Overland Conveyor

The conveyor is an indispensable piece of equipment in chemical, port, metallurgy, mining, cement, and other industries, mainly used for batch transportation of bulk materials. The overland conveyor (long-distance conveyor) is developed on the basis of the ordinary conveyor. It has the characteristics of a high degree of automation, low installation and operation cost, low environmental pollution, and long conveying distance. For mining, metallurgy, and other industries, due to the remote location of raw material supply points and complex terrain, most of them need to use long-distance, high-power, and large-inclined conveyors to complete transportation operations.

The installation of an overland conveyor makes customers:

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Bulk Material Conveying System In Mine

AGICO offers the EPC project of continuous conveying systems for open-pit mines. Intermittent, semi-continuous, and continuous open-pit mining solutions are available.

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Bulk Material Conveying System In Steel Mill

AGICO offers the EPC project of raw material belt conveying system for steel mills. We can provide complete facilities from raw material unloading to various processing points.

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Bulk Material Conveying System In Cement Plant

AGICO offers the EPC project of cement plant bulk material conveying system and cement finished product conveying system. We provide design, equipment production, construction, and other services.

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Bulk Coal Conveying System In Power Plant

AGICO offers the EPC project of coal handling systems for thermal power plants. We can provide a complete set of facilities from raw coal unloading (from the truck, railway, and waterway) to storage in the coal silo.

AGICO Cement, a global EPC contractor for cement equipment and cement manufacturing plant, is also leading in bulk material handling system supplying. We have professional idler and pulley production lines, advanced manufacturing technology, updated fabrication equipment, and precision testing instrument to ensure stable and high-quality production.

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AGICO Overland Conveyor For Sale

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Overland Curved Belt Conveyor

Overland curved belt conveyor refers to a special belt conveyor that can realize turning. It raises the inner curve of the conveyor belt to generate an outward centrifugal thrust when the conveyor is running so that resisting the centripetal resultant force caused by turning for ensuring a steady turning operation.

The use of curved conveying lines can bypass obstacles or disadvantageous areas, and realize fewer or no intermediate transfer stations to achieve the purpose of reducing the number of equipment.

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Overland Pipe Conveyor

As a completely closed conveying system, the overland pipe conveyor can realize two-way material transportation without dust or material blanking, which is friendly to the surrounding environment. It can curve both horizontally and vertically without setting transport stations, saving 60% space compared with conventional belt conveyor systems. It has a large conveying inclination and strong terrain adaptability, which is an ideal solution to realize bulk material delivery under complex terrain conditions. The conveying line can be flexibly arranged along the space curve.

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Overland Shiftable Conveyor

The overland shiftable conveyor is also called portable belt conveyor. It is a kind of continuous conveying system specially designed for open-pit mines, which can be moved horizontally and integrally. It has the advantages of high working efficiency, convenience in use, and good maneuverability. Its head part and tail part are fixed with ground anchors and the middle part is installed on the track without fixing. After used in one place, we can directly loosen the ground anchor, and then use the traction device to move the belt conveyor to the required place. It can be used after re-fixing.

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Overland High-angle Conveyor

The overland high-angle conveyor is a type of deep trough belt conveyor with the features of large capacity, long conveying distance, less equipment failure, small footprint, and low transport cost. It has high lateral stability and strong longitudinal flexibility, which is suitable for the continuous conveying of bulk materials with a large inclination angle. The maximum inclination angle of a high-angle conveyor can reach about 60°. It effectively prevents material from backflow and scattering.

Conveying System Auxiliary Parts


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Impact Cradle

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