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What is a filter bag cage? The filter bag cage, also known as the filter cage, is the key component of industrial dust collectors.  It is a skeleton for supporting the filter bag and its quality plays an important role in optimizing filter bag performance and extending the filter bag working life. Filter bags must fit snugly around the cage to keep stretching, preventing wear on the bags, but must also be flexible enough to remove for cleaning.

AGICO is a professional cement equipment and cement plant spare part manufacturer. With our advanced production equipment and testing methods, we provide filter cages that fit most baghouse applications and offer a selection of circular or oval cages depending on customers’ requirements. Many different raw materials, lengths, and configuration options are available. In addition, depending on production needs, we can implement various anti-corrosion treatments on the surface of the filter bag cage, such as electroplating, coating, painting, and so on.

baghouse filter cages

Types Of AGICO Filter Cages

round filter cage agico
Round Filter Bag Cage (most common)
oval filter bag cage agico
Oval Filter Bag Cage
Cage Diameter: 80mm – 200mm
Horizontal Ring Space: 150-200mm
Longitudinal Wire Number: 5, 6, 8, 10, 12,16, 20, 24
Wire Diameter: 3mm, 3.2mm, 3.5mm, 3.8mm, 4mm, 5mm
Style Of Connection: clamp, chuck, claw join, guide plate
Raw Material: carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel (304, 304L, 316, 316L), etc.
Length: 5-12m (If a lengthened cage is required, several pieces of cages are available in a joint style.)
Surface Treatment: galvanization, pickling & passivation, silicon coating, epoxy, vinyl coating, etc.
*Customizable design is available!

To receive a free and accurate quotation, simply send us the complete cage characteristics you need or precise CAD/PDF drawings. Don’t hesitate to contact us! The complete cage characteristics preferably include cage length, diameter, shape, raw material, longitudinal wire number, surface treatment types, total amount, etc.


Filter Cage Parts

The filter bag cage is mainly composed of vertical wire, horizontal wire, cage top, cage bottom, cage joint, and cage venturi.

Vertical Wire & Horizontal Wire

Filter cages on the market are mostly consisted of 10, 12, or 20 vertical wires. The number of vertical wires depends on the application purpose and the texture of the filter bag. The filter cage with 20 longitudinal wires is generally used to support filter bags that require strong support, like fiberglass woven bags. As for the cage with 10 or 12 vertical wires, it is more suitable for filter bags with lighter weight.

The existence of the horizontal wire is to enhance the overall stability and support strength of the filter cage. It is equally welded around the circumference of the cage. The spacing distance between two horizontal wires is generally 150-200mm.

round filter bag design 2
round filter bag design 1
oval filter bag design

Cage Top & Cage Bottom

Filter cage top and bottom designs are available in several styles. 

Top load bag filter cages: T-flange, ring top, or rolled flange tops.

Bottom load bag filter cages: split collar or split ring top. 

As for the connection, you can choose to have them welded or interlocked with the cage wire.

cage top bottom design
folded flange top
roll flange cage top
straight flange top
straight flange cage top
inner lip top
roll band cage top
welded bottom
welded bottom
snap cup bottom
snap cup bottom
crimped bottom
crimped bottom
cage top with venturi
cage top with venturi

Cage Venturi

The venturi is a component used to accelerate the pulsed air in the filter bag for more efficient cleaning. It has a variety of designs that can be applied in all-diameter filter cages. For different applications, it can be made of aluminum, carbon steel, galvanized and stainless steel. Cage venture is optional. Typically, the longer the filter bag, the more important it is to have a venturi.

cage venturi

Cage Joint

Cage joint is a connector between two filter cages for supporting extra-long filter bags. AGICO offers different styles of cage joints for customers to choose from.

Woven Wire: commonly used due to easy installation;

Double Ring: widely used in air manifolds for treating industrial dust and flue gas;

Double Groove: firm connection, strong support, smooth edge, reducing the rate of filter bag damage;

filter cage joint

Our baghouse filter cages and accessories can adapt to high temperatures, high humidity, high chemical erosion, and other extreme working environments after proper surface treatment while ensuring no deformation, no cracking, and no wear of the filter bag.

Tell Us Your Needs And Customize Your Filter Cage!

Highlights Of AGICO Filter Bag Cage

AGICO baghouse filter cages come in various shapes, materials, and models. We provide customized services.

The cage uses advanced hot-melt jointing technology. All welding spots are firmly welded and the surface is smooth and clean.

AGICO adopts advanced filter cage production equipment and laser inspection equipment to ensure the overall firmness and verticality of the cage.

The filter cage is made of high-quality raw materials such as low-carbon steel, stainless steel, etc., with a tensile strength of 253-500Mpa and an elongation of ≥24%.

The longitudinal wires and horizontal wires are evenly distributed and have sufficient strength and rigidity, which can withstand the gas pressure of the filter bag in the state of filtering and dust cleaning.

agico round filter cage sale
filter cage inner view
agico oval filtr cage structure
agico oval cage onsite

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