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Modular & Mobile

Cement Grinding Plant

Are you still looking for clinker grinding EPC solutions for fast payback and high profits?

Do you want to build a mini cement grinding plant with a maximum capacity up to 450000 tons per year?

Are you still troubled by how to rapidly enter and develop the local small or medium growing market?

AGICO patented MMG (Modular & Mobile) cement grinding plant is a good choice for all your needs!

Based on customer needs and years of experience in cement equipment manufacturing, AGICO Cement develops a low-cost and high efficient EPC solution for cement grinding unit – modular & mobile (MMG) cement grinding plant.

 Rated Capacity 50tph
Land Area 70 x180m
Climatic Conditions Temperature: -10~40℃; Humidity: highest 85%, average 60%; Wind Velocity: average max. 6m/s, instant. Max. 50m/s; Basic Seismic Acceleration: 0.4g, Sea Level ≤1100m.
Tech. Parameters CEM Ⅰ* CEM Ⅱ/B-L* CEM Ⅱ/B-P GGBFS
Finess (cm2/g) 3500 4500 4000 5000 4500 5000 4000 4500
Mill Power Consumption (kwh/t) 35.5 49 31 42 37 45 56 66
Output (t/h) 50 36 60 45 50 40 30 24
Max. Feeding Size 30 mm
Max. Annual Output (tpa) 375000 270000 450000 337500 375000 300000 225000 180000
Mill Main Motor (kw) 1900
System Total Installation (kw) about 2200~2500
Water Consumption about 1.5 m3/h
*CEM I: 95%Clinker+5% Gypsum EN197-1; *CEM II/B-L: 65~79%(Clinker + Gypsum)+21~35% Limestone EN197-1

Why Choose Modular Cement Grinding Plant?

Less Time

Less Space

Less Cost

Advanced Technology

Grinding Plant Structure & Working Process

AGICO modular cement grinding plant is composed of several modules, and they can be customized according to customers’ specific needs.

conveying systems agico

Module 1: Dosing & Conveying System

Clinker, additives, and gypsum are fed by forklift trucks to respective storage silos. Under the silos, needle gates are installed at the discharge end together with dosing devices, which will ensure a properly proportioned material mixing. After that, the mixed material is transported by means of a conveyor belt to the grinding mill.

Equipment Needle Gate Belt Weigh Feeder Dosing Device Storage Silo Belt Conveyor
grinding mill separator filter agico

Module 2: Grinding Mill, Separator & Filter

The mixed material is fed into the ball mill (or vertical roller mill) for a finely ground. After grinding, a screw conveyor and a bucket elevator carry the ground material to the separator. The fine particles come out of the separator through the rotor and then get into the bag filter along with the airflow. The coarse particles rejected by the rotor blades are returned to the ball mill.

Equipment Cement Mill Cement Separator Screw Conveyor Bag Filter Bucket Elevator
storage bulking agico

Module 3: Storage & Bulking

After being collected by the filter, ground materials are transported to the elevator through an inclined chute, where the quality can be checked by a sampler at any time. Then they are delivered into a storage silo as finished cement products. Part of the cement in the silo is transported to a bulk loader for bulk sales. The rest part is conveyed to the electro-vibration screens of the packing unit.

Equipment Cement Silo Bucket Elevator Air Slide Bulk Loading Device
packing agico

Module 4: Packing

The cement is extracted from cement silos by screw conveyors and fed into packers by bucket elevators, air slides, and conveyors. After packing, the bagged cement enters the bag cleaner to clean the surface attached cement powder and then enters the electronic weighing scale. The bagged cement that meets the requirements will enter the cement loading machine, if not, will fall into the waste bin through the bag dropping machine and re-enters the packaging system.

Equipment Vibrating Screen Storage Silo Bucket Elevator Packing Machine Bag Check Weigher Bag Reject System
cement tonnage packing agico

Module 5: Tonnage Packing

The cement enters storage silos and then is fed into tonnage packers. Tonnage packing is a technique between bulk and common bag packing. The bags can be recycled and reused in order to reduce the cost.

Equipment Vibrating Screen Storage Silo Tonnage Packer
fly ash storage agico

Module 6: Fly Ash Storage

The function of this module is to store the fly ash. The discharging quantity is controlled by a rotor scale.

Equipment Storage Silo Air Slide Rotor Scale
water pumping station agico

Module 7: Industrial Circulating Water Pumping Station

The water system is for the new production line, which includes only the circulating cooling water system.

Equipment Water Tank Water Pump Cooling Tower
compressed air station agico

Module 8: Compressed Air Station

This system supplies compressed air for the new cement mill. Air filters are supplied as well for purifying process.

Equipment Variable Frequency Screw Air Compressor Freeze Dryer
electrical automation system agico

Module 9: Electrical & Automation System

A modular electrical room will be included in AGICO’s supply. All panels and the auxiliary equipment will be preassembled to decrease the construction period. Different function zones will be separated by proper materials. The center control system will be integrated into a 30 feet container separately.

Equipment MV Cabinet PT Mill Capacitor Cabinets LV VSD Cabinet MCC Cabinet ACC Cabinet UPS

Gas Emissions & Noise Emissions

The grinding plant conforms to the most stringent regulations between local and the following:

Cement Grinding Unit Cost

The modular cement grinding plants manufactured by AGICO enjoy ex-factory prices. In addition, customers will benefit from our strong purchasing ability, standardized, modular and professional solutions to realize long-term cost-saving, high quality and high payback production.

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Full Range Service

We offer attentive full-range services covering from one-to-one consulting service to after-sales service, which will create the best user experience for customers.

Comprehensive Budget

AGICO will customize the solution according to the needs of customers and provide a detailed cost list covering the whole scope of the project.

Professional Technical Support

Whether it is engineering construction, equipment installation, or later operation, we will arrange professional technicians to provide technical support throughout the whole process.

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