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Cement Separator

Model: JD, TS, TZX, MX

Capacity: 27- 500 t/h

Certification: ISO9001

Material: nonmetallic powder

Highlights: fully automatic, high efficiency, etc.


Cement separator, also called a cement mill separator, is the necessary equipment in the powder classifying system of cement, chemical, mineral, and other industries. It can respectively collect the qualified fine powder and coarse powder from the airflow after they are ground by the grinding equipment to a certain extent. The utilization of cement separator prevents the fine powder from sticking to the grinding media and produces the buffering effect, to adjust the size composition of finished products and improve the grinding efficiency.

As a kind of cement equipment, cement separator is mainly used in the coal mill grinding system, raw mill grinding system, and cement mill grinding system of the cement production line. To improve the efficiency of these systems and reduce the energy consumption of products, current cement plants generally adopt the closed-circuit grinding system. As an important part, the performance and quality of the cement separator will directly affect the grinding system.

Types Of Cement Separator

There are many types of cement separators, different types suitable for different materials. Besides, different models should also be selected according to the customer’s requirements for material fineness.

Cyclone air separator is one kind of cement separator. AGICO Cement, as a professional cement equipment supplier in China, offers different models of quality cyclone air separators for any type and size of cement plants, such as JD series cyclone air separator. It is the latest powder separator developed by our company’s technicians with the plane eddy theory. Its powder selection efficiency can reach 80-85%. Besides, we also provide other types of cement separators, such as TZX series cement separatorTS series cement separator, and MX series cement separator.

Cyclone Air Separator Working Principle

The circulating air of the cement cyclone separator is generated by the air blower. During the powder classifying process, the air is sent by the air blower from the center of the separator in a tangential direction and then spirals up to the classifying chamber. After being ground in the mill, materials are fed through the top feeding port of the cyclone air separator and fall onto a rotating spreading plate. Due to the action of inertial centrifugal force, the material is evenly scattered around the spreading plate and meets with the updraft. The finer particles rise to the position of blades with the airflow, among which some of the larger particles sink along the inner cone and enter the coarse powder duct. The smaller particles enter the cyclone with the updraft after passing through the blades and are then collected by the centrifugal force. After being separated by the cyclone, the airflow comes out from the air duct and enters the air blower again, thus forming a closed circulation air.

cement separator structure
Cyclone Air Separator Structure

Applications Of AGICO Cement Separator

The cement separator produced by AGICO Cement can be applied in many industries, such as the cement industry, chemical industry, mineral industry, plastic industry, etc.

cement separator application
AGICO Cement Separator Applications

AGICO Cement Separator Specification

Grinding Mill SpecificationsΦ2.2Φ2.6Φ3.0Φ3.2Φ3.5Φ3.8
Spindle Speed190-300150-260130-260120-240120-240120-210
Production Capacity27-5141-7854-8878-135108-154130-185
Fineness (80μm Residue On Sieve)8%-10%
Speed ​​Ratio55.
Power (kW)30375575110132
Circulation FanModelC6-48No12.5C4-72No16B4-72No16B4-72No20B4-72No20BG4-73No25D
Rotating Speed ​​(rpm)1120900950680710580
Air Pressure (Pa)303827412788277126093236
Air Volume m3/h66388111929136004165164210210232000
Motor ModelY280S-4Y315S-4Y315M-4Y315M1-4Y315M3-4Y450-54-10
Motor Power (kW)75110132185220280
Grease Punm SpecificationsGYZ-8GYZ-8GYZ-8GYZ-8GYZ-8GYZ-8
DetailsSpecificationTS-I(250)TS-II(350)TS-III(500)TS-IV(750)TS-V(1000)TS-VI(1250)TS-VII (1500)TS-VIII(1750)
SpindleMotor ModelYCTL225-4BYCTL250-4AYCTL250-4BYCTL280-4AY200L-4Y225M-4Y225M-4Y250M-4
Rotating Speed150-400150-350150-320140-320130-280130-260120-240110-200
FanFan Model9-26No10C9-26No12.5C9-26No12.5CSCF-12No14CSCF-12No14BSCF-12No16BSCF-12No16BSCF-12No18C
Rotating Speed10001080113011001200105012001050
Full Pressure59204921486957645384558258626272
Air Volume21465305334102146796612807604096631120740
Motor ModelY225M-4Y250M-4Y280S-4Y280M-4Y315M1-4Y315M2-4Y315M2-4Y355L1-4
CapacityProduct Fineness0-30-30-30-30-30-30-30-3
Handling Air Volume16000220003000045000600007500095000120000
Maximum Throughput5090120150210260330400
DimensionsHeight (mm)51605450575062006700700078708320
Max Outside DiameterΦ3600Φ4100Φ4500Φ5000Φ5600Φ6200Φ6500Φ7000
Raw Material16—2021—2830—3535—4655—6580—90110—130
Product FinenessCement2—6
Raw Material8—10
Spindle Rotating Speed(r/min)190—380190—380150—350130—320130—320130—320110—280
Spindle MotorModelYCTL180—4AYCTL200-4BYCTL225-4AYCTL225-4BYCTL280—4AYCTL315-4AYCTL335-4A
Rotating Speed ​​(r/min)125—1250125—1250125—1250132—1320132—1320132—1320132—1320
Power (Kw)47.51115223755
Circulation FanAir Volume (m3/h)213733242739437676507520091200168000
Air Pressure (Pa)2367230223022355232524792700
MotorY180-2Y200L—2Y225M — 4AY250M — 4AY280S-4Y300L—6Y300K-6
Power (Kw)15—18.522—30375575110132
ModelCapacity(t/h)(80μm Residue On Sieve 5%)Air Volume (m3/h)Grease PunmMotor

Why Choose AGICO Cement Separator?

Free Consultation

Optimal Design

Product Production

On-time Delivery

Product Assembly

AGICO is a professional cement equipment manufacturer. The cement separator is one of our hot sales products. Compared with the traditional cement separator, the separator produced by AGICO has the following outstanding advantages:

Low capital cost.

Long service life. The wearing parts of our cement separator, such as spreading plate, blade, and so on, are made of wear-resistant materials or processed by wear-resistant treatment, their wear rate is very low.

Ultra-sharp separation and high target fineness degrees.

Low energy consumption, large handling capacity, and flexible combination structure: our powder classifiers can be combined with Raymond mill, cement ball mill, cement roller press, and other cement grinding equipment to separate the fine powder.

Our cement separators can be directly connected with dryer, conveyor, cement automatic packaging machine, etc., which simplify the production processes and steps.

AGICO cement separators can ultrafine separate materials that cannot be classified on ordinary equipment, especially suitable for processing materials that strictly limit the maximum particle and require narrow particle size distribution, such as heavy calcium, kaolin, talc, barite powder, paint, mica, graphite, auxin, aluminum hydroxide and so on.

We adopt the principle of mechanical vibration reduction to fundamentally solve the vibration problem of the powder separator that has been puzzling the users for a long time.

cement separator Installation agico
AGICO Cement Separator Before Installation

Particle Fineness Adjustment Method

Change the updraft velocity of the classifying chamber

Increasing the velocity of the updraft in the classifying chamber will reduce the particle fineness. Otherwise, the particle fineness will increase.

Change the number of blades

Increase the number of blades, the fineness of the particle will also increase.

Change the spindle rotating speed

Changing the spindle rotating speed is changing the rotating speed of the blade and spreading plate. As the speed increases, the airflow side pressure is generated by the blades and the centrifugal force of the spreading plate increases. The particle size will become smaller.