crusher rotor for sale

Crusher Rotor

Service Life: 3-5 years

Certificate: ISO9001, ISO14001, CE

Process Material: limestone, coal, gypsum, etc.

Specification: customizable, according to clients’ drawings.

Application: hammer crushers, impact crushers, VSI crushers, etc.


What is a crusher rotor? Rotor is the core component of a crusher. After entering the crusher, raw materials collide with the high-speed rotated rotor and then are catapulted to the inner cavity lining plate, and broken through multiple impacts. Therefore, the quality and crushing capacity of the rotor directly determines the performance of the entire crusher. Depending on the specific application, crusher rotors can be divided into hammer crusher rotors and impact crusher rotors.

The rotor is a vulnerable component that is prone to problems such as shaft deformation and hammer head fracture after prolonged use. To address issues such as short lifespan, susceptibility to damage, low output, and coarse particle size, AGICO uses high-strength and high-quality steel and armored protection design, effectively increasing the lifespan of the rotor by 50-100%. The crusher output is increased by 20-30%, while the fineness is reduced by 30-50%.

With decades of experience in the production and repair of cement equipment, cement equipment spare parts, especially crushing equipment, AGICO has significant advantages in the production of hammer crusher rotors, impact crusher rotors, and other components such as hammers, hammer shafts, main shafts, flywheels, bearings, and bearing seats.

We sell complete sets of crusher rotor assemblies and individual components on the rotor.

AGICO is your one-stop shop for crusher rotor assembly purchasing. As long as you provide us with detailed CAD or PDF drawings or specific dimensions, we can CUSTOMIZE the product to your satisfaction.

Quotation: the price of the crusher rotor mainly depends on the following aspects.

1. Dimension      2. Choice of raw material      3. Process requirements      4. Shape

Please Send Inquiry With Detailed Dimension & Requirements

AGICO Crusher Rotor For Sale

Hammer Crusher Rotor

The hammer crusher rotor assembly consists of the hammer disc, hammer head, hammer shaft, main shaft, pulley, bearing, and bearing seat. The entire rotor is supported by two rolling bearings, which are fixed to the support on the lower machine frame. The hammer heads are suspended on the main shaft, separated by hammer discs in the middle. Driven by the motor, the hammer heads are rapidly swung to crush materials. To reduce the peak load on the motor and the wear of the hammer heads, a flywheel is installed at the end of the main shaft.

The hammer crusher rotor can be divided into two types: aligned arrangement and cross arrangement. Aligned arrangement refers to the hammer heads being arranged in alignment with each other, with 4-6 rows and 7-11 hammer heads per row around the circumference. Cross arrangement refers to the hammer heads being arranged in a crossed manner, with 4-6 rows and 6-8 hammer heads per row around the circumference.

hammer crushers agico
Hammer Crusher In Workshop
hammer crusher strcture
Hammer Crusher Inner Structure
hammer crusher rotor
Hammer Crusher Rotor

Main Shaft: The main shaft combines all the components on the rotor and bears the weight and impact force from the rotor and hammer heads. Therefore, the material of the main shaft requires high strength and toughness. AGICO uses high-strength, high-quality alloy steel for forging, which has the advantage of strong resistance to bending and fatigue resistance.

Hammer Head: The weight, shape, and material of the hammer heads have a significant impact on the production capacity of the crusher. The heavier the hammer head, the higher the coarse crushing efficiency. However, the centrifugal force will also be greater, which can cause damage to the other parts, so the weight of the hammer head should be moderate. AGICO uses refining and overall pressure casting technology for hammer heads, which increases their service life by 50-100%, making them safer and more reliable to use.

Flywheel: The function of the flywheel is to store the kinetic energy of the rotor during operation. When the crusher is overloaded with excessive feed or enters large materials, the flywheel releases the stored energy, increasing the crushing capacity and protecting the motor from overload.

Hammer Shaft: The hammer shaft connects the hammer head and the hammer disc, and bears the centrifugal force and crushing force of the hammer head during the crushing process. It is a key and vulnerable component on the rotor. The hammer head can rotate 360 degrees around the hammer shaft.

Hammer Disc: AGICO stacks wear-resistant layers on the outer circumference of the hammer disc by welding manganese plates to improve service life. The end disc refers to the two hammer discs at both ends of the rotor, which have a similar structure and material as the hammer disc.

Impact Crusher Rotor

The rotor assembly of the impact crusher includes the main shaft, rolling drum, bearings, expansion sleeve, blow bar, guard board, pressure block, and bearing seat.

impact crushers agico
Impact Crusher In Workshop
impact crusher structure
Impact Crusher Inner Structure
impact crusher rotor
Impact Crusher Rotor

Blow Bar: The material of the blow bar is generally high-chromium cast iron and the blow bar is fixed on the rotor by a pressure block. The crescent-shaped blow bar can ensure a vertical impact on the material, with greater force and higher crushing efficiency. The impact surface is larger and more durable than a linear blow bar.

Bearing Seat: The bearing seat is made of integral cast steel and is fixed on the frame with bolts. The combination of the integral bearing seat and the bearing is more tightly connected, which can prevent the occurrence of bearing jumping.

AGICO Crusher Rotor

crusher rotor workshop 1
Crusher Rotor In Workshop
crusher rotor workshop 2
Crusher Rotor In Workshop
crusher rotor workshop 3
Crusher Rotor In Workshop
crusher rotor workshop 4
Crusher Rotor In Workshop

Highlights Of AGICO Crusher Rotor

AGICO uses advanced finite element analysis technology to effectively improve rotor design.

We increase the supporting flexibility of the bearing seat to reduce the impact load acting on the bearing, thereby prolonging the service life.

The area around shaft holes on both sides of the end disc and hammer disc are thickened and it extends to the area around the bolt holes. The thickened part has crescent-shaped grooves for facilitating the rotation of the hammer heads.

The rotor’s tungsten-titanium alloy armor-like protection design greatly reduces the stress concentration on the hammer disc and end hammer disc, effectively preventing fractures and increasing the rotor’s lifespan by more than double.

The hammer disc diameter is increased, and the hammer head can rotate 360 degrees, reducing the direct impact between the hammer head and the spacer sleeve during the hammer head flipping process, thereby solving the problems of hammer crushing and hammer shaft fracture.

Why Choose AGICO

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We offer free spare parts customization services and full-round technical support.

AGICO has over 30 years of experience in spare parts design, production, and installation.

We have complete processing equipment, a strict product quality control system, and obvious sales price advantages.

AGICO has professional testing equipment, such as a GS1000 vacuum direct-reading spectrometer, carbon-sulfur high-speed analyzer, digital ultrasonic flaw detector, multi-purpose magnetic particle flaw detector, etc.