kiln girth gear for sale

Girth Gear

Weight: customizable

Certificate: ISO9001, ISO14001

Raw Material: ZG310-570, ZG35CrMo, etc.

Specification: customizable, according to clients’ drawings.

Application: rotary kiln, ball mill, rotary dryer, and other rotary drums.


What is girth gear? Girth gear is also called ball mill girth gear, kiln girth gear, rotary dryer girth gear, etc. As one of the main components of the transmission device, it is installed in the outer circumference of rotary kilns, ball mills, dryers, and other rotary-drum machinery, used to drive the entire cylinder rotation. With long-term running, the girth gear will wear to a certain extent so it has high-quality requirements and needs to be replaced regularly.

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AGICO has rich experience in girth gear manufacturing:

We adopt high-quality raw materials, LF refining furnaces, and VD vacuum-degassing furnaces to ensure production efficiency and quality.

We use CAE software to simulate the casting process in order to make timely modifications to the casting model and thus effectively control the quality of the girth gear blank.

The girth gear processed by AGICO has good comprehensive mechanical properties, excellent plasticity and toughness while ensuring high strength.

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agico girth gear 2
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AGICO is your one-stop shop for girth gear purchasing. No matter for rotary kiln, rotary dryer, AG mill, SAG mill, ball mill, or other grinding applications, we can customize supreme-quality girth gear according to the drawing you provide.


Girth Gear Processed By AGICO

rotary kiln girth gear
Rotary Kiln Girth Gear
rotary dryer girth gear
Rotary Dryer Girth Gear
ball mill girth gear
Ball Mill Girth Gear
AG mill girth gear
AG Mill Girth Gear
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CAE Simulation Software

Hand Drawing

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DBLF Spectrometer

Common Testing

Your Key Benefits

Strong Production Capability

AGICO can manufacture large quantities of steel castings such as girth gears, with short casting cycles and high throughput.

Professional Equipment & Technology

AGICO has professional equipment and technology to fully temper the girth gear so that it has good comprehensive mechanical properties.

Unique Heat Treatment Technology

The unique heat treatment technology adopted in the AGICO girth gear casting process makes the girth gear structure optimized, hardness improved, and the wear resistance and impact resistance greatly enhanced.

High Strength Steel

AGICO girth gears are made of high-strength steel and optimized for the transmission characteristics of rotary kilns and ball mills, which guarantee the stability of girth gears under long-time operation and prolong the service life.

Anti-deformation Processing Technology

Through long-term production, AGICO has developed a set of anti-deformation processing solutions that can prevent the deformation of the girth gear, thus improving the load-bearing capacity and extending the service life of the equipment.

AGICO Girth Gear Manufacturing Process

Due to the large diameter, the girth gear manufactured by AGICO has a wheel disk structure, which is a combination of two half-rings.

In the manufacturing process, we will first design and make the suitable wooden mold according to the customer’s needs, then strictly follow the process of smelting — material property testing – casting – cleaning — heat treatment — rough machining — finishing machining — nondestructive testing — packaging and shipping to cast the state-of-the-art girth gear.

girth gear making

Why Choose AGICO

Optimal Design

Analytical Simulation

Product Casting

Product Delivery

Partial Assembly

Short Delivery Time

Professional technical team, meticulous production plan, stable raw material supply channels, complete logistics system, committed to delivering products to customers safely and quickly.


Our products enjoy reliable quality, long service life, and ex-factory prices. Choose us is to choose the high-cost performance.