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Traveling Grate

Capacity: 0.3-4 million tons/year

Customization: support

Certificate: ISO, SGS

Application Scope: iron ore pelletizing plant, etc.

Material: limestone, clay, coal powder, slag, metal concentrate, tailings, etc.


The traveling grate is a kind of crawler-type thermal equipment, used for drying and preheating green pellets in iron ore pelletizing plants. It is comprised of chains that can convey pellets like a conveyor belt. While the difference is that the traveling grate allows hot air to pass through during the uniform transmission.

The traveling grate is usually placed before the rotary kiln to make full use of the waste heat of the annular cooler and the hot gas discharged from the rotary kiln for drying, preheating, oxidizing, and solidifying the green pellet, and then sending the green pellet to the rotary kiln for further induration. It forms the grate-kiln system together with the rotary kiln and annular cooler, which is an important part of the iron ore pellet production line.

AGICO is a professional iron ore pelletizing equipment manufacturer. We provide traveling grates of different sizes according to customers’ needs. The maximal length of our traveling grate can reach 100m and the main component of our traveling grate adopts heat-resisting alloy steel. It is effective in prolonging the equipment service life. In addition, we offer one-stop services, including equipment manufacturing, transportation, installation, commissioning, and after-sales service. If you are interested in our product, please feel free to contact us.

Traveling Grate Types

According to different temperatures, material ratios, and production processes, the traveling grate can be divided into metalized pellet traveling grate, oxidized pellet traveling grate, and low-temperature reduction traveling grate.

According to different outputs, the traveling grate has various specifications with a capacity from 0.3 million tons per year to 4 million tons per year.

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Traveling Grate Structure

The traveling grate mainly consists of the transmission system, frame, cover, chimney, lifting system, air box, dust hopper, lubricating system, grate plate, etc.

traveling grate structure
Traveling Grate Structure

After entering the traveling grate, green pellets (8-16mm) are evenly laid on the grate plate according to the required material layer thickness. Then, the grate plate carries the green pellet and moves toward the direction of the discharge port at a uniform speed.

Generally, the traveling grate is divided into a blast drying area, an exhaust drying area, and preheating area. Green pellets will first enter the drying section (300-550 ℃) to remove the moisture inside, then get into the preheating section (750 ~ 950 ℃) for further dehydration and produce a redox reaction so that the green pellet has a certain compressive strength. After that, the green pellet will be discharged from the outlet port and fed into the rotary kiln for induration.

Highlights Of AGICO Traveling Grate

Low noise and no dust overflow;

Long service life and fair price;

Convenient in operation and maintenance;

Automatic control, safe and efficient running;

Fully use the waste heat from the rotary kiln and annular cooler;

An enclosed structure greatly improves the heat utilization rate;

traveling grate onsite
Traveling Grate On Site


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