jaw crusher toggle plate

Crusher Toggle Plate

Process Material: granite, limestone, marble, etc.

Certificate: ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS

Application: jaw crushers with different models

Specification: customizable, according to clients’ drawings.

Raw Material: medium manganese steel, high manganese steel, nodular cast iron, etc.


The toggle plate is an indispensable spare part of the jaw crusher. It not only plays the role of transmitting power to support the swing of the movable jaw plate but also plays the role of insurance. When hard-to-break materials enter the jaw crusher leading to overload, the toggle plate will break first, thereby protecting the movable jaw bearing, frame, and other important components.

Types Of Jaw Crusher Toggle Plate

According to structure, the toggle plate can be divided into integral type and assembled type. The assembled toggle plate consists of a toggle plate and two toggle heads. Because it is relatively heavy, it is necessary to design lifting rings. The integral toggle plate is small in weight and size.

According to the connection method between the toggle head and the toggle liner, the toggle plate can be divided into rolling type and sliding type. A large extrusion force is transmitted between the toggle plate and the liner, and it is subject to periodic impact loads, so it wears quickly, especially the sliding toggle plate.

AGICO is a professional cement equipment and cement equipment spare parts manufacturer. We produce all kinds of accessories for crushing equipment, such as fixed jaw plates, swing jaw plates, cheek plates, toggle plates, crusher springs, crusher rotors, crusher hammers, etc.

AGICO manufactures crusher toggle plates in various materials, colors, and sizes. As long as you provide us with detailed CAD or PDF drawings or specific dimensions, we can CUSTOMIZE the product to your satisfaction.

Please Send Inquiry With Detailed Dimension & Requirements

In order to improve the transmission efficiency, reduce wear, and prolong the service life, AGICO made the toggle head a cylindrical surface and the liner a plane. During the operation, the swing angle of the movable jaw is very small so that the included angle of the toggle liner surface is small, the pure rolling can be maintained between the toggle plate and the toggle liner to reduce wear.

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AGICO Stone Crusher Toggle Plate

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Highlights Of AGICO Crusher Toggle Plate

High Quality

The plate surface is smooth and clean, without casting defects such as sticky sand, pores, and shrinkage cavities. It has good resistance to strong loads, impacts, and friction.

Wide Application

The toggle plates and crushers produced by AGICO can be used to crush a variety of materials, such as iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore, granite, quartzite, pebbles, etc.

Excellent Technology

We add rare and precious metals such as chromium, vanadium, boron, and molybdenum to the original material and use special modification technology to make the crusher toggle plate have excellent wear resistance.

composite casting process

We use the lost foam composite casting process and the sodium silicate sand composite casting process.

We use a spectrometer to quickly detect the composition of the metal material to ensure product quality.

spectrometer detecting
automatic electric furnace

We use the automatic electric furnace to strictly control the temperature and time of the heat treatment process.

How To Install The Toggle Plate?

The crusher toggle plate is a vulnerable part and is easily damaged. When the plate is worn and broken, it should be replaced immediately. The installation steps are as follows:

1. Loosen the pull-rod spring nut and remove the spring.

2. Use chains and steel wires to tie the lower part of the movable jaw.

3. Use the manual crane to pull the steel wire so that the movable jaw is close to the fixed plate, and the toggle plate will automatically fall.

4. Pull the new toggle plate into the toggle seat with steel wire.

5. Loosen the manual crane so that the toggle plate and the toggle seat are in close contact.

6. Install the pull rod and spring, and remove the manual crane.

Why Choose AGICO

Optimal Design

Analytical Simulation

Product Casting

Product Delivery

Partial Assembly

Wide Application

Our products are widely used in various types of crushing equipment, which can be used for primary crushing, secondary crushing, and fine crushing of various ores and rocks.

Quality Assurance

Every link of casting production follows strict standards, and the products must undergo quality inspection before leaving the factory to ensure that there are no defects.

Technical Assurance

AGICO crusher toggle plates can be customized according to customer requirements. After the product undergoes scientific and strict smelting, casting, heat treatment, and other processes, the wear resistance is greatly improved.

Cost Effective

The toggle plates produced by AGICO double the production efficiency of the crusher. It reduces the investment cost of castings, and at the same time reduces the downtime loss caused by frequent replacement of parts, greatly improving the return on investment.

Two Common Causes Of Damage To Toggle Plate

The toggle plate is broken.

Cause: the size of the discharge port is too small, which leads to crushing material blocking; there is iron in the crushing material; there is a deviation between the toggle plate and the liner; the product has serious casting defects.

Solution: adjust the size of the discharge port; install iron blocking devices; install the toggle plate correctly.

The toggle plate falls off.

Cause: the size of the feeding material is too large, causing the impact to fall off; insufficient spring tension; the unreasonable material feeding position causes the material directly impacting on the upper jaw cover, resulting in the plate falling.

Solution: reasonable material size and uniform supply; the feeding position should be correct; adjust appropriate spring tension.