperature resistant and anti-oxidation alloy cast steel, which has good resistance and high air permeability. Different grate plates are used in different cooling areas.

Compact structure and low space occupation.

The grate plate in front of the discharge port is made of special section shape and material, with good wear resistance and long service life.

We adopt the under-grate leakage airlock system.

1. It adopts high-precision sealing with good sealing performance, which solves the problem of air leakage.

2. The new structure material sealing valve has a simple structure and long service life.

The price of our rotary coolers is reasonable. Each cooler can save users more than 10% of the cost compared to other coolers on the market. Although the price is affordable, the quality is guaranteed, and you can buy our equipment with ease.We provide a variety of different models, while customers’ production needs are usually different so that the required equipment models are also different. AGICO will provide reasonable purchase plans according to the actual production needs of customers, and make a detailed quotation.