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Kiln Shell

Product: rotary kiln shell, ball mill shell, rotary dryer shell

Shell Thickness: customizable

Raw Material: Q235B, Q235C plate and other steel plates  

Specification: diameter + length, customizable

Certificate: ISO, SGS


What is a kiln shell? The kiln shell, which is the main body of the rotary kiln, is cylindrical in shape and made of rolled steel plates. It requires high dimensional accuracy and geometric tolerance, and its machining quality will directly affect the strength and airtightness of the rotary kiln.

AGICO is a professional cement equipment and cement equipment spare parts manufacturer. We offer customizable rotary kiln shells, rotary dryer shells, and ball mill shells.

Customizable Diameter & Length

Customizable Shell Thickness

Customizable Raw Material

AGICO is your one-stop shop for kiln shell, dryer shell, and ball mill shell purchasing. No matter which manufacturer your equipment is purchased from, as long as you provide us with detailed drawings or specific dimensions and design requirements, we can produce a shell to your satisfaction.

About The Quotation

Depending on the dimension, material used, and design, the product quotation is different. But we are a factory outlet, with competitive prices and corresponding discounts.

agico ball mill shell
AGICO Ball Mill Shell
agico kiln shell for sale
AGICO Kiln Shell
agico rotary dryer shell
AGICO Rotary Dryer Shell

AGICO Kiln Shell Manufacturing Process

Depending on the drawing, AGICO will first select the right steel plate and then strictly follow the process of cutting — edge processing — coiling — groove machining — butt joint — welding — post- treatment.

AGICO adopts the welding method to join several single-section kiln shells to reach the required length. After that, some post-welding treatments are required, including nondestructive testing, heat treatment, pressure-resistant experiment, and other technological processes to ensure the high quality of the kiln shell.

kiln shell processing agico

Your Key Benefits

Reliable Product Quality

AGICO uses high-quality raw materials in the manufacturing process. We continuously adopt new technologies to enhance the compression resistance and corrosion resistance of kiln shells, and also adopt advanced detection instruments to ensure quality.

Excellent Sealing Performance

The kiln shells produced by AGICO are firmly welded without gaps. Multiple post-welding processes are adopted to effectively prevent fracture and material leakage problems.

Easy Installation

AGICO rotary kiln shell has a simple design and structure. It is easy for the operator to install and replace just after simple training.

Wide Application

AGICO kiln shells, rotary dryer shells, and ball mill shells are suitable for different types of equipment. After installation, the equipment runs stably.

Why Choose AGICO

Optimal Design

Analytical Simulation

Product Casting

Product Delivery

Partial Assembly

Short Delivery Time

Professional technical team, meticulous production plan, stable raw material supply channels, complete logistics system, committed to delivering products to customers safely and quickly.


Our products enjoy reliable quality, long service life, and ex-factory prices. Choose us is to choose the high-cost performance.

Complete Detection System

AGICO follows international level-2 flaw detection standards and implements a quality nondestructive testing system. We have GS-1000 direct-reading spectrometer, carbon and sulfur analyzer, three-element analyzer, mechanical performance testing machine, impact testing machine, etc.