agico slag pot

Slag Pot

Weight: 1-95 tons

Certificate: ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS

Production Process: sand mold casting

Specification: customizable, according to clients’ drawings.

Raw Material: ZG230-450, ZG270-500, ZG310-570, ZG340-640, etc.


The slag pot, also called slag ladle or cinder pot, is a container for high-temperature slag, with lifting trunnions on both sides. As an important accessory, it is widely used in the steel industry, chemical industry, metallurgy industry, mining industry, etc.

The slag pot cast by the traditional process has a long casting cycle, a short service life, and a high scrap quantity. AGICO, as an experienced spare part manufacturer, has overcome these shortcomings by adopting advanced production technology and a strict quality inspection process.

Before production, we strictly check the composition of production materials and auxiliary materials.

During smelting, we take samples three times and use a spectrometer imported from Germany for inspection.

The trunnion is made of high-quality material. The trunnion seat, flange, support, and other parts are all inspected by a flaw detector.

The slag pot surface is brushed with a special paint layer to prevent cracking and ensure smoothness.

AGICO is your one-stop shop for slag pot purchasing. As long as you provide us with detailed CAD or PDF drawings or specific dimensions, we can CUSTOMIZE the product to your satisfaction.

Please Send Inquiry With Detailed Dimension & Requirements
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Slag Pot Manufactured By AGICO

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Reference StandardInternational Standard(eqv.) Nominal Chemical Composition (W%)
ZG230-450(ZG25)BS3100 A40.
AS2074 L1A
ASTM A27 60-30
ZG270-500(ZG35)BS3100 A5,A60.
AS2074 L1B
ASTM A27 65-35
ZG310-570(ZG45)BS3100 A20.
AS2074 /C4
ASTM A27 70-35

Highlights Of AGICO Slag Pot

We use the sand mold casting process to produce large slag pots with smooth inner walls.

AGICO uses CAE software to digitally simulate the casting process to complete the process optimization.

Perfect processing capacity can meet the needs of various specifications of slag pots. Professional phosphorus and sulfur control technology to ensure that phosphorus and sulfur meet the standards.

Our products have excellent high-temperature mechanical properties, good thermal crack resistance, and the frequency of use has also been greatly improved. The initial maintenance time is delayed by 2-3 months compared with similar products, and the service life is increased by 20%.

AGICO uses professional flaw detection equipment to carry out non-destructive flaw detection on each slag pot to ensure internal quality. The key parts can meet the level 2 flaw detection standard of GB7233-2007. Besides, we can also design a process according to the specific flaw detection standard requirements of customers.

AGICO Slag Pot Manufacturing Process

In the manufacturing process, we will first design and make the suitable wood mold according to the customer’s needs, then strictly follow the process of modeling — steelmaking material property testing pouring cleaning — polishing heat treatment — rough machining — finishing machining — nondestructive testing — shot blasting to cast the state-of-the-art slag pot.

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Why Choose AGICO

Optimal Design

Analytical Simulation

Product Casting

Product Delivery

Partial Assembly

Technological Strength

Products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions;

Own casting workshop, stamping workshop, wear-resistant plate processing workshop;

Strong independent research and development capabilities, providing one-stop solutions;

A variety of material and process options, CAD, Solidworks, and UG design services are available;

Quality Assurance

Products strictly implement the standards of various countries;

Passed ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO18000 system and TUV certification;

From raw materials to finished products, imported testing equipment ensures product quality;