Pelletizing Disc

Capacity: 6-80 t/h

Diameter: 2-7.5 m

Disc Height: 400-800 mm

Material: coal fines, iron ore, fertilizer, fly ash, alumina, slag, and other powder materials.


Pelletizing disc (also known as disc pelletizer or pan granulator) is the equipment for processing powdery materials into round pellets with a certain strength. It can be used in the iron ore pelletizing plant of the steel industry or regarded as cement equipment applied in the raw meal pelletizing process of the shaft kiln cement plant. In addition, pelletizing discs are also available in chemical plants, fertilizer plants, and other industries.

Disc pelletizers have the advantages of high granulation rate, strong adaptability to different raw materials, steady running, simple operation, and long service life. It is an ideal pelletizing machine for many enterprises. AGICO offers professional and high-quality pelletizing discs. The bottom of our granulating pan is strengthened with multi-layer steel plates, which are firm and durable. And the lining of the pan is made of high-strength acid ceramic tile or ultra-high polymer material, which is anti-corrosion.

AGICO provides an equipment customization service! We customize disc pelletizers with different materials and specifications according to customers’ needs.

Highlights Of AGICO Pelletizing Disc

It is convenient to adjust the inclination angle of the disc.

The thickened and weighted base design ensures the smooth operation of the whole equipment.

The application of a unique unpowered combined scraper reduces auxiliary power consumption.

AGICO pelletizing discs adopt a circular arc structure, and the granulation rate can reach more than 93%.

The pelletizing disc produced by us features wide adaptability of raw materials, lightweight, low height, and flexible process layout.

Our pelletizing discs use normal temperature granulation and one-stage processing. It has less investment and good economic benefits.

The motor and gear reducer adopt a flexible belt to drive the pelletizing disc, which effectively reduces the impact force and improves the service life.

agico disc pelletizers
Disc Pelletizer On Site

Benefits Of Pelletizing

Reduce dust problem

Reduce packing, storage, and transport costs

Improve overall performance of the product

Reuse recyclable resources

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ModelDisc Diameter Capacity (t/h)Rotation Speed (r/min)Disc Height (mm)InclinationNozzle NumberDrive Part
ModelPower(kW)ModelSpeed Ratio
QP20φ2m615.140035°- 55°3T132M-47.5ZQ400-VI-1Z15.75
QP20φ2.2m814.2550035°- 55°33069-414PM500-V-1y15.8
QP25φ2.5m3-101250035°- 55°3J073-812
QP25φ2.5m8-1011.8150035°- 55°3Y160-611PM650-Ⅳ-1Z6
QP28φ2.8m1611.464035°- 55°3Y160L-415ZQ500-V-1Z20
QP32φ3.2m15-209.0664035°- 55°3Y180M-418.5ZQ650-Ⅳ-1Z23.34
QP35φ3.5m22965040°- 55°3Y180L-422ZQ750-Ⅳ-1Z23.34
QP42φ4.2m30-337-880040°- 55°5Y280S-837ZQ850-Ⅵ-1Z15.75
QP42φ4.2m30-33745040°- 55°5Y315S-855PM85015.75
QP45φ4.5m33-457.564035°- 55°4Y280S-455PM85015.75
QP60φ6.0m50-567.0260043°- 53°5Y280S-490
QP75φ7.5m70-80670045°- 50°6110
QPY28φ2.8m10-1412.5350–60045°- 55°3Y160M-411NGW-BLJ42.5
QPY32φ3.2m14-1810-13400–65045°- 55°3Y180M-415NGW-BLJ22.5
QPY36φ3.6m18-221160045°- 55°3Y180M-418.5NGW-QJT2-631.5
QP40φ4m25-289450–75045°- 55°3Y200L2-622JZQ75015.75

Pelletizing Disc Structure

Pelletizing discs are mainly composed of the main shaft unit, drive motor, gear reducer, disc assembly, scraper assemblies, spray system, structural pedestal, etc.

pan granulator design

Pelletizing Disc Working Principle

The disc on the upper part of the disc pelletizer is inclined at an angle of 30-55 degrees to the horizontal plane and equipped with a spray system, scrapers, and other assemblies. The motor drives the disc to rotate around the central shaft through the reducer and a pair of gears. After powder materials (or seed pellets, when adopting pre-processing) enter the disc, they are wetted by water mist and tumble along the parabola under the action of centrifugal force, friction, and gravity with the rotation of the disc. During this process, powder materials have certain viscosity due to the mixing of water and internal binder. They are bonded with other powder materials scattered on the disc surface to form small green pellets and then form large green pellets until reach a certain particle size and strength. After that, they roll down and out of the disc.

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