VSK Cement Plant

AGICO offers automatic vertical shaft kiln cement plants from 50 TPD to 300 TPD.

The VSK cement plant is always a good solution for small and medium scale cement manufacturing. It features small floor occupation, low capital investment, and easy installation. AGICO provides vertical shaft kiln cement plants from 50 TPD to 300 TPD. In our plants, we adopt modern vertical shaft kilns, which has a high degree of energy-saving and automation, meanwhile, it can make full use of cheap energy as the main fuel, especially waste gas. Besides, we also equip the plant with other quality cement equipment and provide different production solutions for customers to choose from.


  • Low capital investment.
  • Less space occupation and simple layout.
  • Equipped with an automatic control system.
  • Low energy consumption and low heat consumption.
  • Different fuel available (coal, petroleum coke, lignite, etc.).
  • Various cement plant capacities from 50 TPD to 300 TPD.
  • Cost-effective for small-scale cement enterprises.

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AGICO VSK Cement Plant Features

  • AGICO offers turnkey vertical shaft kiln cement plant projects from plant design to equipment commissioning and operation training. 
  • We supply all the cement equipment needed for VSK cement plants.
  • According to the different production needs of customers, we provide customized service of factory layout, equipment design, and production capacity.
  • Our all-around after-sales services include technical assistance, spare parts service, etc.

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VSK Cement Plant Manufacturing Process

The VSK cement plant manufacturing process is divided into six steps: raw material crushing, raw material proportioning and grinding, raw meal blending and homogenization, clinker calcination, cement grinding, and cement packing. Each step is crucial and indispensable.

1. Raw Material Crushing

Limestone, clay, coal, and other raw materials are pulverized into small particles by cement crusher and stored in silos respectively.

2. Raw Material Proportioning & Grinding

Raw materials are conveyed out of silos and mixed in an appropriate proportion by the weighing feeder. Then they are fed into the raw mill for fine grinding until reaching a certain fineness.

3. Raw Meal Blending & Homogenization

After grinding, the raw meal is sent to the homogenization silo for final blending and then kept in another storage silo waiting for further processing.

4. Clinker Calcination

In this step, we take a vertical shaft kiln as the main calcination equipment. After raw meals entering the kiln, they will be heated at a high temperature for a long time and finally form clinker.

5. Cement Grinding

Cement clinker features an irregular spherical shape. They should be ground by the cement mill to reach the fineness of the cement product. Adding some mixed materials in this step will help to realize different application requirements.

6. Cement Packing

Cement powder is stored in the cement silo. We usually use a cement packing machine to pack cement powder in bags and transport them to the sales market.

Related Cement Equipment

Cement equipment is directly related to the efficiency and quality of cement production. AGICO provides various types of cement equipment for vertical shaft kiln cement plants.

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Vertical Shaft Kiln

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