Cement Storage Silo

& Delivery System

AGICO manufactures cement storage silos and supporting delivery systems with a capacity of 100 tons to 10,000 tons.

Cement silo is an indispensable storage device in cement production lines. It is mainly used to store cement products, clinker, and various cement raw materials in the cement manufacturing process. In large and medium-sized cement manufacturing plants, the automatic cement silo storage system is widely popular because of its good storage effect, high degree of automation, and large capacity.

AGICO is a professional cement equipment manufacturer. The high-quality spiral steel cement silo is one of our hot-sale products. It features long service life, good airtightness, short construction period, low cost, small footprint, and easy management.

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AGICO Steel Cement Silo For Sale

The steel cement storage silo produced by AGICO is also called spiral steel silo or Lipp silo. It adopts the most advanced and unique steel silo construction technology. During construction, we need to send the 495mm wide coiled plate from the decoiling machine to the forming machine for rolling into the required shape, then bend and seal it through the bending machine, spirally up to the desired height according to the required silo diameter.

silo construction process

1. Equipment Positioning: use equipment to locate the construction position according to the silo diameter.

2. Construct Silo: build the silo body upward to about 2m firstly.

3. Install Silo Roof Structure: use a plasma cutting machine to horizontal the silo top and then install the silo roof structure.

4. Construct Silo: after installing the silo roof, continue to build the silo body downward until reaching the desired height.

5. Fasten Silo: pull out all the construction equipment and connect the silo body to the embedded parts.

6. Install Auxiliary Facilities: install the selective facilities.

AGICO Cement Storage Silo Specification
Volume(m3) Height(m)   
200 8                   
400 1511                  
500  1410                 
600   1210                
800   1613                
1000    1614               
1200     16               
1500     2016              
2000      221816            
2500       232017           
3000        232017          
3500         232018         
4000          232018        
5000           252320       
6000            272420      
7000             282320     
8000              262218    
10000               282321   
13000                302725  
15000                  302522
18000                   3026

Compared with other types of steel cement silos, AGICO spiral steel silo has the following advantages:

AGICO Cement Silo Delivery System For Sale

silo bucket elevator

The bucket elevator is used to deliver materials vertically upward. It is an economic conveying device without damaging materials.

silo en masse conveyor

En masse conveyor is a kind of conveying device with a large transport volume, which is mainly used in straight-line or inclined delivery.

silo belt conveyor

Belt conveyor is suitable for large quantity and long-distance delivery. It is widely used in large cement silo projects.

silo air cushion conveyor

Air Cushion Conveyor

Air cushion conveyor applies air film to support conveyor belt. It features light-weight and large transport volume, which is an ideal choice for silo top material handling.

silo sweep auger

Sweep Auger

Sweep auger is applied to clean granular materials that cannot be unloaded by self-weight, especially the materials with poor fluidity.

silo pneumatic conveying system

Pneumatic Conveying System

The pneumatic conveying system is the best choice for conveying powder material and light particle material over long distances.

silo dust collecting system

Dust collecting systems can effectively collect the dust generated during the process of material unloading, silo cleaning, and material feeding to avoid environmental pollution.

silo monitoring system

Silo Monitoring System

The silo monitoring system is the basis of material safety storage. With monitoring data, we can make timely adjustments to ensure that materials are stored properly.

silo electric control system

Electric Control System

AGICO will provide different on-site control solutions and PLC centralized control solutions to automate the management of cement storage silos according to customer needs.

Why Choose AGICO Cement Storage Silo


High Quality

Our steel cement silo has passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification. We promise that all construction materials are of high quality and comply with international standards to ensure the silo service life is more than 25 years.


Advanced Technology

We have a professional technical team, construction team, and 35 sets Lipp construction equipment which includes steel roller decoiling machine, forming machine, strip bending machine, bearing support, HF stud welding machine, etc.


Rich Experience

AGICO has more than 20 years experience of silo manufacturing and exporting. With the increasing of EPC export projects, our steel cement silo has been widely exported to Indonesia, Australia, Nigeria, Cambodia, etc.


EPC Project One-stop Service

AGICO provides cement storage silo EPC project and one-stop service, which integrates free one-to-one consultant service, silo design service, silo manufacturing service, silo installation service, after-sales service, etc.