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The cement grinding unit manufactured by our company merges drying, grinding, powder classifying, dust collecting and cement packing into a single. It can not only grind cement clinker but also process cement admixture, such as gypsum, fly ash, furnace slag, coal gangue, etc., realizing a stable, high-quality and automated cement production. Unlike the cement production line, the cement grinding plant is usually established around the sales market, which saves a lot of transportation costs. At the same time, it absorbs industrial waste from the cities around because most of the mixed materials in the cement grinding are industrial wastes. It completely complies with the requirement of energy conservation and emissions reduction, meanwhile, brings you rich benefits. According to different requirements of cement production, AGICO provides the cement grinding unit with different capacity and equipped machines. Each customer can have their ideal cement grinding plant here.

cement grinding unit process
Cement Grinding Unit Flow Chart

Cement Grinding Process

The cement grinding unit adopts the pre-grinding technology. On the one hand, it reduces the particle size of materials before the formal grinding, on the other hand, it causes the cracks and defects inside the particles to greatly improve the output and reduce the energy consumption of the cement grinding mill. Cement grinding process mainly includes the mixed materials crushing, material batching, pre-grinding, fine grinding, powder classification, dust collecting, automatic control, and other technologies, making cement production high yield and high quality, in line with the requirements of energy-saving and emission reduction.

After the clinker, limestone and gypsum are weighed and mixed in a certain proportion by the belt weigher, they will be sent into the pre-grinding system by the belt conveyor and elevator. Then the ground materials and the weighed fly ash will be further ground in the ball mill grinding system. The powder concentrator set behind the grinding system has an effect of returning the coarse powder that does not meet the specifications to the ball mill for regrinding. The fine powder will be sent to the finished product elevator through the conveying chute and finally enter the cement silo. During these processes, the gas discharged from the ball mill will be purified by the dust collector and discharged into the atmosphere by the air blower. The collected fine powder will be directly sent into the cement silo.

Cement Grinding Unit Features

High Efficiency

We add the activation device in the fine grinding chamber, and a special grate plate at the end of the grinding mill. Besides, we reduce the size of the grinding medium, which greatly improves the grinding efficiency, realizing high output and low energy consumption.

High Quality & Output

This grinding plant overcomes the shortcomings that equipment temperature is not easy to control, the product quality is not stable, the energy consumption is large, and the thermal efficiency is low. With the same granularity of finished products, the output is increased by 30% compared with other processes, and the energy consumption in production is reduced by about 15%.

All-around Service

AGICO provides EPC turnkey projects. It not only includes the manufacture of various specialized equipment in the cement grinding unit but also includes the grinding unit design, onsite installation, real-time commissioning, equipment operation training and usual spare parts service.

Timely Delivery

AGICO Cement has large manufacture workshops and professional processing equipment to ensure the fast and high-quality production of related equipment in this cement grinding unit. Besides, we have more than 20 years of production and sales experience, the products are exported to all over the world, therefore, we can ensure the timely and safe delivery, reducing the time cost of customers.

Customization Service

Customization is the most basic service our company provides for each customer. We will design the cement grinding plant according to customers’ specific needs, such as capacity, cement standard, construction environment, etc. Every customer will get their satisfied plant here.


This cement grinding plant is equipped with advanced dust collector to strictly control dust emission and noise pollution, realizing the reuse of resources, so you don’t need to worry about the environmental issue.

Main Equipment

dust-collector cement crushing plant

Industrial Dust Collector

The dust collector is the equipment widely used in the grain industry, chemical industry, cement industry, etc. It is a device for separating dust from the flue gas, and also one of the essential devices in large production lines. AGICO provides the long bag pulse jet filter, electrostatic precipitator and the air box pulse jet bag filter. They all have the advantages of small size, large air volume, compact structure, and reliable use.

belet conveyor cement grinding unit

Belt Type Conveyor

Belt conveyor is the conveying equipment with large capacity, low cost, simple structure, and convenient maintenance. The conveyor belt moves according to the friction transmission principle, which is suitable for conveying powder, granular and small pieces of materials with bulk density less than 1.67t/m³,such as coal, gravel, sand, cement, fertilizer, food and so on, being widely used in coal, cement, chemical and other industries.

ball mill cement grinding unit

Cement Ball Mill

The cement ball mill can be used for open-circuit grinding, and also for closed-circuit circulation grinding which is composed of the powder concentrator and ball mill. It has the characteristics of strong adaptability, continuous production, large crushing ratio and easy adjustment of the product fineness. As the cement plant equipment, cement ball mill can not only produce cement by dry method or wet method but also make grinding and drying simultaneously.