Cement Plant Upgradation

& Expansion

AGICO is committed to building modern cement manufacturing plants and green cement plants. Whether you are a new investor or an old cement plant owner, we can help you to realize:

Do you have a high-efficient and healthy cement plant? Do you want to make a comprehensive upgrading of your cement plant? Are you still bothered by aging cement equipment and hard-to-buy accessories? AGICO is your best problem solver!

We can provide you with exclusive solutions, high-quality equipment, all-around services, and reasonable quotations.

Why Do You Need To Upgrade Your Cement Plant?

why choose cement plant upgradation

Services We Offer

1. Automation & Digitalization Upgrade

AGICO offers cement plant automation and digitalization upgrade services. We mainly adopt the industrial SCADA system to help clients achieve automatic operating and monitoring of the whole cement plant.

AGICO SCADA system can realize both local operation and remote control. Technicians can directly operate the system through the control box on-site or the upper computer in the central control room. In addition to manual operation, the PLC can automatically complete various control functions according to the production process.

digitalization upgrate 2
digitalization upgrate 1
digitalization upgrate 3

2. Output Upgrade

AGICO offers cement plant output upgrade services. We will expand the production capacity of each cement equipment in different production stages according to customer’s requirements, such as raw mill output expansion, rotary kiln output expansion, preheater and calciner output expansion, cement storage system output expansion, clinker cooler output expansion, cement ball mill output expansion, etc.

3. Environmental Pollution Reduction

How to reduce the dust pollution, gas emission pollution, and noise pollution of old cement plants? AGICO will help customers to realize old cement plant environmental protection upgrading from the aspects of production equipment modification, manufacturing process optimization, environmental protection equipment installation, and so on.

What we will do?

dust collecting equipment 1
dust collecting equipment 2
silo dust collecting system

4. Energy Consumption Reduction

The energy consumption directly determines the production cost of a cement plant. For many old cement plants, the excessive energy consumption is mainly led by backward production technology, energy management system, and production equipment, which largely compresses the profit.

AGICO energy consumption reduction service perfectly solves customers’ problems in this regard. We assist old cement plants to lower energy costs by up to 20% by replacing energy-saving equipment, adopting advanced cement production technology, and installing automatic energy management systems.

automatic energy control 2
automatic energy control 1
automatic energy control 3

5. Green Cement Plant Construction

For new investors, AGICO green cement plant EPC project is a good choice. We provide customers with turnkey projects:

Our green cement plant can help you realize low emission, high quality, and high-efficiency cement production and create a benchmark modern corporate image.

green cement plant 1
green cement plant 2
green cement plant 3

Why Choose AGICO Cement

Professional Team

We have a special project management team to customize solutions for customers. Our technical team will provide customers with technical support in the pre-sales stage, in-sales stage, and after-sales stage, assisting to complete equipment upgrading, automation system installation, energy conservation, and other projects.

Rich Experience

AGICO has rich project experience, outstanding teamwork ability, and advanced technology level, which can save costs for customers from all aspects, improve cement plant operation efficiency, and achieve a high rate of return. Our cement plant upgradation projects have been exported to many countries, such as Russia, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc.

One-stop Service

AGICO offers cement EPC project one-stop services. We support free one-to-one consultant service, project customization service, cement equipment customization service, project construction service, attentive after-sales service, etc. As long as you need us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.