0.5mm tolerance cement rotary kiln agico

0.5mm Tolerance Cement Rotary Kiln

Capacity: 10-5000 t/h

Certification: ISO9001

Tolerance: 0.5mm

Power:17-630 kw


Cement rotary kiln belongs to building materials equipment, and is one kind of lime kiln. It is the most crucial cement equipment in dry process and wet process cement production lines for clinker calcination, which will directly affect the cement quality. So selecting a high-quality rotary kiln is important when you are preparing to build a cement manufacturing plant.

The AGICO 0.5 tolerance cement rotary kiln is one of our hot-sales products. Its high production efficiency and high quality make it favored by customers at home and abroad.

Rotary Kiln Structure

structure of 0.5mm cement kiln
Kiln Body & Gear Wheel & Riding Ring

Kiln body

The kiln body is usually made of steel plate by rolling and welding. It is inlaid with refractory material inside and several riding rings mounted on the outside. Materials can carry on heat exchange and chemical reaction, at the same time they also have the function of mixing and material transporting, therefore, are the main component of the rotary kiln.

Gear wheel

The gear wheel is mounted with a spring plate outside the rotary kiln body. This connection structure leaves enough heat dissipation space between the gear wheel and the kiln body, besides, it can also play a certain role in damping and buffering, which is conducive to extending the service life of the kiln liner. Under the gear wheel is a pinion engaged with it, they jointly form the drive gear. After the motor reduces the transmission speed through a reducer, it drives the pinion and then drives the gear wheel fixed on the kiln body, making the rotary kiln rotate.

Riding ring

A riding ring is a large and strong steel ring covering the outside of the kiln body. It is not fixed with the kiln shell, and the middle is separated by an iron plate to retain a certain gap. The weight of the kiln body, kiln lining, and materials is transferred to the supporting device through the riding ring.

structure of cement kiln in agico
Supporting Device & Driving Device & Sealing Device

Supporting device

The supporting device bears the full weight of a rotary kiln. It is composed of a pair of trunnion rollers, four roller bearings, and a base plate. The two trunnion rollers symmetrically and stably support the riding ring and transfer a huge load to the foundation. Generally, the number of supporting devices is 2 – 9. A thrust roller device is mounted on the supporting devices near the middle of the kiln and the driving device. Its function is to restrict the axial movement of the kiln, and it can be divided into mechanical thrust roller and hydraulic thrust roller.

Driving device

The function of a driving device is to rotate the kiln body at a slow speed. It consists of the main motor, reducer, pinion, and shaft coupling. For driving cement rotary kiln, we usually adopt a single drive mode (one motor) or dual drive mode (two motors). Due to the need for safety and maintenance, there are also auxiliary transmission devices on the larger kilns.

Sealing device

Since the rotary kiln is operated under negative pressure, sealing devices are installed at the kiln head, kiln tail, and feeding place to prevent material leakage and material leakage.

Working Principle Of Rotary Kiln

A cement rotary kiln is a cylinder drum placed horizontally at an angle to the ground. A gear wheel installed outside the kiln body rotates the whole equipment through an electric motor. Raw materials are usually fed from the high end and then moved toward the lower end with continuous rotation. During this process, they will be heated under high temperatures, and generate some chemical and physical reactions.

The calcination part of the rotary kiln can be roughly divided into four zones: preheating zone, heat transition zone, sintering zone, and cooling zone. Raw materials will go through the steps of heating, heat transfer, sintering, cooling, and discharging in turn in these zones and finally transfer into clinker.

0.5mm rotary kiln agico structure
Rotary Kiln Design

Why Choose AGICO 0.5mm Tolerance Cement Rotary Kiln

Free Consultation

Optimal Design

Product Production

On-time Delivery

Product Assembly

The 0.5mm tolerance cement rotary kiln produced by AGICO adopts an advanced preheating system. Its rotating speed and output per unit volume are increased.

Our rotary kilns have low heat consumption and less energy loss, which can reduce the total investment cost.

A new type of insulation material is used in our rotary kiln to reduce radiant heat loss and heat consumption.

We use a new compound soft-sealing device so that the coefficient of air leakage is less than 10% while meeting the environmental requirements.

This type of cement rotary kiln has a sturdy structure, steady running, and long service life. Besides, we also offer other relative supporting equipment, such as cyclone preheater, clinker cooler, etc.

AGICO 0.5mm Tolerance Cement Rotary Kiln Specification

Specification(m)Capacity(t/h) Rotation Speed( r/min )Main MotorPower(kW)Weight(t)
Wearing PartsMaterial
Kiln tail sealOCr18Ni9
Kiln head sealOCr18Ni9
Liner shellZA303/ZCuAl10Fe3

Key Points For Rotary Kiln Selection

High-quality manufacturing raw material

When you select a rotary kiln, you should be clear about the raw material’s thermal insulation performance of the rotary kiln, as the equipment raw material is the basis, if the cement rotary kiln has a good insulation effect and less heat radiation, the calcining effect is better, and the overall quality of the rotary kiln is not too bad.

Advanced technology

A cement rotary kiln is a calcining machine, the sealing and insulation effect is important. We suggest you choose the rotary kiln with a low air leakage coefficient, small heat loss, good heat preservation effect, and good secondary utilization of heat energy.

Superior in equipment quality

The quality of the cement rotary kiln can directly affect the output and product quality of the cement production line. With good quality, the rotary kiln will have strong production capacity, high efficiency, low energy consumption, long service life, and large benefits for users.

Complete model

The cement production line not only has a cement rotary kiln but also needs supporting equipment to complete the whole production. When we purchase a rotary kiln, we need to see whether the equipment model of the rotary kiln is complete and whether the supporting facilities are complete.


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