rotary cement packing machine

Cement Packing Machine

Model: BX

Capacity: 60-180 t/h

Certification: ISO9001

Application: non-metallic material

Highlights: fully automatic, high efficiency, etc.


Cement packing machine is a kind of cement equipment that is necessary for the production of bagged cement. It is mainly used to complete the automatic packing of cement and other powder materials with good fluidity, such as fly ash, gypsum powder, cement additives, etc. It is widely used in cement plants and other industries.

The cement packing machine can be divided into a fixed type and a rotary type. The fixed type usually has 1-4 cement discharging nozzles. The rotary type includes 6-14 nozzles and operates in a rotating way to realize the automatic cement bag filling.

AGICO is a professional cement equipment manufacturer. The BX series rotary cement packing machines produced by us adopt the frequency conversion and speed regulation main transmission system, eccentric feeding rotary structure, material level measurement and control system, electromechanical automatic control, and microcomputer automatic metering device. Compared with other packing machines, it features a reasonable structure, accurate measurement, low energy consumption, large packaging capacity, and convenient maintenance. Besides, its most prominent feature is the realization of many automatic functions, such as the pressing and loosening of the bag mouth, the opening and closing of the cylinder, and the bag dropping. It is a good choice for powder material packing.

Our BX series rotary cement packing machines include model BX-6(6 nozzles), BX-8 (8 nozzles), BX-10 (10 nozzles), BX-12 (12 nozzles), and BX-14(14 nozzles). In addition, we can also customize special models according to customers’ requirements.

Cement Packing Machine Structure

The BX rotary cement packing machine is mainly composed of a feeding device, main transmission device, power supply system, rotary bin, weighing mechanism, cylinder control mechanism, cone intermediate disc, dust collecting plate, bagging weighing frame, electric control system, and other parts.

Feeding Device

The BX rotary cement packing machine adopts the eccentric material feeding method. Cement powder reaches the top of the packing machine after passing through the intermediate bin, screw gate, and feeding device, and then enters the rotary bin through the soft connection of the feeding device.

Main Transmission Device

The main transmission device is composed of an upper beam, bearing seat, hollow spindle, transmission gear, and a reducer with the motor.

Power Supply System

The power supply system can be divided into two parts: the first part is the main transmission rotary drive system; the second part is the filling motor of each discharging mechanism and the power supply of each executive component and microcomputer system.

Rotary Bin

The rotary bin is a metal structure of the packing machine, which is cylindrical and rotates coaxially with the hollow spindle. There is an inlet port, inspection and maintenance openings, and a level indicator at the top of the bin. The hollow spindle is set in the center, which is also the overflow pipe of the bin. The motor base and control cabinet brackets are welded on the outside of the rotary bin. They can be used to install a motor and single nozzle control box.

Weighing Mechanism

The weighing mechanism consists of a weighing sensor and a microcomputer.

Bagging Weighing Frame

The front of each discharge nozzle is equipped with a bagging weighing frame, which is fixed with a bag-pressing and bag-dropping mechanism.

Cylinder Control Mechanism

A set of the pneumatic control mechanism is mounted at the rear of each discharge nozzle. This mechanism is composed of a cylinder, adjusting mechanism, oil-water separator, solenoid valve, and other components.

Dust Collecting Plate

The dust-collecting plate is installed at the bottom of the packaging machine. It collects the return cement of overflow pipes and discharge nozzles and then sends them back to the bucket elevator through the screw conveyor for refilling.

Electric Control System

The electrical control system mainly includes the main control cabinet, a single nozzle control box, and an operation box.

cement bagging agico
Cement Bagging

Cement Packing Machine Working Principle

Cement powder is first conveyed to the vibrating screen by the bucket elevator after it is screened out of impurities, it enters the intermediate bin for storage. When all of these preparatory measures are finished, cement storage in the bin is fed into the feeding device of the packaging machine.

The cement packing machine produced by AGICO adopts the eccentric material feeding method. Cement powder in the feeding device continuously enters the rotary bin controlled by the level transmitter mounted outside the bin. Its rotary speed is regulated by frequency conversion and the rotary direction is clockwise. After that, the cement powder will be sent into the discharge hopper and be continuously filled in the bag under the action of a high-speed rotating impeller.

There are four types of filling processes:

The machine body is completely sealed and equipped with a dust removal port, which is reasonable in structure and durable in use, realizing environmental protection production.

(1) When the bag weight is more than 0.8kg, the microcomputer control system considers that the bag has been inserted. The cylinder does not close and the bag is continued to be filled. When the bag weight reaches the set target value, the microcomputer control system makes the cement bag drop automatically when it reaches the drop position.

(2) When the bag weight is less than 0.8kg, the microcomputer control system considers that the bag is not inserted. The solenoid valve works and the cylinder is closed.

(3) When the bag is dropped, the microcomputer control system stops filling by controlling the electrical components.

(4) When the filling fails to reach the set target value but reaches the bag-dropping position, the equipment will carry out a secondary filling, and the cement bag will not drop automatically until the set target value is reached.

After receiving and cleaning the floating ash, the dropped cement bags are transported to the warehouse by the belt conveyor. To reduce dust pollution during the filling process, a dust collecting system is formed by the cone intermediate disc and the dust collecting plate. The returned material of each discharge nozzle can be sent back to the bucket elevator by the screw conveyor.

Operating Process Of Cement Packing Machine

Starting procedure: power on – start the belt conveyor – start the packing machine – start the feeding machine – place bag – fill – measure – drop the bag.

Shutdown procedure: shut down the feeder – empty the cement in the packing machine – turn off the main power.

agico cement packing machine manufacturing
AGICO Cement Packing Machine Manufacturing

Cement Packing Machine Specification

Discharging Nozzle68101214
Single Bag Weight(kg)50±0.5
Bag Weight Pass Rate(%)≥95
Total Weight of 20 Bags(kg)≥1000
Outside Diameter of the Rotating Drum(mm)φ1480φ1580φ1750φ2090φ2290
Maximum Rotating Diameter(mm)φ2300φ2400φ2600φ2940φ3140
Rotating Speed(r/min)0.45-4.50.45-4.00.45-3.5
Power Voltage(V)380±10%
Discharging Device MotorModelY112M-4
Rotating Speed(r/min)1440
Driving Mechanism for Rotary DrumVariable Frequency Adjustable-speed MotorModelYVPE90L-4
Rotating Speed(r/min)125-1250
Dust Collecting Air Volume(m3/h)1500018000
Total Weight(t)

Why Choose AGICO Cement Packing Machine?

Free Consultation

Optimal Design

Product Production

On-time Delivery

Product Assembly

Simple maintenance and fewer wear parts.

Wide application. This packing machine can deal with various powder materials with good fluidity.

BX series rotary cement packaging machine adopts an eccentric feeding method which has a reasonable layout and simple civil design.

A high degree of automation. Bag filling, measuring, bag dropping, and other processes can be completed automatically and continuously.

The machine body is completely sealed and equipped with a dust removal port, which is reasonable in structure and durable in use, realizing an environmental protection production.

Automatic microcomputer control, intelligent identification, high sensitivity, stable performance, strong anti-interference ability, and accurate weighing.

The main transmission device of the packaging machine adopts a high intelligent frequency conversion governor. This frequency conversion governor has the function of preventing overheating, overcurrent, and under-voltage. Its speed setting is flexible and the operation is simple.

The microcomputer control system is designed by our technical personnel for BX rotary cement packing machine. This system can not only realize the microcomputer measurement and weighing but also control the whole working cycle with stable and reliable performance, convenient operation, and complete functions.