Do You Really Know Raymond Roller Mill?

Raymond roller mill, also known as Raymond mill, is a commonly used grinding mill in industrial production, can be used for processing more than 280 kinds of materials. It has the characteristics of stable performance, simple structure, convenient operation, long service life and high output. About its origin, I believe many people are holding a curiosity.

Development History Of Raymond Roller Mill

The First Generation Of Raymond Roller Mill

In 1906, C. V. Grueber founded the Curt Von Grueber Machinery Factory in the southern suburbs of Berlin. During this period, he manufactured the first MAXECON mill by using the patent he obtained in the United States. This mill was successfully applied as a coal mill in the MOABIT power station in Berlin, with grinding capacity up to 5 tons per hour. After that, E.C. Loesche became a shareholder and headed the Curt Von Grueber Machinery Factory. He purchased the Raymond Centrifugal Ring-roller Mill patent from the United States to produce the first generation Raymond mill system.

However, due to the limitation of roll diameter and rotation speed, Raymond mill was only suitable for soft, low ash and good grindability materials, while Germany’s coal was hard, high ash and required higher grinding force, so Raymond mill was not popularized in Germany at that time, but widely promoted and applied in the United States.

The Second Generation Of Raymond Roller Mill

In 1925, after E. C. Loesche summarized the characteristics and structural disadvantages of the first generation Raymond roller mill, he developed a grinding mill with the opposite grinding principle of the first generation. We called it the modified Raymond roller mill. The ventilation of this type Raymond mill system has two ways: positive pressure blowing and negative pressure blowing. While, although its roll diameter increases slightly, the grinding force does not increase much.

The Third Generation Of Raymond Roller Mill

After the second generation, the Raymond branch of the United States developed a new generation of Raymond mill on this basis. We called it VR Raymond roller mill. This type of grinding mill uses a cylindrical roller and a grinding disc with an angle of l 5 degree. During the inspection and maintenance of the grinding roller, the automatic rolling out device and protection device are provided to prevent the metal contact between the grinding roller and the grinding disc. Besides, the grinding roller can be lifted in advance before the mill starts running to reduce the starting torque of the motor.

Upgraded Raymond Roller Mill Produced By AGICO

According to the accumulation and analysis of the on-site operation data for more than 20 years, AGICO, a Chinese cement plant equipment manufacturer, has manufactured a new generation Raymond mill which has more mature technology and more stable operation. Our Raymond mill can fine grind more than 300 kinds of materials with Mohs hardness below 9.3 and humidity below 6% in many industries, such as mining, construction, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, etc. The finished product granularity can reach 0.125-0.044 millimeters. According to different requirements, the maximum fineness is up to 0.013 millimeters.

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AGICO Raymond Mill Features

  1. Our Raymond mill has a vertical structure, covering a relatively small area. Whether the grinding or conveying of raw materials can form an independent production system.
  2. Compared with other grinding equipment, Raymond mill has high through screening rate which can reach more than 99%. This is beyond the reach of other grinding equipment.
  3. It adopts the vibrating feeder to realize an evenly material feeding. This kind of feeder is small in size, light in weight, energy-saving and convenient in maintenance.
  4. This equipment adopts an advanced automatic control system and can be operated by no one in the machine room.
  5. The transmission device of the main engine uses a closed reducer, with stable transmission, reliable operation and no oil leakage.
  6. The important parts of Raymond mill are made of high-quality castings. Their manufacturing technology is sophisticated and the process is rigorous, which ensures the durability of the whole set of equipment.

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raymond mill do you really know

Why Choose AGICO Cement?

  1. Our equipment is factory direct, so the price will be lower.
  2. As for the quotation, our sales price is the factory price. The quotation is decided according to the policy of fair, reasonable, and economical.
  3. Rich production experience makes our equipment has advanced process technology, their quality are guaranteed and the materials consumption and energy consumption is reduced.
  4. Our equipment is exported all over the world. We have a rich export experience, Therefore, we can ensure the timely and safe delivery, reducing the time cost of customers.
  5. AGICO offers the customization service. We can customize the equipment according to customers’ requirements, such as capacity, color, dimension, etc.

With the advanced process, competitive price and attentive service, AGICO’s Raymond mill are appreciated by customers from home and aboard. If you have any need for Raymond mill or other cement plant equipment, please feel free to contact us!