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Gypsum Board Manufacturing Plant

Capacity: 2-60 million m2/y

Customization: support

plasterboard product

Width: 1200mm

Thickness: 8-15mm

Length: 1500-3000mm

Fuel options: coal/gas/diesel

Raw material: gypsum powder, special paper, modified starch, foaming agent, and white latex.


What is a gypsum board? Gypsum board is also known as plasterboard, drywall, and wallboard. It is a new type of building material that has the characteristics of lightweight, high strength, thin thickness, convenient processing, sound insulation, heat preservation, and fire prevention. Currently, the gypsum board has been widely used in various buildings such as residences, office buildings, malls, stores, hotels, industrial plants, etc. It has a good development prospect, which is a good investment choice.

AGICO gypsum board production line can produce the following gypsum board types by modifying additives:

Common paper surface gypsum board (code name P);

Fireproof paper surface gypsum board (code name H);

Waterproof paper surface gypsum board (code name S);

Waterproof & Fireproof paper surface e gypsum board (code name SH);

Raw MaterialsDosage Per Square Meter
Gypsum powder5.28kg/㎡
Face paper0.344kg/㎡
Foam agent4g/㎡
White latex4g/㎡
Electricity0.26 kWh/ m²
Remarks: the gypsum board is calculated based on the thickness of 9.5mm.

Raw Material Consumption Of 1 ㎡ Gypsum Board

gypsum board manufacturing
Gypsum Board Manufacturing Process

Gypsum Board Manufacturing Process

The gypsum board manufacturing process can be divided into 5 steps: raw material preparation & sprayingformingdryingcutting & sealing, stacking & packing.

STEP 1: Raw Material Preparing & Spraying

Gypsum powder, water, and additives are fed into the mixer through the automatic metering system and conveying system to form gypsum slurry. The gypsum slurry is sprayed on the surface of the continuously moving bottom paper through nozzles. With constant movement and vibration, the gypsum slurry on the bottom paper gradually spreads evenly.

gypsum board manufacturing 1

STEP 2: Forming

The bottom paper covered with gypsum slurry enters the forming machine with the moving conveyor belt, squeezed and sealed together with the top paper. After a series of high-strength extrusion and molding, the pulpous wet gypsum board is finally formed.

gypsum board manufacturing 2

STEP 3: Drying

Wet gypsum board enters the dryer with the help of a transverse conveyor and the plate-turning machine. Hot air at different temperatures in the dryer evaporates the moisture from the gypsum board. As the water evaporates, the gypsum and paper stick together firmly.

gypsum board manufacturing 3

STEP 4: Cutting & Sealing

After drying, the fully dried gypsum board is cut into a certain size and sealed on the edge to satisfy the customer’s requirement.

gypsum board manufacturing 4

STEP 5: Stacking & Packing

Finally, the processed gypsum boards are stacked and packed by stackers and packers. Then they can be transported to the warehouse by forklift.

gypsum board manufacturing 5

Gypsum Board Making Machine

Gypsum Pulp Preparing System

Bucket elevator, rigid impeller feeder, screw conveyor, belt scale, material silo, pulse dust collector, mixing tank, pump, hydraulic pulper, mixer, etc.

Gypsum Board Forming System

Paper receiving machine, forming machine, automatic correction system, wet board cutter, roller conveyor, solidification belt conveyor, board turnover machine, etc.

Gypsum Board Drying System

Distributor, fast forward unit, fast out unit, dryer, deslagging machine, coal machine, transverse conveyor, belt conveyor, circulating system, etc.

Gypsum Board Stacking System

Transverse conveyor, belt conveyor, cutting machine, edge sealing integrated machine, belt throwing machine, stacker, packer, dust collector, etc.

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gypsum pulp mixer
Gypsum Pulp Mixer
forming equipment
Forming Device
drying equipment
Drying System
roller conveyor
Roller Conveyor

Gypsum Board Plant Cases

gypsum board production line in Uzbekistan

Gypsum Board Production Line In Uzbekistan

Capacity: 40 million m2/y

Fuel: natural gas

gypsum board production line in Beicai

Gypsum Board Production Line In Beicang

Capacity: 30 million m2/y

Fuel: natural gas

gypsum board production line in Tajikistan

Gypsum Board Production Line In Tajikistan

Capacity: 20 million m2/y

Fuel: coal

gypsum board production line in Tanzania

Gypsum Board Production Line In Tanzania

Capacity: 15 million m2/y

Fuel: coal

Gypsum Board Manufacturing Plant Cost

The gypsum board manufacturing plants provided by AGICO CEMENT enjoy ex-factory prices. In addition, customers will benefit from our strong purchasing ability and standardized and professional solutions to realize long-term cost-saving, high-quality, and high-payback production.


Services We Offer

As a professional gypsum board manufacturing plant supplier, AGICO provides customers with a full range of one-stop services.

Services we offer after signing the contract:

Supply production line equipment layout drawings;

Supply production line configuration and layout drawings;

Regular update on equipment manufacturing progress;

In-factory trial assembly of the production line equipment;

Packing & shipping;

Dispatch engineers to guide the equipment installation and commissioning;

Train workers;

Services we offer after the production line is built and put into production:

1-year warranty (free);

24-hour one-to-one online consulting (free);

Online engineer technical services to the factory once a year (free);

Lifetime maintenance and equipment repair (charged after 1-year warranty);

Lifetime after-sales service and full-range supply of spare parts/accessories (paid);

Engineer on-site technical services (paid);

Engineers are stationed in the factory to guide production (paid);