Cement Kiln

cement rotary kilns in agico cement plant

What Is Cement Kiln?

A cement kiln is a kind of construction material manufacturing equipment, mainly used in the production of Portland cement and other types of hydraulic cement. As the main cement equipment, it is an integral part of the clinker calcination process, which will directly affect the cement product quality.

Types Of Cement Kilns

When we build a cement plant, there are many types of cement kilns for us to choose from. 

According to the different preparation processes of raw materials, cement kilns can be divided into dry-process cement kiln & wet-process cement kiln.

dry process cement kiln wet process cement kiln
Dry Process Cement Kiln & Wet Process Cement Kiln

Dry process cement kiln: the dry process cement kiln is much more thermally efficient than the wet process cement kiln. This is because raw meal prepared for the dry process is dry powder with a water content of less than 1%, which reduces the amount of heat needed to evaporate water. Besides, the dry process cement kiln has a higher heat transfer efficiency. It is usually used with a cyclone preheater, in which raw meal will be pre-heated and decarbonated before entering the kiln so that the kiln body can be shorter and of smaller diameter. This reduces the costs of the new cement plant. However, the fluidity of powder is worse than slurry, so the uniformity of the raw meal is relatively worse.

Wet process cement kiln: before entering the wet process cement kiln, the raw meal is supplied in the form of a slurry with 40%-45% water content. Therefore, it needs to take a lot of extra energy to evaporate the water and the kiln body shall be longer than a normal cement kiln. While the ingredient of slurry-like raw meal is more even than powder raw meal so the clinker quality is relatively high.

Following the equipment structure, the cement kiln can be divided into shaft kiln & cement rotary kiln.

Shaft kiln

A shaft kiln is a kind of vertical set stationary cement kiln. It can be divided into the ordinary shaft kiln and machinery shaft kiln. Since mechanical shaft kilns can maintain continuous production, their output, and the quality of cement are higher than ordinary shaft kilns, so it is more popular in cement manufacturing plants.


Low initial cost, put into production quickly.

High utilization of small reserve mines.

Small heat loss and small space occupied.

Low fuel consumption and less auxiliary equipment.


Environmental licenses are hard to obtain.

Limited production capacity.

Cement rotary kiln

A cement rotary kiln is a laterally set cement kiln that is inclined to a certain angle with the ground. Raw meals in the kiln body will be calcinated in a low-speed rotation. In present cement plants, the new dry process cement rotary kiln is the most widely used.


Steady running, low heat consumption(<900 kcal/kg clinker), high heat transfer efficiency, and high quality of cement clinker.

Low investment and easy-to-obtain environmental permits.

No slag residue and powder pollution problem.

High fuel utilization efficiency and capability to use alternative fuels.

Wide range of raw material sizes.


High initial cost.

Large space occupied and large heat loss.

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