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Crusher Hammers

Weight: 5-230 kg

Certificate: ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS

Processing Material: pebble, limestone, granite, etc.

Specification: customizable, according to clients’ drawings.

Raw Material: high chromium alloy, high manganese steel, cemented carbide, bimetal, etc.


What is a crusher hammer? Crusher hammer is also called crusher hammer head. It is installed on the crusher rotor and is one of the core components of the hammer crusher and impact crusher. When the crusher is working, the hammer head is driven by the rotor to rotate at a high speed, directly hitting the material and crushing it into a suitable particle size. Therefore, the quality of the hammer head will directly affect the crushing efficiency. Due to the long-term impact of external force, the surface of the crusher hammer is easily damaged, so it needs to be replaced regularly.

AGICO is a professional manufacturer of cement equipment and cement equipment spare parts. We provide all kinds of crusher accessories, such as hammer heads, jaw plates, crusher rotors, grate plates, toggle plates, etc., with complete models, good wear resistance, and long service life!

AGICO is your one-stop shop for crusher hammer purchasing. As long as you provide us with detailed CAD or PDF drawings or specific dimensions, we can CUSTOMIZE the product to your satisfaction.

Please Send Inquiry With Detailed Dimension & Requirements
hammer crusher hammer head
Hammer Head For Hammer Crusher
hammer head for impact crusher
Hammer Head For Impact Crusher

Crusher Hammer Raw Material 

The crusher hammer head is composed of two parts: the hammer handle and the hammer tip. The hammer handle needs to have comprehensive mechanical properties, certain strength and toughness, and the hammer tip, as the main wear part, must have super wear resistance. Generally, crusher hammers can be divided into high manganese steel hammers, bimetal composite hammers, high chromium alloy hammers, cemented carbide hammers, etc. according to the material.

High Manganese Steel Hammer

High manganese steel refers to high alloy steel with manganese content above 10%, which has the advantages of good toughness and low price. Its main feature is that the surface layer will harden rapidly under the action of large impact or external compressive stress. And, as the surface hardened layer wears away, new hardened layers are constantly formed. In addition to that, its work hardening index is 5-7 times higher than other materials, and its wear resistance is very high. However, the high manganese steel hammer has high requirements for the overall performance of the crusher. If the physical impact force is not enough or the contact stress is small in actual work, the surface cannot be hardened quickly, so it cannot exert its due wear resistance.

Bimetal Composite Hammer

The bimetal composite hammer adopts advanced composite casting technology. The hammer tip is made of high-chromium cast iron with good wear resistance, and the hammer handle is made of tough wear-resistant alloy steel. It integrates toughness and wear resistance and is especially suitable for large crushers and harsh industrial and mining environments.

High Chromium Alloy Hammer

The high chromium alloy hammer has high hardness and is made of high chromium composite material. Compared with ordinary high manganese steel hammers, it has the characteristics of high hardness and high wear resistance and is widely used in hammer crushers.

Cemented Carbide Hammer

Compared with other materials, cemented carbide has higher hardness, bending strength, and impact resistance. It has good hot hardness and low cost, which solves the problems of cracks, chipping, and block falling that are easy to occur in high manganese materials.

Excellent mechanical and thermal shock resistance;

Wide range of applications, basically applicable to all crushing industries;

Ultra-high wear resistance, more than 20 times that of high manganese steel hammer;

high manganese steel hammer
High Manganese Steel Hammer
high chromium alloy hammer
High Chromium Alloy Hammer
bimetal composite hammer
Bimetal Composite Hammer
cemented carbide hammer
Cemented Carbide Hammer

AGICO Crusher Hammer For Sale

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Highlights Of AGICO Crusher Hammer

Our hammer heads are specially heat-treated, which integrates high hardness, high strength, and high toughness.

AGICO supplies hammer heads in bulk at ex-factory prices. The size, material, color, and weight of hammer head can be customized.

During production, we adopt the spectrometer. From material selection to finished products, we strictly control the quality so as to provide customers with trustworthy products.

The crusher hammer produced by AGICO is durable, not easy to deform, and has excellent wear resistance and impact resistance that are difficult to achieve with a single metal material.

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Why Choose AGICO

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AGICO strictly controls raw material sample testing, product inspection, quality assessment, etc.

AGICO can formulate process plans according to different customer needs, and conduct strict quality control on each casting link.

AGICO has large casting bases and the comprehensive ability to provide customers with complete solutions for equipment spare parts.

AGICO has professional testing equipment, such as a GS1000 vacuum direct-reading spectrometer, carbon-sulfur high-speed analyzer, digital ultrasonic flaw detector, multi-purpose magnetic particle flaw detector, etc.