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What Is Clinker Cooler?

In the calcination process of cement clinker, preheating, calcining, and cooling are three inseparable process links. As the supporting equipment of a cement rotary kiln, a clinker cooler (also called cement cooler) is a kind of heat exchange device that transfers heat from high-temperature clinker to low-temperature gas. It plays an important role in the cement clinker production process and directly affects the cement product quality.

Clinker leaves the cement kiln usually at more than 1200℃ and it carries a heat content of about 1250-1650 kJ/kg. So it needs to be cooled to:

improve the cement quality and the grindability of clinker. When the clinker is rapidly cooled, the formation of mineral crystals in it is inhibited. Even if some of them have crystallized, they are finer than the crystals produced at normal cooling rates. This kind of clinker can be made into high-grade cement. Meanwhile, due to the rapid cooling, thermal stresses and cracks will occur in the clinker particles, making them easier to pulverize.

recycle the heat carried by clinker to preheat the secondary air, improve the fuel combustion process, save energy, and reduce fuel cost. The secondary air is referred to as combustion air. It is different from the primary air which conveys fuel into the kiln body through a firing pipe. Clinker cooler transfers heat from clinker to combustion air to improve the heat exchange process and reduce fuel consumption to some extent.

obtain clinker at an appropriate temperature for further grinding, storage, and conveying. The cement clinker after sintering is not the final cement product sold in the market. We need to convey it to the cement mill for further grinding and mixing of gypsum and other raw materials to achieve a certain degree of fineness and different characteristics. Therefore, we need to lower the temperature of the clinker in advance (generally 50-300℃) to ensure the following process.

Different Types Of Coolers

Cement coolers can be divided into rotary coolers, grate coolers, vertical clinker coolers, and more. The rotary cooler and the grate cooler are now the most commonly used cement equipment in the cement plant.

Rotary Cooler

The rotary cooler is the earliest used one in the cement plant. It is similar to the cement rotary kiln in appearance and equipped with refractory lining and a material lifting device inside. The high-temperature clinker enters into the cylinder from one end, contacts with the cold air from the other end under the action of the lifting device, meanwhile carrying out heat exchange. It is usually arranged under the cement rotary kiln, with a diameter of 2.0-5.0m, a length of 20-50m, and a slope of 3-4%.

Production capacity per unit volume: 2.5-3.5t/m3.

Output material temperature: 150-300℃.

Secondary air temperature: 400-750℃.

Thermal efficiency of the rotary cooler in dry-process cement kiln system: 55-75%.

Thermal efficiency of the rotary cooler in wet-process cement kiln system: about 78%.


Simple structure, steady operation, and high thermal efficiency.

No waste gas and dust emission (no need for a dust collector).

Wide range of applications, suitable for dolomite, kaolin, bauxite, refractory, cement clinker, limestone, etc.

Small investment, suitable for small and medium-sized rotary kiln systems.


High discharge temperature and high heat loss.

Air volume is small, high-temperature clinker can not “quench”.

Grate Cooler

A grate cooler is a kind of cement cooler that cools the clinker at a rapid rate. The temperature of the clinker is reduced by cold air passing through the horizontally moving material layer from the bottom in a vertical direction. According to the movement of the grate, grate coolers can be divided into rotary type, vibrating type, and reciprocating grate type.

Output per unit grate area: 50t/m2·d.

Thermal efficiency: 70%-75%.

Heat consumption can be reduced: 100kJ/kg·cl.


The discharged clinker has uniform particle size and low temperature.

Suitable for large pre-decomposing cement kilns.

The consumption of cold air is small.

High temperature of the secondary air and tertiary air, 45%-50% of which can be heated to above 600-800.


Large investment, high power consumption.

We need to deal with the exhaust gas and dust.

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