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Cement Silo For Sale

Service life: 30 years+

Capacity: 100-10,000 tons

Diameter: 3-28m

Maximum height: 30m

Highlights: heat-resistant, wear-resistant, etc.


Cement silo is a kind of enclosed vertical container, which is used to store bulk materials in cement plants, such as gypsum, lime, fly ash, etc. It has the functions of sunblock, rainproof, and moisture-proof, providing a high-quality guarantee for the storage of raw materials. Its cylinder body is equipped with a material-level control system. This system can display the position and amount of materials in the silo. In addition, with the use of a screw conveyor at the bottom, raw materials can be transported fast and convenient to each position of the cement production line in a fixed quantity.

Types Of Cement Silo

Due to the different manufacturing materials and construction methods, cement storage silos can be divided into various types. From the perspective of materials, the commonly used cement silos include reinforced concrete silos, brick cement silos, and steel cement silos.

Reinforced concrete silo

The diameter of reinforced concrete silos is usually 6-8 meters. This type of cement silo has high construction costs and a long construction period.

Brick cement silo

The body of the brick cement silo is made of brick, and its height is usually no more than 20 meters. Prefabricated slab or cast-in-place cement is often used to build the silo roof.

Steel cement silo

The galvanized iron sheet is the main material for constructing steel cement silos. Because of its lightweight, low cost, high degree of standardization, short construction period, and industrialized production, it is more favored by customers. Its construction method can be divided into mounting type, welding type, and spiral flanged type.

three types of cement silos
Reinforced Concrete Silo & Brick Cement Silo & Steel Cement Silo

AGICO, as a professional cement equipment manufacturer, mainly offers spiral steel cement silos for cement raw materials storage from 100 to 10000 tons. Our cement silo is easy to install with complete supporting equipment, a short construction period, and low cost. The silo design can be customized according to the actual needs of customers. In addition to the cement industry, AGICO’s cement silos can also be used in the grain industry, chemical industry, and so on. It is the best choice for material storage.

Cement Silo Design

The steel cement silo produced by AGICO is mainly composed of a silo roof, silo body, silo bottom, silo support structure, foundation, and some other components, such as material level control device, dust collector, automatic control system, ladder, safety fence, access door, feeding port, air hole, etc. 

The bottom of a cement silo can be divided into a flat bottom and conical bottom.

The conical bottom is usually used for cement silos with a diameter of less than 10m and a storage capacity not exceeding 1500t.

The flat bottom is used for cement silos with a diameter greater than 10m.

From the perspective of technology and use, the conical bottom is a better choice, because it has the advantage of no need for silo cleaning equipment. However, from an economic point of view, the application of a conical bottom silo has some limitations. When the diameter of the conical bottom silo is large, the upper beam of the supporting structure is greatly increased so its construction cost can be more than 40% higher than flat bottom silo with the same capacity.

cement silo design agico
Steel Cement Silo Design

How Does A Cement Silo Work

After the cement silo body is assembled, the crane will lift it and place it on the pre-installed concrete foundation, and then weld the bottom with the embedded parts of the foundation firmly.

After the cement silo is fixed, connect the conveying pipeline of the raw material truck with the feeding pipeline of the cement silo and deliver the raw materials to the cement silo through the gas pressure produced by the raw material truck.

In the process of conveying materials, the operator should press the button of the dust collector vibration motor without interruption to shake off the materials attached to the filter bag to prevent the bag from blocking.

Once the filter bag is blocked, the pressure in the silo will exceed the safe pressure value of the safety valve at the top of the cement silo, and then the safety valve will open to release the pressure and prevent the occurrence of an explosion accident.

We can observe the material quantity in cement silo through the material level control system. When discharging is needed, first open the manual unloading valve at the bottom of the silo, and then transfer the material out through the conveying machine.

Why Choose AGICO

Free Consultation

Optimal Design

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Product Assembly

In our silos, the storage life of the material is longer because the wall of our cement silos is tightly occluded and close to a vacuum, the sealing effect is much better than that of traditional warehouses. Materials can be stored in this environment for a longer time.

The construction cycle of our cement silos is short because the silo walls can be molded during the manufacturing process and then installed on site. And if the silo needs to be moved, it can also be dismantled. 

The cement silo produced by AGICO has good corrosion resistance. Cement and other materials have a certain erosion effect on the silo wall. If the silo corrosion resistance is not good, quality problems will appear after a period of use.

AGICO cement silos feature lightweight, large capacity, convenient operation, low requirements for foundation, small space occupation, labor-saving, low cost, etc.

Our cement silo can be used for the storage of various materials, such as clinker, cement, grain, chemicals, etc.

As a professional cement silo manufacturer, AGICO offers a full line of cement silos, including many supporting devices: dust collector, blower, material level control device, etc.

For meeting specific requirements of different solutions, we can provide custom turnkey projects.

cement silo construction
AGICO Cement Silo Construction

How To Select A Cement Silo

When we purchase a cement silo, we should pay attention to the following points:

Choose a reliable manufacturer.

The cement silo you purchased should have quality assurance and be in line with industry standards.

Whether the manufacturer offers silo customization service to meet your production needs.

The cement silo should have quality manufacturing materials and a moderate price. The wall of steel cement silo is generally galvanized to meet the anti-corrosion requirements. It will directly affect the service life of the cement silo.

Whether the cement silo has complete supporting equipment.

Select an appropriate assembly mode.