Rotary Drum Mixer


Capacity: 80-980 t/h

Equipment Length: 9-20 m

Customization: support

The rotary drum mixer is the main equipment in iron ore pelletizing plants, which is set between the batching equipment and the pelletizing disc. It provides well-mixed raw materials suitable for induration. Rotary drum mixers can be divided into gear driving drum mixers and rubber tire driving drum mixers. They mainly utilize mechanical force and gravity to mix different kinds of materials evenly and increase the contact surface area of materials to promote chemical reaction and physical change. To improve the mixing effect and prevent material sticking, lifting plates and lining plates (made of metal, wear-resistant rubber, oil-bearing nylon, polymer material, etc.) are installed in the cylinder. Rotary drum mixers produced by AGICO feature simple structure, reliable operation, and high mixing and pelletizing efficiency, widely applied in many industries.

Gear driving drum mixer: gear transmission has the characteristics of large transmission torque and long service life, but the noise is large.

Rubber tire driving drum mixer: rubber tire transmission has the characteristics of smooth running and low noise, but the rubber tire should be replaced frequently. This transmission device can be placed in the middle or at both ends according to users’ requirements

gear drive and rubber tyre drive mixer
Gear Drive & Rubber Tire Drive

Rotary Drum Mixer Structure

The rotary drum mixer is composed of the cylinder, rolling ring, bracket wheel device, transmission device, lining plates, lifting plates, etc.

drum mixer structure
Rotary Drum Mixer Structure

Highlights Of Rotary Drum Mixer


Cylinder Diameter(m)2.833333.
Cylinder Length(m)1091012131314161514161620
Rotation Speed(r/min)6.5-7
First-round Mixing Inclination Angle2.5°
Second-round Mixing Inclination Angle1.5°
First-round Mixing Capacity(t/h)180-230160-250180-270180-280200-450250-500275-520280-550300-560350-700430-860440-880500-980
Second-round Mixing Capacity(t/h)90-11580-12590-13590-140100-230125-250135-275140-275150-280175-350215-430220-440250-500
Motor ModelY315M2-6Y3554-6Y3555-6Y3554-4Y3554-4Y4003-6Y4005-6Y4003-4Y4502-6Y4503-6Y4504-6Y5001-6Y5003-6
Gear DriveReducerZSY500-22.4ZSY500-22.4ZSY450-22.4ZSY560-28ZSY560-28ZSY560-18ZLY630-18ZSY630-28ZLY630-18ZLY630-18ZLY710-18ZLY710-18ZLY820-18
Equipment Gross Weight(t)52677580136148161177208210220230289
Rubber Tyre DriveReducerZSY560-63ZSY630-63ZSY630-63ZSY710-90ZSY710-90ZSY710-63ZSY630-22.4ZSY630-22.4ZSY710-22.4ZSY710-22.4ZSY710-22.4ZSY710-22.4ZSY820-22.4
Equipment Gross Weight(t)47301
Spare PartsMaterial
Lining PlateRare-earth Oil Contained Nylon
Water Spray NozzleStainless Steel

Rotary Drum Mixer Working Principle

The drum mixer cylinder is fixed on two sets of bracket wheel device through two rolling rings, which can rotate freely. The belt conveyor continuously sends materials into the cylinder directly or through a feeding hopper. When the cylinder is driven to rotate, materials are brought to a certain height with the help of centrifugal force. Until their gravity exceeds the centrifugal force, they fall down. Due to the cylinder has a 1.5-4 degree inclination angle, there is a certain height difference between the feeding port and the discharging port. Therefore, in the falling process, materials continuously roll to the discharge end along the cylinder axis until they are discharged through a chute.

rotating drum mixer
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